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In Place Medical

  1. 1. A medical solution for extreme environmentsBecause a trip to the doctorisn’t always an option.
  2. 2. Our primary goal is to protect your business’s number oneasset – people.InPlace Medical Solutions is a brand division of NuPhysicia Inc., the telemedicine experts. Weprovide turnkey healthcare solutions for displaced populations. Anywhere in the world wherepeople are working away from population centers where it is logistically challenging, expensive, ordangerous to move personnel is where we make sense.We pride ourselves on meeting our customers’ needs. We work closely with our clients to ensurethat we ultimately meet their requirements and are flexible in our approach. Our team of dedicatedprofessionals have decades of technical expertise in telemedicine that is unmatched by any othercompany in the world.InPlace Medical Solutions – Setting the industry standardfor timely access to the highest quality medical care andwellness anytime, anywhere.WHAT WE BELIEVETimely access to care ultimately improves patient outcomes and reduces long term costs.Safe, reliable, results-driven medical management provides patients with a level of comfort andcare continuity not previously available in remote or harsh environments.Effective and efficient management of medical resources positively aligns with our customer’sobjectives of workforce health and satisfaction while assuring cost containment.In order to provide a world-class telemedicine program you must have:• An effectively trained medical professional physically onsite to respond to emergencies and carry out a licensed physician’s orders.• A non-distracted licensed physician available 24/7, on-demand trained and certified to perform a real time assessment of the patient which includes availability of noninvasive visual scopes, audio scopes, and additional diagnostic tools.• A reliable telemedicine device that allows for a secure point-to-point video connection at low bandwidths that does not rely on a computer.• An appropriate onsite pharmaceutical inventory to provide comfort and cure for most aliments.• An electronic medical record to capture the assessment and treatment of both on and offsite providers.We achieve our vision with the utilization of patent protected telemedicine technology andprocess. We ensure that we do not negatively impact businesses by connecting at very lowbandwidths. We protect our patient privacy by using secure connections and servers that are virusand Trojan resistant which are compliant with HIPAA and other relevant jurisdictional standards.
  3. 3. HOW IS INPLACE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS DIFFERENT?Many other companies claim to be providing telemedicine services. Most cannot produce a workingmodel and none have the years of experience in delivering telemedicine that we have.High-Quality Video TelemedicineOur video telemedicine uses top-quality video appliances with supplemental examination tools -a vast advance over webcams that give basic consultation via a webcam portal such as Skype®.Webcam consultations do not have the scopes necessary for the physician or medical staff toperform an assessment of the patient. It does not comply with privacy laws and can increase riskof litigation for the customer. From an IT perspective they utilize more bandwidth than our systemand offer a portal to the customers networks for viruses and malware.Advanced Remote Diagnostic DevicesOur available remote diagnostics include 12-lead EKGs, defibrillators, cardiac pacers, oximeters,and blood testing and are significantly more featured than devices that simply transmit a vitalsign. Simple vital sign units have lower diagnostic quality and there is not a medical professionalor medical cache on site to fix the problems that are detected.No Use of PC-Based Telemedicine HardwareOur video appliances are purpose-built solid-state devices that have no PC. PC units rely on unreli-able computer hard drives and vulnerable operating systems to process the information being sentand received. Bandwidth use is unpredictable and they offer a portal to the customers’ networksfor viruses and malware. HOW IT WORKS WORKS IN YOUR EXISTING CARE FACILITIES REAL-TIME PATIENT EXAMS BY BOARD CERTIFIED DOCTORS PROVEN TO WORK FOR OVER A DECADE READY TO WORK FOR YOU1. At the virtual physician’s office at your location, a trained medical professional works with your employee and uses special instruments for the examination.2. Medical-quality images are sent to the doctor, allowing full diagnosis and treatment—all while in real-time conversation with the patient and medical professional.3. Using two-way video, the doctor conducts an examination, in a real-time conversation with the patient and medical professional.4. A special electronic stethoscope enables the doctor to listen to: heart, lungs, abdomen, various blood vessels.5. Special illuminated instruments let the doctor examine inside the ears, nose, throat, and view skin with high resolution magnification.
