Change Management Workshop


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Change Management Workshop

  1. 1. B.G.B. Change Management Consultants Change Management Workshop for the Denver Broncos 13655 Broncos Parkway 80112 Englewood, CO B.G.B. Change Management Consultants (672) 831-2239
  2. 2. Table of Content 1) Table of Content 2) Introduction 3) Location of Workshop 4) Company Overview 5) SWOT Analysis – Strengths 6) SWOT Analysis - Weaknesses 7) SWOT Analysis – Opportunities and Threats 8) List of Attendees 9) Work Shop Design 10)Work Shop Objectives 11)Session 1: Meet and Greet 12)Session 2: Grievance of losing a coach 13)Session 3: What is Change? 14)Session 4: Phases of Change; Break – 10 Minutes 15)Session 5: Resistance to Change 16)Session 6: Managing Change 17)Session 7:Communication during Change 18)Session 8; Lunch – 20 Minutes 19)Session 9: Personal Action Planning 20)Positive Change Check List 21)Session 10: Group Action Planning 22)Session 11: Outcome Planning 23)Session 12:Wrap Up 24)Conclusion – 5 minutes 2
  3. 3. Introduction Good Morning players and coaches of the Denver Broncos, and welcome to your first Mini Camp practice of the 2009 season. We are B.G.B. Change Management Consultants and today we are going to be working with you on a 3 hours workshop focusing on the change your team just experienced. This workshop will involve a range of learning activities to show you the proper ways to deal with change, show you signs of what can happen during change, will address managing change and also feature activities that will help with change management. There will be interaction from players and coaches, in the form of small and large groups and will allow for personal reflection at the end. Let Us Begin! 3
  4. 4. Location of Work Shop 4
  5. 5. Company Overview B.G.B. is a consultant firm that specializes in change management. We often work with sports teams that feature new coaches, new captain or a new organization design. We run workshops to help employees, players or teammates become aware of the change management process and help them with any change management problems they may face. The company was established in 2006 by co-founders Drew Betts, Mike Griffin and Ron Bower and we deal with any kind of change. We complete various workshops during our consulting sessions and have seen great success with our methods over the years. Change Management Consulting for: - The Oakland Raiders - The Boston Celtics - The Reebok Group - The Miami Dolphins - The New York Yankees - The Denver Nuggets - The Dallas Mavericks - The New York Giants - And Others 5
  6. 6. SWOT Analysis of the Situation Josh McDaniels coaching changes to the Denver Broncos -Culture of entrance- It is the Voluntary workouts of minicamp and it is the first time the team has been together since the news of a new head coach, Josh McDaniels. Players and coaches are going to be attending the workshop at the Practice Facility and it will take place of a workout day. Strengths- Has a great offensive mind and comes from a very successful franchise in the Patriots. He comes from working with Bill Belichick, who has had several of his assistant coaches go out and become head coaches in the NFL and in other football avenues. He is young and has a great deal of energy. His energy should bring a change to Denver, whom has had the same coach for over a decade, and although he had a great deal of success the past few seasons he had not been able to inspire the team enough for them to improve and utilize all of their talent. His youth should reenergize the franchise that had a number of veterans whom have become complacent in their roles and the other half of the roster being in their 1st to 3rd years in the league and the ownership believed it was time for a change. He is going to a team full of winning history, winning 2 superbowls, 10 division titles, 24 winning season and a 401-351 all-time record. McDaniels is also going to a team in which 4 ex-patriots (Lonnie Paxson, LaMont Jordan, Jabar Gaffney, and Daniel Graham) are already there, who know his system and can tell teammates about his coaching styles. Three of these players are on the offense, so they know him even better since he was an offensive coordinator. There are also new coaches coming in this season as well, so he will have their support, and the way the broncos schedule is set up, he will have an easy time scouting against teams he played often while with the Patriots. Lastly, his brother is also his new coaching assistant. It is a new season for the Denver Broncos and that means that new challenges are able to be met and a new coach is around. This is the first time since the team finished the season that they are together, so they are happy to get the season started again. The session will be held at the practice facility with all players and coaches, so that no travel needs to be accomplished. It will be in place of workouts for a day. 6
