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Intalio|Create Product Intro


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Introduction to Intalio|Create, the most modern application to build applications rapidly for deployment in public clouds, private clouds and behind-the-firewall.

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Intalio|Create Product Intro

  1. 1. Intalio|Create The Modern Way to Build Business Applications Intalio © All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. We enable businesses to design, deploy, run and evolve their business applications with the agility that modern industry competition requires §  Headquartered in Palo Alto, California since 1999 §  Offices worldwide –Singapore, Munich, Buenos Aires, Bangalore §  Over 1,000 businesses made more agile §  Backed by world class investors including §  Over 80 partners covering 50 countries, including:Intalio © All Rights Reserved 2
  4. 4. Creating agile business for over 12 years     The Modern Way to Build Business Applications The world’s most widely-deployed Business Process Management System (BPMS) intalio| jetty The world’s fastest growing application serverIntalio © All Rights Reserved 4
  5. 5. Users expect more today than ever •  Users expect consumer app experience ü  “Why can’t I use my iPad?” ü  “Why are your apps so hard?” ü  “Why can’t I collaborate directly in the system?” •  Users require modern features from business apps ü  Easy to use systems for rapid adoption ü  Mobile interface for ubiquitous accessibility ü  Collaboration capability for today’s group work environment The Modern Way to Build Business ApplicationsIntalio © All Rights Reserved 5
  6. 6. Today’s competitive markets move fast •  Businesses need speed, scale, integration ü  “Didn’t you see the news?” ü  “I’m never off-line.” ü  “Why don’t my systems talk to each other?” •  Businesses require applications that meet their needs ü  Agile systems that can be rapidly iterated ü  Cloud scalable for greater flexibility and savings ü  Fully integrated with existing systems and processees The Modern Way to Build Business ApplicationsIntalio © All Rights Reserved 6
  7. 7. What if every application you built could instantly… Be deployed anywhere – Be accessed from anywhere – public cloud, private cloud, desktops, laptops, or behind the firewall smartphones, or tablets Enable collaboration Support your social enterprise between your teams The Modern Way to Build Business ApplicationsIntalio © All Rights Reserved 7
  8. 8. Intalio|Create A powerful, comprehensive platform to design, develop, run and evolve modern applications Intalio|Create from|anywhere integrates|everything Applications Email Social Media Web Intalio|Blocks Services Interface or API BPM CMS Designer DMS Pipes Web or Enterprise Infrastructure Services Platform Admin runs|everywhereIntalio © All Rights Reserved 8
  9. 9. Applications by design §  Create applications using drag-and-drop in a visual designer §  User interface generated automatically, ready for use on a desktop, laptop or tablet §  Database created and updated automatically §  Self-documenting within the application, keeping the design details up to date and easy to access The Modern Way to Build Business ApplicationsIntalio © All Rights Reserved 9
  10. 10. Applications by assembly §  Pre-packaged content - hundreds of objects, thousands of fields, four start apps, seven blocks - all available out-of-the-box §  Assemble with our blocks or build your own §  Enable IT-developed blocks for common functionality §  Enable Departmental blocks for specific needs §  Control as much or as little as your enterprise requires The Modern Way to Build Business ApplicationsIntalio © All Rights Reserved 10
  11. 11. Start fast out of the blocks Leverage feature-rich application objects Starter Application objects (select objects) Intalio|Sales Intalio | Marketing
 Intalio| Support
 Intalio | ALM
 Account Opportunity Campaign Asset Application Contact Opportunity Item Email Case Bug Contract Price List List Solution Build Contract Item Price List Item Message Change Request Invoice Product Press Release Feature Invoice Item Quote Response Pull Request ISIC Industry Quote Item Release Lead Tax Rate Sprint NAICS Industry Territory Test Run Intalio|Blocks objects (select objects) Admin
 Social DMS Pipes Change Log Data object Activity Color Document Body IMAP Comment Control Data store Sessions Document Media type Connector POP Follower Country End event Event Template Version Feed SMTP Lattice Currency Manual task Flow Element Stream File read SQL Custodian Filter Stream item Datatype Message * Gateway Layout EPM File write Web service Diagram Event Instance Link Header Web gateway Field
 Business Business rule Page Chart HTTP XML router process Topic KPI Script task Report SLA
 Status Simulation Tracking The Modern Way to Build Business ApplicationsIntalio © All Rights Reserved 11
  12. 12. Applications by integration §  Embedded Spring Integration technology §  Integrate using auto- generated RESTful APIs §  Access application information and functionality directly from web pages or other web services §  Integrate with social media applications including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn The Modern Way to Build Business ApplicationsIntalio © All Rights Reserved 12
  13. 13. Applications by extension §  Use and extend out-of- the-box objects and applications §  Access an Open API to all application objects and system information §  Create custom object life cycles §  Build sophisticated event management §  Apply custom business rules §  Add unique integrations The Modern Way to Build Business ApplicationsIntalio © All Rights Reserved 13
  14. 14. Instant cloud & mobile accessibility §  Built for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world. §  Common UI across desktop, laptop and tablet. 
 Nothing different to design. Nothing different to learn. SmartPhone UI tailored to meet user needs. §  Deploy anywhere to public clouds, private clouds, or behind-the-firewall §  Complete solution. 
