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City Search

FAU Market Research individual projects.

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City Search

  1. 1. City Search South Florida’s # 1Innovative Market Research Group By:Maeve Greenaway
  2. 2. Research Purpose The purpose of the study is to analyze various issues pertaining to the parking needs of tourists, residents, and small business owners of Delray Beach on Atlantic Avenue (which we will refer to as our sampling population). Currently, paid parking is not enforced west of the Intercoastal. Delray Beach, along with many other towns have been suffering from economic hardships and is determining if paid parking will help the Beach town’s finances. Specifically, the research objectives are to: • To determine if paid parking will financially benefit Delray Beach; • To determine the best method of paid parking; • To determine how important price guarantees are to the people parking in Delray Beach; • To determine the demographics of the majority of the people who visit Delray Beach; • To determine the importance of Parking to Small businesses on Atlantic avenue; • To determine how paid parking has affected other beach towns;
  3. 3. Research Design The survey research will be administered face to face with a questionnaire to a random sampling of 500 participants from our sampling population along Atlantic Avenue. The questions cover a wide range of issues including: • Identifying the most common parking methods used by sample population; • Obtaining the likelihood of the respondents adaptation to the new parking enforcements; • Determining the respondent reaction to paid parking; • Identifying characteristics which influence the respondent reactions. • Finally, it will seek demographic and lifestyle information about the respondent;
  4. 4. Limitations Our data was collected on the basis that those surveyed were in fact truthful and that the time and dates data was collected was representative of the overall opinion and feelings of the average patron of Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach. The time of year may also impact the results being that it is “season”, the time of the year when the “snow birds” come to their warm weathered winter spots, and Delray Beach is well known as one of those destination spots. So a “snowbird” surveyed may not have demonstrated the same feelings of the average year round resident on the issue of paid parking. Many other factors may have interfered with the survey and may have altered the data collected. City Searchers promise is to give the most accurate data given the constraints and limitations.
  5. 5. Secondary Research Is paid parking going to drive away customers? That is the very reason you hired us to find out. Below you will see howother beach towns dealt with the same situation of enforcing paid parking to their patrons.
  6. 6. Secondary ResearchFort Lauderdale, FL Fort Lauderdale Beach is trying to make their beach free to residents by giving them a free beach parking card. They have separated their beach into sections and designating certain parts to residents. Parking fees collected at their “North End” by meters are dedicated to funding lifeguard protection. This allows the city to increase public safety at its beach with no cost passed on to its residents. Residents will be able to purchase an annual plastic swipe card to use in the meters for $6/ year.
  7. 7. Secondary ResearchFort Lauderdale, FL Myrtle Beach has meters where parking is in high demand (like Delray Beach has done on Atlantic Ave). The meters are in affect from March 15 through September 15 with varying hours. The meters accept US coins and the pay stations accept credit cards. The city then breaks down the system even more by designating sticker colors on the meters to let the patrons know if they are short or long term parking meters (Green means all day, Red means up to 3 hours, Blue means less than 2 hours) They also have a parking garage nearby (much like Deerfield Beach does) where the rate also depend on the “season”.
  8. 8. Our ResearchDelray Beach Currently the city of Delray Beach has paid parking meters along AIA and down Atlantic Ave just up until Swinton Ave. The purpose of our research is to find out what would happen if the city extended the paid parking all the way down Atlantic Ave to just east of the interstate. The city is also planning to introduce a “smart card program” which will allow beach patrons to add money to a card which will be used in the pay and display stations.
  9. 9. Sample Selection The sampling procedure employed for the project will be stratified sampling, a technique widely used in such surveys. Stratified sampling ensures representation of a sample population within the population of Delray Beach. The quality of the surveys will determine the successful implementation of stratified sampling.
