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A ppt. that describes the inventions project for PVIS.

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  1. 1. INVENTION PROJECT6th Grade Inventors
  2. 2. The Invention  The invention project takes the students through the steps of the scientific method and helps them connect this process to a real-world situation.  The idea is for the students to create simple solutions for simple problems.
  3. 3. Past Invention Examples  One student created a shield to put on a cereal box. – This helped him to avoid spilling cereal when he sat down to eat breakfast.  One student created a mop that attached to a grocery cart. – This invention allowed the grocery cart to clean the store while the shopper walked through the store.
  4. 4. Interviews Due Date: September 21, 2012 Students should first answer the set of questions for themselves. Then, they must choose 2 other people to interview. These can be parents, other family members, neighbors, etc. The interviews should help the students think of possible invention ideas.
  5. 5. Name of Invention Thestudents should come up with a catchy name that also tells what the invention does. – The “Meckster 3000” might be a catchy name, but it doesn’t give you a good idea about what my product can do. Due Date: 9/28/12
  6. 6. Purpose Due Date: 9/28/12 This section answers 2 questions: – 1.) What problem are you trying to solve? This should be written in the form of a question. (Ex. How can the inventor stop the cereal from pouring all over the table?) – 2.) Why is your problem something that needs a solution?
  7. 7. Hypothesis Due Date: 10/4/12 What is your invention idea, and how will it solve the problem. This must be written using the proper “if - then” format. – Ex. If the inventor builds a shield, then the cereal will pour into the bowl without spilling on the table. Also, write about why you think your invention will work.
  8. 8. Materials Due Date: 10/12/12 Create a list of all of the materials you think you will use to create your project. Be as specific as possible. If you think you need buttons, state how big they need to be and how many you will use.
  9. 9. Procedure Due Date: 10/12/12 State step-by-step how you will build your invention. Be as specific and detailed as possible. Do not use first person. – Say “The inventor” instead of “I.”
  10. 10. Sketch Due Date: 10/19/12 This should be a sketch of what you think your invention will look like. Must include a scale measure (e.g. 1 cm: 2 inches) It should be drawn neatly and should have some color.
  11. 11. Model Due Date: 10/26/12 – Please do not bring this to school until the final due date. You should create a small working model of your invention. Please see Mr. Swords early on in the project if you need help getting supplies.
  12. 12. Data Due Date: 11/2/12 Discuss the invention process. – How many times did you have to change or tweak things in order for your invention to work? – How much would it cost if you sold it in the store? This section must also include a chart/graph or pictures of your invention.
  13. 13. Conclusion Due Date: 11/2/12 This section should be a reflection on the invention process. What did you learn about inventing? How would you change things if you had to do it over again?
  14. 14. Oral Presentation The students should complete the outline in the invention packet and be ready to give a brief presentation about their invention to the rest of the class. They must be able to show their invention model and their invention board.
  15. 15. Invention Glog Students will create an invention Glog to present to the class. All of the sections of the scientific method must be linked within the Glog to headings ( – Ex. Make a heading “prodedure” in your glog that links to the procedure document you made.” AllGlogs must be organized, creatively designed, and colorful. Ads must be linked to Glog as well.
  16. 16. Invention AD You will be creating an Advertisement by video, audio, or digital poster during the days of Nov 6-9. Must advertise – What your invention is: – How it solves the problem: – Demonstrates its use. Use your creativity to create the ad. Video tutorials to use software available on Mr. Swords website.
  17. 17. Final Details We plan to work on the invention Glogs and advertisements in class November 6-9 Students will do final edits on Google document sections of the Scientific Method and link sections to the glog. The invention final due date will be 11/16/2012. – The students must have their invention Glog, Advertisement, and model ready to hand in on that day during Homeroom.