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Mojiva magmay2011


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Mojiva magmay2011



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Mojiva magmay2011

  1. 1. 05 2011Mojiva MaGParTnErs wiThinsiGhTExPrEssFor MobiLEUsEr sUrvEyUncovErEd:connEcTEd dEvicEs –who owns whaT? P4static bannersvs. rich Media:The USer PerSPecTIve P5YoU ASked, TheYANSwered: MojivaMobiLE UsEr aGE,GEndEr and EThniciTy mojiva.comand MUch MorE! P7 Mojiva Inc. 136 Baxter Street New York NY 10013 TEL 1.646.862.6201 Fax 1.646.862.6130
  2. 2. keY FINdINGS There are opportunities to advertise with mobile ads, as respondents are frequently clicking on mobile ads; It’s a First for graphic ads as a whole appear to be successful in grabbing attention. Mojiva MAG! Content and type of ad will impact overall reach. w overall, 61% of respondents click on ads on their mobile phones at least elcome to the latest once a week. of those, 20% click on a mobile ad for more information installment of the Mojiva several times a day. MAG. This month’s edition is completely different to • Most respondents indicated they would “play a game” after viewing an any other MAG we’ve ever released. ad on their mobile phones. Previously, we’ve focused on data that has been derived from our network • while respondents are clicking ads more frequently, more than half indicated they would “play a game”, “download a mobile application” analytics. Now, through an exclusive or “browse a website” after seeing an ad on their mobile phones. survey conducted by third party research experts, Insightexpress, we are going • Fewer than ¼ of respondents would “purchase a product” after viewing direct to the source, the Mojiva mobile an ad on their mobile phones. user. So, be sure to keep reading if you For the most part, graphic ads as a whole were successful in capturing want to learn things about the Mojiva the attention of respondents. mobile user including how frequently they are engaging with mobile ads, what • over 20% of respondents said that “normal banner ads”, “video ads” catches their attention more and which and “ads that let me interact with them” are most likely to be paid verticals they are most likely to click on. attention to. To see the formal methodology and objectives of the study, go to PAGe 8. • respondents were least likely to pay attention to “expanding screen take-over ads”, which may be too aggressive, as only 2% indicated So, if there’s a question you’d like us to they would pay attention. ask the Mojiva mobile users, send your Ads pertaining to “retail stores”, “weather”, “restaurants or bars” and request to You “sports” are most likely to be clicked on by someone using their mobile phone. never know, it could make it to the very next edition! • respondents tended to gravitate more towards mobile ads that focus on providing information pertaining to everyday life, rather than more specific and direct ads for things like, “magazines”, “social / dating” or Until then, happy reading. “airlines”. – Team Mojiva respondents overall were split into nearly equal in terms of online versus offline mobile phone usage. The Mojiva MOBILE AUDIENCE GUIDE TM The Mojiva MOBILE AUDIENCE GUIDE2 05.2011 The MojIvA MoBIle AUdIeNce GUIde 3
  3. 3. coNNecTed devIceS – who owNS whAT? Key Findings: MojIvA USer eNGAGeMeNT: Key Findings: A weeklY SNAPShoT Which of the following do you currently own Most respondents (64%) currently own a 60% of respondents click on a mobile ad or subscribe to? smartphone, followed How often do you click on a mobile ad to get for more information by those who own a more information about a product / service at least once a week. desktop computer (42%) and a laptop you saw onAyour phone? SEVERAL TIMES DAY 19% of those, 19% click on a mobile ad for more SMARTPHONE 64% computer / notebook information several (40%). AROUND ONCE A DAY 15% 60% a day. times DESKTOP COMPUTER 42% AT LEAST one third of respon- ONCE A LAPTOP COMPUTER SEVERAL TIMES 14% WEEK / NOTEBOOK 40% dents currently own A WEEK SEVERAL TIMES A DAY 19% some type of tablet device. AROUND ONCE 12% DIGITAL