  4. 4. SERVICES More than 25 Persons Less than 25 Persons For sites with more than 25 persons such as drilling rigs, For sites with less than 25 persons such as small production large production platforms, mining camps, man camps, platforms, land rigs, survey vessels, cargo vessels, defense contractors, construction sites, power plants, supertankers, and LNG vessels InPlace Medical Solutions and pipeline operations InPlace Medical Solutions is able offers a more economical service. to provide our most effective and most utilized turnkey service that consist of one of our well trained medical We train one of your employed on site first responders to professionals onsite working side by side with your crew. use a less sophisticated version of our telemedicine device to connect with our team of non-distracted licensed Alternatively, we can train your employed medical staff physicians to receive expedient medical advice. of Paramedic level or higher to utilize our systems. This service utilizes our B3Zero device with full medical capa- bilities and a more robust cache of medical equipment, supplies, diagnostic tools, and medications. All of our services include 24-hour access to our group of licensed physicians. Additional charges are NOT incurred per visit. Our services are provided as an all inclusive day rate.Remote Duty Paramedics and Nurses Our experienced fieldOur remote duty paramedics and nurses (paramedic vs. nurse varies depending on geographic personnel have worked inregion) are trained to a higher level. As physician extenders they operate outside the normal remote locations as militaryparameters that define their occupation. Each of our remote duty medical professionals undergoes medics, defense contractors, ora five-day training course at our offices. oil and gas remote medics.Telemedicine Program Management Additional trainingProgram management is the building block of a telemedicine program. With more than a decadeof practical applied telemedicine experience the InPlace Medical Solutions team can help oversee for our field medicsyour in house telemedicine program to ensure it is working at optimal capacity using our field consists of:proven equipment and methods. • Primary Care Assessment and ExaminationElectronic Medical Records • Advanced MusculoskeletalOur Electronic Medical Record (EMR) captures every patient encounter as documented by the on Assessment and Examinationsite medical professional and the licensed physician evaluating the patient via telemedicine. As a • Pathophysiology of Commonresult you are able to get a clearer picture of utilization and overall healthcare of the employees at Disease Processesyour remote locations. For work related incidents appropriate information is shared with necessary • Antimicrobial Therapycompany personnel in accordance with privacy laws. All other medical information is aggregated, • Wound Closure and Suturingde-identified and returned to you monthly in the form of easy to read and understandable reports. • Advanced Cardiovascular Treatment • Minor Surgical Procedures • Wellness and Nutrition
  5. 5. Medical ControlEach patient encounter begins with an initial assessment by an onsite medical professional. Onceescalated the encounter is referred to our on duty medical control physicians. Each of our highlytrained telemedicine providers have years of experience dealing with cases related to working inremote environments. Our licensed physicians are on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days aweek. Whilst on duty our physicians are only seeing patients via telemedicine in remote locations. Working for InPlace MedicalOur physicians are not working in a physical brick and mortar clinic seeing patients in between Solutions allows our medicaltelemedicine consultations. We call this the non- distracted provider model and it is one of our professionals to be on thecore beliefs. cutting edge of medicine and work with a world-class teamDiagnostic Tools of professionals around theA telemedicine visit is only as effective as the diagnostic tools available in the remote environ- globe.ment. We provide tools as needed for cardiac monitoring, defibrillation, cardioversion, cardiacpacing, end-tidal CO2 monitoring, 12 lead electrocardiogram, noninvasive blood pressure, pulseoximetry, point of care cholesterol screening, hematocrit and hemoglobin, and chemistry panels.We are committed to providing additional tools as may be necessary when they become availablefor field usage.Medical Inventory ManagementAs part of our turnkey service we provide a full consignment of medical inventory necessary tocarry out an effective telemedicine program. We replace and replenish the items as necessary tomaintain appropriate inventory levels so that you do not have to assign personnel to this task. Wetailor this package to the proven InPlace Medical Solutions Standard that we have developed overmany cycles of use in various parts of the globe.
