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Archives bazaar slideshow_2012

  1. 1. Libraries and Archives of the Autry Autry Library & Braun Research Library
  2. 2. Lantern slide of the Los Angeles County Courthouse and Hall of Records, Los Angeles, California, 1911. LS.12974 (Braun Research Library)
  3. 3. Lantern slide of Olvera Street, Los Angeles, California, late 1800s. LS.12302 (Braun Research Library)
  4. 4. Lantern slide of the Olvera Street Theatre, Los Angeles, California, late 1800s to early 1900s. LS.12346 (Braun Research Library)
  5. 5. Photograph of Randolph Scott, Gene Autry, Eugene W. Biscailuz, and two unidentified women in the Sheriff’s Show of 1951 at the Los Angeles Coliseum. 97.126.122 (Museum of the American West)
  6. 6. Photograph of Hollywood Palladium marquee, 1976. 87.19.16 (Museum of the American West)
  7. 7. Ramona: waltz song / lyric by L. Wolfe Gilbert ; music by Mabel Wayne. New York : L. Feist, c1927. 92.163.3 (Museum of the American West)
  8. 8. Lantern slide of sunset at Venice Beach, Venice, California, early to mid-1900s. LS.13682 (Braun Research Library)
  9. 9. Lantern slide of a view in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, circa 1930-1939. LS.3105 (Braun Research Library)
  10. 10. Lantern slide of Vasquez Rocks, Los Angeles County, California, late 1800s to mid-1900s. LS.12535 (Braun Research Library)
  11. 11. Photograph of members of the Ruiz California Dancers, 1931. 2002.53.19.39 (Museum of the American West)
  12. 12. Marriage license for Mabel A. DeLong and John Hugh Strickland, state of California, county of Los Angeles; signed by Cal S. Patton, pastor of The First Cowgirl Church in Los Angeles, May 18, 1918. 2004.86.1 (Museum of the American West)
  13. 13. Brochure advertising MT. LOWE TAVERN AND COTTAGES, circa 1933. 95.142.46 (Museum of the American West)
  14. 14. Lantern slide of the Saint Charles Hotel, Bank of Los Angeles, and other businesses, Los Angeles, California, late 1800s. LS.12328 (Braun Research Library)
  15. 15. Lantern slide of St. Athanasius, Echo Park neighborhood, Los Angeles, California, late 1800s to early 1900s. LS.12361 (Braun Research Library)
  16. 16. Catalog for Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors, 20th century. 97.148.12 (Museum of the American West)
  17. 17. Photograph postcard entitled SAN FRANCISCO VS. LOS ANGELES, circa 1941. 94.51.4 (Museum of the American West)
  18. 18. Photograph of Maxwell Smith Bruzzel standing next to a movie camera, circa 1910. (Museum of the American West)
  19. 19. Lantern slide of an automobile decorated with flowers, La Fiesta Parade, Los Angeles, California, early 1900s. LS.3226 (Braun Research Library)
  20. 20. Lantern slide of a dragon in a parade, Chinatown, Los Angeles, California, late 1800s to early 1900s. LS.12344 (Braun Research Library)
  21. 21. Lantern slide of a Chinese man, Los Angeles, California, late 1800s to mid-1900s. LS.12985 (Braun Research Library)
  22. 22. Lantern slide of Lim’s Cafe and Rice Bowl, new Chinatown, Los Angeles, California, 1900. LS.12321 (Braun Research Library)
  23. 23. Set of prints of Los Angeles, California by Curt Teich and Company, Inc. 94.79.7 (Museum of the American West)
  24. 24. Photograph of an oil field in Los Angeles, California, early 1900s. P.13494 (Braun Research Library)
  25. 25. Photograph of the gate to the Selig Zoo in Los Angeles, California, early 1900s, printed mid-1900s. P.15613 (Braun Research Library)
  26. 26. Photograph of the Ramirez Adobe in Los Angeles, California, 1935. P.15681 (Braun Research Library)
  27. 27. Crate label advertising COLLEE HEIGHTS brand lemons, College Heights Orange and Lemon Association, Claremont, California, 1930s. 91.170.504 (Museum of the American West)
  28. 28. Heininger, Charles Peter, 1857-1943. Album of Los Angeles, Cal. and vicinity [C.P. Heininger] San Francisco, Calif. : The author, c1888. 91.135.9 (Museum of the American West)
  29. 29. Photograph of the Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles, California, circa 1900. P.15620 (Braun Research Library)
  30. 30. Watercolor by Eva Scott Fenyes, THE ADOBE HOUSE OF RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, June 19, 1913. Signed bottom right. FEN.58 (Braun Research Library)
  31. 31. Lantern slide of mounted police on Main Street, Los Angeles, California, 1896. LS.12332 (Braun Research Library)
  32. 32. Black leather wallet made mid to late 19th century. Owned by California Governor Pio Pico. Lined with red silk; edges bound with ribbon. Printed in gold lettering on center front: PIO PICO. 93.21.120 (Museum of the American West)
  33. 33. Photograph of Los Angeles, circa 1875. 94.104.4 (Museum of the American West)
  34. 34. “Put yourself in the Picture” Promotional postcard of Roy and Dale, part of the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Archive (Museum of the American West)
  35. 35. Photograph of Kirby Grant and Gloria Winters from the television show SKY KING (1951-1956). 89.163.34 (Museum of the American West)
  36. 36. Photograph of a Chinese Vacquero, at the San Jose Round-up, circa 1916 . 94.51.54 (Museum of the American West)
  37. 37. Lantern slide of the interior of the Griffith Park Blacksmith’s shop, Los Angeles, California, 1930s. LS.3121 (Braun Research Library)
  38. 38. Crate label advertising PACOAST brand oranges, Pacific Coast Fruit Distributors, Inc., Los Angeles, California, 1930s. 91.170.304 (Museum of the American West)
  39. 39. The Benito Perez Adobe, and Market at the Corner of Ord and Castelar Streets, watercolor by Eva Scott Fenyes. FEN.119 (Braun Research Library)
  40. 40. Home page of the Autry at
  41. 41.
  42. 42. Follow us on Twitter! @LA_Autry