CABLE 37% A WEEK AROUND ONCE A DAY 15% 60% AT LEAST DVR / PVR / TIVO 34% SEVERAL TIMES 8% ONCE A SEVERAL MONTH A TIMES 14% WEEK A WEEK ANDROID TABLET 19% AROUND ONCE DEVICE SMARTPHONE 64% 6% AROUND MONTH A ONCE 12% A WEEK NETBOOK 10% LESS THAN ONCE DESKTOP COMPUTER 42% 10% SEVERAL MONTH A TIMES 8% IPAD 9% A MONTH LAPTOP COMPUTER / NOTEBOOK 40% NEVER 16% AROUND ONCE 6% OTHER TABLET DEVICE 5% Key Findings: A MONTH DIGITAL CABLE 37% 61% of respondents click on a mobile ad for more information at least once a week. of those, 20% click ONCE LESS THAN on a mobile ad for more information several times a day. 10% NONE OF THE ABOVE 11% A MONTH DVR / PVR / TIVO 34% base Total (123) ANDROID TABLET NEVER 16% 19% DEVICE base Total (123) whAT Are MojIvA’S MoBIle USerS doING NETBOOK 10% oN TheIr devIceS? IPAD 33% 9% STATIc BANNerS vS. rIch MedIA: Thinking % about the ways you use your mobile 31 DEVICE 36% The MojIvA USer PerSPecTIve phone, which of the following best describes OTHER TABLET 5% Which ONE of the following types of mobile ads approximately 16% much time% you spend% how 16 do 16% NONE OF THE ABOVE 13% 11 are you most likely to pay attention to? offline (i.e. calling, texting) versus online (i.e. using Key Findings: the web, applications, email, etc.) on your phone? 4% 2% respondents indicated paying attention to 100% offline 80% offline 20% online 60% offline 40% online 50% offline 50% online 40% offline 60% online 20% offline 80% online 100% online 23% 22% “normal banner ads”, Key Finding: 21% “video ads” and “ads 33% nearly equal percent- 19% that let me interact with them” fairly equally, ages of respondents 31% 36% at just over 20%. use their mobile device “mostly online”, 13% 16% 16% “equally online and 23% 22% only 2% of respon- 13% 16% offline” and “mostly 21% dents indicated they 33% offline” at roughly 19% would most likely pay attention to an “ex- one third. panding screen 2% 4% 2% take-over ad”. 13% 100% 80% offline 60% offline 50% offline 40% offline 20% offline 100% Normal Video ads Ads that let Animated Text ads Expanding The Mojiva MOBILE AUDIENCE GUIDE offline 20% online 40% online 50% online 60% online 80% online online 16% 16% banner ads me interact banner ads screen 13% 15% base Total (123) with them take-overads TM The Mojiva MOBILE AUDIENCE GUIDE base Total (123) 2%4 5 4% 2% 05.2011 The MojIvA MoBIle AUdIeNce GUIde 100% offline 80% offline 60% offline 50% offline 40% offline 20% offline 100% online Normal Video ads Ads that let Animated Text ads Expanding
  4. 4. whAT do MojIvA’S USerS where MojIvA MoBIle USerS wANT FroM A MoBIle Ad? SPeNd TheIr MoNeY Which of the following would you do as a Please indicate which of the following products result of seeing a mobile ad on your phone? and services you are responsible for deciding to Key Findings: purchase for your household. More than 60% of respondents would PLAY A GAME 63% “play a game” as a GROCERIES / DOWNLOAD A DAILY FOOD ITEMS 79% Key Finding: MOBILE PLAY A GAME APPLICATION 52% 63 result of seeing an ad on their mobile FAST FOOD / CASUAL 72% roughly three quarters DOWNLOAD A 51% RESTAURANT MEALS BROWSE A WEBSITE MOBILE APPLICATION 52 phones. of respondents are PERSONAL ITEMS (deoderant, 72% 49% cosmetics, shaving, hair care, etc.) responsible for WATCH A VIDEO BROWSE A WEBSITE 51 roughly half of deciding to purchase ELECTRONICS 70% LISTEN TO MUSIC WATCH A VIDEO 49% respondents would “groceries / daily food REDEEM OR “download a mobile CLOTHING 69% items”, “fast food / LISTEN TO MUSIC DOWNLOAD A COUPON 40% 49 casual restaurant application” (52%), HEALTH (prescriptions,over REQUEST MORE REDEEM OR the counter medications) 63% meals” and “personal INFORMATION DOWNLOAD A COUPON 38% 40 “browse a website” (51%), “watch a video” ENTERTAINMENT (movie tickets, 60% items” for their PURCHASE A REQUEST MORE 22% DVDs, theatre tickets, etc.) PRODUCT INFORMATION 38 (49%) or “listen to household. FINANCIAL (checking / savings, PURCHASE A music” (49%) as a investment accounts) 49% TAP-TO-CALL 17% 22 PRODUCT result of seeing a AUTOMOBILE 48% NONE OF THESE TAP-TO-CALL 13% 17 mobile ad on their phones. TRAVEL (Air, train, hotel, 