  6. 6. Wellness ProgramOur physician directed wellness programs offer you an opportunity to asses the health of each ofyour employees operating in remote regions who do not always have the time necessary to receivepreventive medicine evaluations on a regular basis. Our voluntary health risk assessments beginwith a thorough questionnaire that helps the consulting physician identify specific personal risksfor each patient. This conversation is done in conjunction with the remote site medical profes-sional that we train to be a health and wellness coordinator in addition to their medical duties. Atthe end of the initial physician exam and consultation the patient should have a comprehensivepersonal risk profile with agreed goals and objectives for health improvement. These goals aretracked and supported by the health and wellness coordinator.Contract Medical DirectorOne of our licensed physicians with remote experience can be assigned to your company as medicaldirector on a contract basis. This position can be utilized as the primary medical advisor for yourcompany in all matters requiring professional medical expertise.ADDITIONAL SERVICESAs part of our value proposition we are able to provide services not before available at the remotesite on a per occurrence fee. This allows you to consolidate services that would normally requiremultiple providers or vendors.• Recurring Physical Exams• Respiratory Fit Testing• Immunizations• First Aid Training• Health Risk Audits• Medical Needs Assessments (Due Diligence/New Locations/New Vessels)
  7. 7. WE ARE ANYWHERE YOU ARE.We have representatives in North America, South America, Middle East and Southeast Asia. We are able to provide services to mostregions of the globe in accordance with international laws. Basra Iraq Client: Multinational Oil Offshore Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaDutch Harbor, Alaska and Gas Operator Client: Seadrill Management A.M.E LDTClient: Noble Drilling US LLC Dalian, China Client: Noble Drilling US LLC Geoje, S. KoreaOffshore USA, GOM Client: Pacific DrillingClient: Pride International Inc. Services Inc.Client: Seadrill Americas Inc.Client: Noble Drilling US LLC Offshore Malaysia Client: Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd.Offshore Mexico Seadrill Management(S) Pte Ltd.Client: Seadrill Americas Inc.Offshore VenezualaClient: Seadrill Americas Inc. Singapore Singapore Client: Noble Drilling US LLCOffshore BrazilClient: Seadrill Americas Inc. Onshore and Offshore Nigeria Client: Multinational Oil and Gas Operator“The use of this system provides so many added benefits to “I recently had a driller with kidney stone problems. Being ableproviding excellent patient care. Instead of my focusing on all to consult with a doctor made the patient fell more secure withinaspects equally, I was able to give my attention to one task at a himself. The doctor helped in the treatment of the patient whiletime since I actually had a doctor watching everything else. The on the rig, until he was evac’d from the rig. The doctor alsoprofessionalism of the call center staff and all the NuPhysicia helped in the services at the hospital. He was a big help.”doctors is unmatched to the experiences that I have had over Drilling Contractorthe last 11 years of my career. You can tell that they enjoy being Southeast Asiadoctors and they genuinely care about our people on the rig.”Drilling Contractor “Very positive! I would like to see this implemented on all rigs.US Gulf of Mexico A lot better than any ‘rig doctor’ that I have seen in the past on any rig from South America to India.” “Being able to converse with a doctor made me more comfort- Drilling Contractorable. This system is great and should be used on all our rigs. Southeast AsiaGuys working on this rig are more relaxed knowing that whileaway from home they can still have access to quality doctors.”Drilling ContractorSoutheast Asia
  8. 8. NORTH AMERICA NuPhysicia LLC 4625 SW Freeway Suite Houston, Texas 77027 713-358-9270 SOUTH AMERICA NuPhysicia Servicos Medicos Offshore Ltda. Avenida das Américas, 8445 Sala 507 Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - CEP 22.793-081 +55-21-2429 509 MIDDLE EAST / NORTH AFRICA Askaris Information Technology Suite 202 Palace Towers 2 Dubai Silicon Oasis PO Box 75971 Dubai United Arab Emirates +971 (0)4 326 2822 SOUTHEAST ASIA Atlas Merger Sdn. Bhd. Suite 13712, 1st Floor Taman Cukai Utama Jalan Kubang Kurus, 24000 Cukai Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia +60 9850 3050