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Presentation marvin liao yahoo


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Presentation marvin liao yahoo

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Presentation marvin liao yahoo

  1. 1. e-Academy: Travel & Online Ad Trends October 2010
  2. 2. 2 Yahoo! Global Reach 10/25/2010 comScore Media Metrix, August 2010 Core Capabilities • Display • Performance Display • Search • Behavioral Targeting Top Properties • Home Pages • Communications • Sports • News • Entertainment 630 Million (a month)630 Million (a month) More than half of all internet usersMore than half of all internet users 174174 UVsUVs North AmericaNorth America4444 UVsUVs Middle East/ AfricaMiddle East/ Africa 227227 UVsUVs Asia PacificAsia Pacific 121121 UVsUVs EuropeEurope 5050 UVsUVs LATAMLATAM
  3. 3. Online Advertising & Share-shift Global Trends 10/25/2010Yahoo! Presentation Template, Confidential
  4. 4. 4 Global Internet Audience
  5. 5. Internet Penetration by Region 10/25/2010Source: Internet World Stats 10-15-2009 5
  6. 6. Worldwide Internet Growth 10/25/2010Comscore 2009 6 The Global Internet Population is expected to grow by 50% from 1.5 B users to 2.1B users by 2013. Internet Users in Millions & Growth %
  7. 7. 7 Source: (1) U.S. Historical Internet penetration calculated based on Internet users & population as per UN Data Internet User Behaviour Curve Most of EM in this range today Most of EU in this range today Most of APAC in this range today Broadband Penetration Drives Adoption Broadband Narrowband Communications (Mail, IM) Browsing, Info, Jobs Community & Entertainment Searching Commerce Deep Verticals Rich Media U.S. Historical Internet Penetration1
  8. 8. Online Advertising & Share-shift Advertising Trends 10/25/2010Yahoo! Presentation Template, Confidential
  9. 9. Gaming Email Domestic + global? TVInstant Messaging Podcasts Blogs Radio SMS TiVo/DVR Groups Mobile Magazines Social networksFacebook YouTube iTunes Peer-to-peer Time-shifting Surfing Billboards Social media + programmed content? Mix of traditional + online? Buy direct + use an ad network? Mobile devices Video + search + display + mobile? Context + behavioral targeting? Online Questions we’re hearing from marketers: • “How do I get my audience’s attention?” • “How do I participate in their conversations?” • “What’s the right balance of investment to reach my consumers?”
  10. 10. 11 What are Consumers Doing Online? Research & Compare • Vacation Destinations • Air Fares + Hotels • Weather Forecast Explore & Uncover • Entertainment / Nightlife • History and Culture • Best of: Beaches to Slopes Reflect & Dream • Read Traveler Reviews • Join Chat for quick tips • Join Groups for “must see” Consumers Recognize the Internet’s Strengths For Travel Planning Share & Inspire • Update Blog+Upload photos • Email family + friends • Write reviews
  11. 11. 12 • Sponsorships -Destination Guides -Travel Lifestyle -Trip Planner -Today’s Picks -Newsletter • Travel Guides -Travel Main -Destination Guides -Travel Maps • Targeting -Demographic -Geographic -Behavioral • Booking Paths -Travelocity -Search User Intent INSPIRATION STAGE NARROWING DECISION SET DECISION MODE What Why • Pure branding play, competes with print and TV • Appeal to travel interest - e.g. What is must see attractions in St. Petersburg? • Appeal to undecided & decided •Promote offers for users who know where they want to go • Provides a clear call to action for users who are ready to book Opportunity Overview
  12. 12. Different Types of Media Advertising • Bought Media • Branding display • Direct Response • Owned Media • Earned Media • Brand content • Social media
  13. 13. Online Advertising & Share-shift Examples of Tourism Clients 10/25/2010Yahoo! Presentation Template, Confidential
  14. 14. 15 Six Key Post Recession Trends •Value takes center stage. Amid the economic rubble, travelers have adopted a back-to-basics mentality, seeking quality at the right price. •Social media gives rise to new ways of sharing. Online reviews and user- generated content are being combined with social networking, increasing their influence on travel-buying decisions. •Mobile takes travel on the go. A growing number of travelers now use mobile devices to plan and book trips and access location-specific content. •Personalized micro-niche travel takes off. Growing dissatisfaction with one- size-fits-all travel is driving demand for customized offerings. •Online travel spans new horizons. Growth in online booking is shifting overseas, while US travelers who book online are looking for more international options. •Sustainable is becoming attainable. Suppliers who deploy green practices are enjoying favored status among acutely aware consumers.
  15. 15. 16 Greek National Tourism Organization Flickr Yahoo! Video (VYC) Trip Planner Yahoo! News (Weather) Yahoo! Answers Yahoo! Maps Yahoo! Travel
  16. 16. India Tourism Board “Incredible India” •Reach out potential domestic and int’l travelers • Y!.Com IP Targeting • Target IP Market: US & Canada, Australia & New Zealand, Japan, China, Korea, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Netherlands • Rich Media to FP, Travel, Email (BT), Lifestyle, Entertainment •Result: 1.4 million users visited to during campaign period
  17. 17. Malaysia Tourism Board “Truly Asia” •Malaysia – Truly Asia Campaign •Travel Destination Guide Sponsorship •Rich Media (Expandable) Ad Promotion on Yahoo! US and Asia Contents Integration •Market: US, JP, SEA •Malaysia Tourism committed to spend 230% YOY growth
  18. 18. Case - Tourism Board New Zealand “100% Pure NZ” • New Zealand Tourism’s “100% Pure” Campaign in Europe • Travel Guide Sponsorship in Yahoo! Europe
  19. 19. Case - AU Tourism Board “Great Aussie Holidays” •Contents Integration campaign: AU Tourism Board Tailor-made page sit under Yahoo Travel • Y! Map • Y! Answers run by AU Celebrities • Market: Australia
  20. 20. Contact: +1 408 368 5359