  7. 7. Weaknesses- McDaniels has no prior head coaching experience and his age may make it harder for him to communicate and work with some of the veteran players who enjoyed so much success under Mike Shanahan. As a first time head coach there are several things that he needs to learn and also has to hire a coaching staff on his own for the first time. This is a difficult thing for any coach at any level specially one whom has been working in the NFL for such a short period of time. His image is not truly defined yet; it is not proven he can do anything without football guru Bill Belichick. He could be one of the many coaches who have left the Belichick coaching tree to turn into nothing. He has no pull with the coaches and players who have been in the system for a long period of time. He does not know what it takes to be an NFL coach since this is his first tenure head coaching job. He will have to take all of the blame if something goes wrong and he has never done that before. He is now incharge of watching over the whole team now, not only the offense anymore. He has never been in the spotlight like this before. He does not know these players and does not know how they will react to his new system. There is a good chance other players to not want outside help on the situation. After losing a captain and the vocal leader of not only the offense, but the whole team, the feeling in the locker-room could very well be confusion of what this new season will hold for this once prominent franchise. With such a young team as well, this could also be the first time many of these players have encountered a situation like this one, which could make them not want to have any part of it or they may not know how they fit in. 7
  8. 8. Opportunities- Since he is considered to be one of the best young coaching minds in the NFL he has a chance to take a struggling Denver offense and turn them into a team that has an offense that scares many. He has a good core group of players with several veterans and many talented young players, which could lead to early success. He has the opportunity to show what he did in New England (leading the offense of the highest scoring team ever) was all his doing, and had nothing to do with the system. He can break the mold of coaches leaving Belichick failing in head coaching jobs also. He has the opportunity to turn this franchise around and bring them back to the elite in the NFL. His new team could make fans in Denver want to watch football again and he is given the opportunity to win a Superbowl as a head coach, and if it happens this season, he would be the youngest ever to accomplish this feat. He can begin his legacy as a head coach with a team that was only 8-8 last year and missed the playoffs. A great chance for new head coach Josh McDaniels to meet the rest of the team and begin to form a strong bond. This is also a great opportunity for any player on the team to emerge as the new leader of the Broncos. A strong core is the best way for a football team to achieve success, and after so much drama and change in the off-season, a new strong core is something that the Broncos need and this is a great chance. Threats- He is stepping into a role to replace a coach in Mike Shanahan who was 138-86 in his time in Denver and delivered 2 Superbowl. Denver fans are also growing weary since the team has not been to the playoffs in the last 3 season and have not won the division since 2005. If this failure continues, he faces the threat of being fired in his first season. Many of the fans also liked Coach Shanahan a lot and were upset and his design to not be brought back to the franchise; therefore McDaniels will have a lot of pressure on him. McDaniels has also been in the media throughout the entire off season and has already put his name on the map, meaning he has a lot to prove to the fans and the rest of the league. He is facing a threat of not gaining fan support after the off-season that was very hectic for the team and it will be even worse if the Broncos to not reach the post season again. After everything that has happened so far in the off season, there is the possibility that the team just can not take it anymore and they completely fall apart and have a terrible season. The NFL season is a tough on, and with all this added pressure of a new quarterback, a new coach and a new system, the whole team could just fall flat. Also, there is the idea that no one will actually want to listen to what McDaniels has to say and they just ignore what they say. Nothing is worse then having a teammate or player not trust you. Without trust, there is no chance for success. There is always the strong possibility of a resistance to the change being implemented. If the trade was sudden and no one actually knew it was happening, then players might feel mistreated and underappreciated by the organization and might not have the will to play for the Broncos anymore as well. 8
  9. 9. List of Attendees Coaches: Josh McDaniels –New Head Coach Mike Nolan -Defensive Coordinator Mike McCoy -Offensive Coordinator & Quarterback Coach Players: Champ Bailey Daniel Graham Correll Buckhalter Ben Hamilton Brian Dawkins Nic Clemons Peyton Hillis Elvis Dummervil Knowshon Moreno Chris Kuper Kyle Orton Jeb Putzier Eddie Royal Nick Greison Chris Simms Ryan McBean Lonnie Paxton J.J. Arrington Matt Prater Jabar Gaffney Brandon Marshall Jarvis Moss 9