42% base Total (123) rental car, etc.) NONE OF THESE 13% NONE OF The Demographic Makeup of the Mojiva Mobile User THESE 1% base Total (123) ToP rANkING verTIcAlS IN MoBIle AdverTISING From which of the following types of companies, would you be most likely to click on a mobile ad? AGE Under 18 18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 Over 55 5% 16% 35% 24% 13% 7% Key Findings: RETAIL STORES 18% Mobile ads associated WEATHER RETAIL STORES 15% 18 with “retail stores” GENDER EDUCATION ANNUAL HH INCOME RESTAURANTS WEATHER OR BARS 13% 15 (18%), “weather” (15%), and “restaurants or Male 49% Some high school Graduate high school 10% 33% Under $20,000 $20,000-$29,999 30% 15% 51% RESTAURANTS 12% SPORTS OR BARS 13 bars” (13%), were most Vocational / Technical school 11% $30,000-$39,999 15% likely to be clicked on MUSIC GROUPS SPORTS 11% 12 by respondents. Female Some college 29% $40,000-$49,999 5% $50,000-$74,999 8% FOOD OR DRINK MUSIC GROUPS PRODUCTS 11% Graduated college 12% $75,000-$99,999 7% FOOD OR DRINK RADIO STATIONS 6% 11% Mobile ads pertaining less to everyday life Some post-graduate work 2% $100,000-$149,999 1% PRODUCTS and activities such as ETHNICITY Completed graduate degree $150,000 or higher 0% SOCIAL / DATING RADIO STATIONS 6% “magazines” (3%) and or higher 3% Prefer not to answer 19% MAGAZINES SOCIAL / DATING 3% 6 “airlines” (2%) were less likely to be Caucasian / White 47% AIRLINES MAGAZINES 2% 3 clicked on. African-American 26% TRAFFIC AIRLINES 2% Hispanic 9% CHILDREN IN HH Native American 3% Newborn or Age 8-12 17% My children no BANKS OR OTHER TRAFFIC FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS 2% Other 4% under Age 2 9% Age 13-15 11% longer live in my household 12% BANKS OR OTHER Prefer not to answer 11% Age 2-4 16% Age 16-18 11% I do not have 2% 9% 11% 29% The Mojiva MOBILE AUDIENCE GUIDE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Age 5-7 Older than 18 children base Total (123) TM * Total percentage = 125% due to households with several childeren. The Mojiva MOBILE AUDIENCE GUIDE6 05.2011 The MojIvA MoBIle AUdIeNce GUIde 79% 72% 7
  5. 5. oBjecTIveS ANd MeThodoloGY For MojIvA MAG SUrveY The purpose of this study is to identify and understand the specific attitudes and behaviors of consumers on the Mojiva network. • This current study evaluates the use of mobile devices, along with mobile advertising awareness and attitudes. • insightExpress develops, manages and analyzes all elements of the project to ensure unbiased conclu- sions are drawn. aboUT insiGhTExPrEss: insightExpress is a leading provider of digital marketing research solutions, specializing in the measurement of advertising and brand communications. The company’s proven approaches include message evaluation, advertising effectiveness, creative development and cross-media optimization. with vast industry expertise, proprietary About Mojiva methodologies and an exclusive plat- Mojiva ( is a mobile ad network, which reaches form, insightExpress helps agencies, more than 96 million users in the US and represents 3,000 media and marketers optimize marketing mobile publishers and apps. Through deep and open integration initiatives across online, mobile and with all major rich media providers (celtra, crisp Media, eyewonder, other media. Founded in 1999, insight- Goldspot Media, Phluant Mobile, Pointroll, Point reach and Express is headquartered in stamford, Sprout ) and ad servers (dArT and Atlas), Mojiva provides ad cT, with offices in san Francisco and agencies with every imaginable mobile media execution across new york. mobile web sites, apps and devices. Founded in May 2008 and based in New York city, Mojiva is led by a team of advertising and media veterans from Google, doubleclick, Yahoo, Nokia and AdMob, with more than 100 years of collective experience in mobile marketing and technology. Mojiva is an independent mobile ad network operating under parent company Mojiva Inc., which has a total of $10 million venture funding from Pelion Partners and Bertelsmann digital Media Investments. Mojiva Inc. 136 Baxter Street TEL 1.646.862.6201 New York NY 10013 USA Fax 1.646.862.61308