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World war ii power point reading


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World war ii power point reading

  1. 1. World war II Chapter 11 By Martha Galindo
  2. 2. Where to begin? That was the big question president Roosevelt was tackling in the summer 1942.
  3. 3. North Africa was seeing more and more attacks from Germany and Italy
  4. 4. The British were still living underthe threat of Nazi invitation. Japan attacked the United States
  5. 5. Suez canalGerman take over SuezCanalThis small canal was aBritain’s gateway to Indiaand the rest of AsiaBritish depended ontraveled through the SuezCanal
  6. 6. American troops begins the war against the German in North AfricaJoseph Stalin was the second Churchill was Britain’s strongestleader of the Soviet Union. leaders
  7. 7. German troops were trapped between the British and Americans November 1942General Erwin Rommel German Americans leader Dwight d.troops Eisenhower
  8. 8. Late1942, Hitler began closing himself off in his own little world of self importance and dreams.
  9. 9. THE BATTLE OF STALING WAS TERRIBLE• German troops began to running out of food and supplies just as another brutal soviet winter was approaching.• About 40,000 soviets were killed in this first phase of the attack
  10. 10. SOVIETS BEGAN TO LAYTHE TRAPChuikov orders asteady stream ofsoldiers and supples.Chuikov had morethan one milliontroops.He positional all thiswar power to encirclean entire Germanarmy.
  11. 11. THE BEAR TRAPGeneral Paulus hadbecome a nervouswreck even beforehis troops werecaught.Paulus receive thenews that’s his25,000 soldiers werehopelesslysurrounded by moremillion soviets.