  10. 10. Work Shop Design Session 1 Session 5 Session 9 (Meet & Greet) (Resistance to (Personal Action Change) Planning) Session 2 Session 6 Session 10 (Grievance of (Managing Change) (Group Action losing a coach) Planning) Session 3 Session 7 Session 11 (What is Change) (Communication (Outcome during Change) Planning) Session 4 Session 8 Session 12 (Phases of Change) (Obstacle course (Wrap Up) of change) 10
  11. 11. Break- Lunch- Conclusion- 10 Minutes 20 Minutes 5 Minutes Work Shop Objective • Introduce the process of change. • Have players and coaches develop an understanding of change management. • Help players except a new head coach coming in after the departure of a long tenure coach. • Determine any problems that could possibly happen due to the change. 11
  12. 12. • Personal and Team planning toward the new change. • Allow for communication about the issues. • Identify why people do and do not like change. • Bring the Broncos organization together and form a strong bond through the change process. Session 1 Meet and Greet (10 minutes) This is the first session of the morning and it is now time where the players are able to introduce themselves to the coaches and new players on the team. This is important because there are new faces through 12
  13. 13. free agency and the draft, and before a team can become one, they need to know everyone. It is good to talk about the direction you see the team going in during this time, as well as introducing yourself to each person in the room. To build team chemistry, a team needs to be present, and you will not be a team until you know everyone. Please use the time wisely; we are only allotting 10 minutes to this, since most of you already know each other from last year. Enjoy the talks and then please sit down in your seats again after the ten minutes are done. Session 2 13
  14. 14. Grievance of losing a coach (5 Minutes) This is the second session of the day and it will let the players from the past Broncos teams get out their feeling about their old coach. This may be difficult since the new coach is around and new players are present, but this is important so these players do not live in the past and begin to expect the change. Mike Shanahan is a legend among NFL coaches and one who is not easily forgotten, so this time will be given to his remembrance. We however are only allotting five minutes to this process because this is something that needs to happen quick so we can move on to what is happening now. Choose your words wisely because this is not the time or the place to upset anyone. This is a quick session to clear the air about the old coach before the new coach can complete a full initiation. Any player is allowed to talk at this time, as well as any and all coaches. 14
  15. 15. Session 3 What is Change? (10 Minutes) Change is a difficult process for anyone to endure, but before one can truly manage change, they must first have a solid definition of change. This is exactly what happens in this session, finding a definition for what is change? The session begins with the players and coaches having 5 minutes to come up with their working definition of change. The players and coach will be split into 5 groups of 5 and the group as a whole must come up with a working definition of change. After every group has spoken, we will bring the entire group back together and give them our definition of change, which is based on 3 key points: New materials, new behaviors and new beliefs. After the players and 15
  16. 16. coaches have seen this definition, they will be asked to go back into their groups and determine if their definition of change is close to ours, of more broad and or to narrow. This activity helps encompass the whole spectrum of change. We want the players and coaches to know that change can beseem incredibly big, but only consist of 3 real requirement. Session 4 Phases of Change (10 Minutes) Now that a working definition of change is set, it is time to go through the phases of change. In this session, players and coaches will see what happens during the course of a change in an organization. This will help them prepare themselves for situation which may arise. The 3 Phases of change are Unfreeze, Changing, and Create a New culture, and in this session, players will form new groups of 5 and unravel each on of these sections. 16
  17. 17. To begin, we will give each group a piece of paper and they will have to unfreeze the situation. This means they will have to assess the current change, define pro’s and con’s and write down one thing that could be effected for each person. After this is done, the players need to Change, meaning they must determine a timescale for how long they see the presence of change lasting (fast or slow), make a list of how each player can change for the better, and finally make a list of 5 variables that will help the team through this change. Lastly, the groups will be asked to create a new culture. This means identifying one variable that they will help implement to change the team for the better. Already, 5 new goals have been created in helping along this new change. • Now a 10 minute break will be taken to let everyone grab some fresh air and get ready for the remaining 2 hours of the workshop. Session 5 17