  10. 10. Questionnaire Sample Questions The actual questionnaire used consisted of 16 questions of varying scales Our field workers went out and survey individuals ranging from tourist to business owners along Atlantic Avenue to find out what they thought about the possibility of paid parking being implemented. This research was conducted by 4 field workers and took place over a span of 2 weeks. The field workers went at different times of the day and different days of the week to get a variety of perspectives.
  11. 11. Question 1Which best describes the agegroup that you are in? a. 10-19 b. 20-29 c. 30-39 d. 40-49 e. 50-59 f. 60-69 g. 70-79 h. 80+
  12. 12. Question 2Which best describes yourcurrent status? a. Single b. Married with NO children c. Married WITH children
  13. 13. 16Question 3 14Are you currently a resident 12of Delray Beach? 10 8 Series1 6 4 2 0 a. Yes b. No
  14. 14. 18Question 4 16 14Are you currently a businessowner/employee of DelrayBeach? 12 10 Series1 8 6 4 2 0 a. Yes b. No
  15. 15. Question 5If you are a resident, whendo you typically reside inDelray Beach? a. During “season” (months November-May) b. During “off season” (months June-October) c. Year round
  16. 16. Question 6What most attracts you toDelray Beach? a. Beaches b. Friends/family c. Hotels d. Attractions e. Events f. Restaurants g. Shops h. Bars/clubs i. Job
  17. 17. 25Question 7 20Do you currently use publicparking in Delray Beach? 15 Series1 10 5 0 a. Yes b. No
  18. 18. Question 8Please rank the following“times of day” by placing a _______ Early-morning (3:00AM-9:00AM)“1” in front of the time _______ Mid-Morningperiod you prefer to use the (9:01AM-Noon)public parking at Delray _______ Afternoon (12:01PM-4:00PM)Beach, a “2” in front of your _______ Evening (4:01PM-second 7:00PM) _______ Night (7:01PM-preference, continuing until 11:00PM)you have ranked all the time _______ Late-night (11:01PM-2:59AM)periods. _______All day parking
  19. 19. 18Question 9 16 14Do you agree that enforcingpaid public parking wouldfinancially benefit the city of 12Delray Beach? 10 Series1 8 6 4 2 0 a. Yes b. No
  20. 20. Question 10If a paid parking system wasenforced, which would youprefer? a. Meter parking b. Ticket parking c. Resident parking pass d. Daily paid parking garages e. Seasonal pass
  21. 21. Question 11On a scale of 1-5, with 1being the least importantand 5 being the mostimportant, please indicatehow important it is to have a. 1free parking in Delray Beach b. 2 c. 3in regards to your visit? d. 4(Please circle the number e. 5below).
  22. 22. Question 12How important is it to you tohave a set price for parking24/7? a. Extremely important b. Somewhat important c. Neither important nor unimportant d. Somewhat unimportant e. Not at all important
  23. 23. Question 13Skip to question 14 if NOT abusiness owner.If you are a business a. Very positivelyowner/employee of a b. Somewhat positivelycompany in DelrayBeach, which best describes c. Neither positively nor negativelyhow you feel paid parking d. Somewhat negativelywould affect your business? e. Very negatively
  24. 24. Question 14Would you still come toDelray Beach if paid parkingwas implanted? a. Yes, I would definitely continue to visit b. I probably would continue to visit c. I may or may continue to visit d. I probably would not continue to visit e. No, I definitely would not continue to visit
  25. 25. Question 15Based on your answer toquestion #6, how likely willyou continue to visit your a. I would definitely“favorite place” if paid continue to visitparking was implemented? b. I probably would continue to visit c. I may or may continue to visit d. I probably would not continue to visit e. I definitely would not continue to visit
  26. 26. 20 18Question 16 16If the set amount of paidparking was proven to NOT 14help increase the revenue ofthe city of Delray 12Beach, would you agree withincreasing the price for 10 Series1parking? 8 6 4 2 0 a. Yes b. No
  27. 27. ConclusionResults of Survey Indicate… After 2 weeks of surveying our firm has concluded to suggest that the City of Delray Beach does not implement paid parking along Atlantic Avenue due to the following findings.
  28. 28. ConclusionFindings Out of the patrons polled: • 84% currently used Delray Beach parking • 64% did not believe that paid parking would help Delray financially • 64% believed that it would actually hurt businesses along the “Ave”.
  29. 29. ConclusionFindings 40% polled chose either meter or ticket from pay station as their choice if in fact paid parking was enforced, that the city would spend approximately $13,000 on the product and labor costs of installing the meters. Basing the calculations on the estimation of 50 new meters would be installed and the hopes that the usual amount of traffic would be using them; they would have to charge an extra $ .01 per minute just to break even within the year. The polled patrons of Atlantic Avenue were already unpleased on the rate increase on the existing meters from 15 minutes/ $ .25 to 12.5 minutes/ $ .25 so we doubt they would like it to go down to receiving less time for their money.
  30. 30. Copyright 2010 City Search, IncAll Rights Reserved