 Nothing else to buy, 
 nothing else to set-up, 
 nothing else to manage. The Modern Way to Build Business ApplicationsIntalio © All Rights Reserved 14
  15. 15. What customers build with Intalio|Create Employee Training Professional Services Management Subscription Management Lease Tracking Sales Document Management Customer Relationship Management Construction Management Marketing Collateral Database Provisioning and IT Onboarding Systems Management Customer Tracking System Recruiting Process Workflow Employee Performance Management Product Profitability Monitoring Candidate Interview Document Management Employee Onboarding Portfolio Position and Trade Management PTO Management Benefits Management Trade show Registration System A/R Collections Escalation Workflow Trade show management IT Asset Management Employee Directory Residential Property Management Employee Social Event Management Software Build Process Management Fund-raising Management Technical Support Help Desk Software Feature Request Management Loan Processing Management Knowledge Management Repository Expense Approval App Student Schedule Management Distributed Document Management Distributed Project Workflow Retail Inventory Management Field Samples Management Taxi Company Fleet Tracking Education / Profession Course Management Trial Approval Process Automation Compliance Document Management Library Management Product Returns Request Authorization Attendance Tracking Manager Collections Process Management Product Catalog Collectibles FMV Database Entertainment Expense Management Restaurant Food Planning & Ordering Distributor Management Fixed Asset Management Document Approval Process Workflow File Distribution Management Insurance Claims Processing Customer Feedback Apps Boy Scout Troup Roster Management Inventory management Laboratory Benchmark Database Digital Asset Release Management Channel Partner Management Fundraiser CRM Parts Management for Boat Repair Sales Compensation Management IT HelpDesh Apps Small Business CRM Survey Management Salary Requests and Authorizations Product Management System Clinical Trials Patient Management Livestock Lifecycle Management Construction Heavy Equipment Tracking Email List Management Consultant Rolodex Construction Permit Process Tracking Return Authorizations 360 Review Process Management Online Training System Sales Agent Productivity Purchase Requisition Process Clothing Samples Management System Field Pricing Approval App Proposal and RFP Database Retail Detailing Schedule Management Team Project Management Marketing Lead List Database Set Design Props Check-Out System To Do and Task Management Apps Volunteer Workforce Management Website Asset Approval Management Marketing Campaign Management Recruiting and Resume Management Travel Request System Time Tracking Applications Legal Office Client Management Art Work Sales Distribution Management Professional Services Billing Apps Summer Hire Authorization Workflow Investment Approval Management Association Member Management Employee Off-Boarding Workflow Deal Management Database And more …Intalio © All Rights Reserved 15
  16. 16. Intalio|Create – the comprehensive platform .net/
   Item Intalio|Create EngineYard java IDE Initial Fees (IDE, various technologies) $ $$ $$ $$$ Cost Ongoing Fees $ $$ $$$ 0 Personnel Costs $ $ $$ $$$ Embedded Application Server 5 2 0 Embedded SQL Database 5 0 0 Platform Embedded NoSQL Database 0 0 0 Technology Stack Self-Managed 5 5 0 Public / Private Cloud/On-Premise 0 0 2 Mobility Mobility Enabled 2 2 0 Rapid Application Development 2 0 0 Complex Data Relationships 0 5 5 Development Extensible UI 5 5 5 Can Create a Completely Custom UI 0 5 5 Auto-generated RESTful APIs ? 0 0 Document Management System 5 0 0 Content Management System 0 0 0 Granular Security Model 5 0 0 Status workflow Capability 5 0 0 Full BPM Capability 0 0 0 Functionality Integration with Third Party Apps 2 2 0 Auditing and Change History 5 5 0 Collaboration / Social-Enabled 5 2 0 Out-of-the-Box CRM Applications 5 0 0 Out-of-the-Box ALM Applications 2 0 0Intalio © All Rights Reserved 16
  17. 17. Modernize your Enterprise Your Competitive Advantage ü 3X- 5X development productivity ü No surprises– all-inclusive pricing ü  One platform. Complete lifecycle support Your data, your app, your cloud 17Intalio © All Rights Reserved
  18. 18. Zero to application in two weeks Intalio|Create Accelerate •  Prove out the promise of high speed application development Timeline ü  Day 1 Review candidate applications and pick the application to prototype ü  Day 2-3 Gather requirements; Review existing application and/or designs ü  Day 2-3 Do basic training of 1-2 individuals ü  Day 4-5 Build prototype v1; Ask additional questions to decision makers; Continue training ü  Day 6 Present prototype v1; Get feedback ü  Day 7 Make adjustments ü  Day 8 User Testing; Additional Feedback ü  Day 9 Make final adjustment; Create basic hand-off documentation ü  Day 10 Formal hand-off Pricing – 10-20K (plus expenses); Includes licenses for 20 users for 6 months Start in hosted AWS for two weeks and migrate to cloud of your choice •  Working prototype that can be used immediately and evolved for production The Modern Way to Build Business ApplicationsIntalio © All Rights Reserved 18
  19. 19. Do it Yourself starter kit Intalio|Create Quick Start •  Training for self-sufficiency Activities ü  You define the business problem to address in a pilot ü  The team has a a set of calls to work through the requirements ü  We train a small team onsite for 2 days ü  We do 3 days of consutling as you lead the pilot ü  Learn the capabiltities of Intalio|Create Pricing - 5-7.5K (plus expenses) Can run on AWS for the week and then move over afterwards •  Leverage Intalio|Create for your application needs The Modern Way to Build Business ApplicationsIntalio © All Rights Reserved 19
  20. 20. Intalio|Create The Modern Way to Build Business Applications Focus on business not code sales@intalio.comIntalio © All Rights Reserved 20