  18. 18. Resistance to Change (20 Minutes) Now that everyone has had a chance to grab some fresh air, the next session is ready to begin. This 20 minute session is dedicated to the resistance to change, since it is an item that often appears during a time of change. Resistance is normally seen because people are not ready for the change, they see no gain in the situation, they feel alone, they want to give up and finally they do not want to break their old habits. The activity for this session, the whole group will be together and the consultants will be infront of the group educating them about the positives of change. We will ask for volunteers to talk to us about their reasons for resisting change, and we will counter with turning their negatives into positives. For example, if someone says they are concerned they will lose their starting spot, a way to turn this into a positive is that they are part of a team, and when they team does good, it is more important then individual accomplishment. Turning negatives 18
  19. 19. into positives will help the change process easier. Session 6 Managing Change (10 Minutes) Now that the ideas towards the resistance of change are in the air, the ability to manage the change is much easier. The next session is 10 minutes and it will teach the group to let go of the old and embrace the new change. Managing change reduced the pain during a change, accelerates the process of change, and ensures a long term successful outcome. The activity will consist of the group splitting up into two teams (Group1 and Group 2) and going on opposite sides of the room. Each team will be given a beginning scenario that they will need to come up with an answer for in 5 minutes. 19
  20. 20. Once they have come up with an answer, the groups are then handed a situation that changes there first scenario for the better or the worse, depending on how they handle it. The groups are to use communication, leadership and an open mind to counter this new situation. After the five minutes is up, both groups will be asked how they managed the change to the scenario, and see what kind of strategies were used to reach the solution and what worked during the process. Session 7 Communication during Change (15 Minutes) Communication during the change process is extremely important, because it allows individuals the chance to voice their opinions on what is currently happening, positive or negative. 20
  21. 21. During this 15 minute session, players will do a little speed talking exercise. This way, every player is able to voice there opinion about the current change, to their teammates and the coaches. We want the players to be open and honest; otherwise they will not learn how to except the change. What will happen is players are lined up across from each other (one across from one of the consultants due to the odd number). The time is one minute, so each payer gets about 30 seconds to say how they feel about the change, so they need to think about what they are going to say. Once 1 minute has passed, a whistle will sound and the players on the inside of the square will shift to the left, so everytime new players/coaches are talking to each other. After every player/coach has made their way around the square, the group will be brought back together and some of the ideas will be shared again. However during this time, each player must say one positive thing they heard about the change happening. 21
  22. 22. Session 8 Obstacle course of change (25 Minutes) In this 25 minute session, players and coaches will run through an obstacle course. The team will be split up, (12 people on team 1 and 13 on team 2) and each person will find a partner. The partners will run through the obstacle course 3 times together to get a feel for it. Once everyone has gone through 3 times, each player is blindfolded, and there only means of knowing what is infront of them is the rest of their teammates on the side cheering them on. This blindfolded course will have modifications compared to the one on the walkthrough, so players and coaches will have to either deal with the new changes and listen to there teammates, or resist the change facing them. Questions asked after the activity will be: 1) How did you feel when the change was made? 22
  23. 23. 2) What did you have to consider during the change? 3) Did your teammates help you in this situation? 4) Did the change help or hurt the situation • Now a 20 minute lunch period will be taken. Lunch is in the cafeteria, and this will be another good time to bond with your team and just relax. Please return when the buzzer sounds over the intercom. Enjoy your lunch and we will see you soon for the final 4 sessions of the workshop. Session 9 Personal Action Training (10 Minutes) During this 10 minute session, players and coaches will be given a list of items that are all linked to positive change. Players are to do this in private, and check off any of the items above that they feel they can 23
  24. 24. accomplish to aid to the positive change process. Positive change takes determination from everyone involved, and this session will show players the activities they can accomplish to help the change. After the players and coaches have gone through and check off the items on the list they feel they can accomplish, the second part of the activity can come into play. Now, we will ask the player to hand in the piece of paper and write their names on the top. After this is done, one of the consultants will go to the locker room and place these pieces of paper on the player’s specific lockers, and in the coaches office, so that they will be reminded on a daily basis at training camp on what they must achieve. Positive Change Check List 24
  25. 25. o I can be a leader for this team in 2009. o I will work as hard as I can for my team and will help teammates when they need it. o I am looking forward to the new system and a chance to learn. o I am going to work as hard as possible to have a better season then last year. o I support the change efforts of the coaching staff. o I will play my role as a leader on this team. o I will have new goals going into this season and will work on completing them. o I will do what the coach asks of me on a daily basis. o I will not second guess the coaches decisions. o I will not live in the past, but look towards this new future. o I feel that the changes made will help the team for the better. o I am proud of being a Denver Bronco and am looking forward to playing under coach McDaniels in 2009. 25
  26. 26. Session 10 Group Action Planning (10 Minutes) Now that every individual in the group has determined what they can do on an individual basis to help the change positively, it is now time to see what the group can do as a whole to make the change work. A white board will be placed infront of the group, and then head coach Josh McDaniels and Captain Champ Bailey will be asked to come up infront of the group to the board. It is now time for players and coaches to come up with ideas, bullet points, or saying that will help make the change process successful. Players will raise their hands so that everyone will have an equal chance to talk and 26
  27. 27. then Josh and Champ will have a chance to write down what is being said. These positive ideas will be recorded, and once every player, including the two recorders (Josh and Champ) has had a chance to speak, the white board will be taken into the locker room and placed on a wall. This way, players will be able to look positively at the change everyday before and after practice. Session 11 Outcome Planning (10 Minutes) Now that personal and group goals have been determined, an outcome plan needs to be developed. In this 10 minute session, an outcome for the overall season will be developed. First off, the idea of a final record needs to be developed. The group will 27
  28. 28. come together and shout out what they feel their final record will be at the end of the season. This includes making playoffs (if the idea is there). Once a final record has been determined, now in season goals will be developed. These goals must be different then goals in the past, since this is a new era of the Denver Broncos. Players and coaches will come up with goals for the team, such as home win, or opponent’s points per game. These goals will help the group think as a unit, and get the idea of football in their heads, instead of the current change. Planning for an outcome on the upcoming season will bring the group closer together and will instill goals in their minds to work towards. Once 7 or 8 minutes have passed, the group will be asked to determine their most important outcome goal, which will be recorded and redistributed to the group in the next session. Session 12 28
  29. 29. Wrap Up (10 Minutes) This is the last 10 minute session of the workshop, meaning the idea of positive change is imbedded into the players and coaches’ heads. Now each member of the group has their outcome goal in their hands. To finish off this workshop, the players and coaches are going to form a circle and each player/coach is going to tell the group two things, first something they learned during this workshop and second, something they are going to accomplish from their personal list (now hanging on their lockers). A ball of string will be stated in the hands of Coach McDaniels and once he is done, it will be thrown to a play or coach across the circle. This will continue until every player coach has had a chance to speak. Now a web is formed from the players throwing the string back and forth, and this web represents the new strong bond that is formed in the Broncos locker room. 29
  30. 30. Conclusion (5 Minutes) The workshop has come to its conclusion, and it now time to take about 5 minutes to reflect on everything that you have learned over the last three hours. Take in all of the objectives we listed before and now you are ready to manage the change happening in your team. The time is now to except the change you are being faced with, before the grid of the NFL season begins. Training camp is the time to bond, become a team, and for the 2009 season, this means becoming more then a team with your fellow teammates, but becoming a unit with your new and old coaches, management and fans. 30
  31. 31. Now is the time to become the 2009 Denver Broncos. If any follow up information is needed by anyone, feel free to contact us again. B.G.B. Change Management Consultants (672) 831-2239 31