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STMicroelectronics Smart Home Reference Design - Luca Celetto


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OSGi Community Event 2013 (

This talk will present a platform designed for application development to serve the new markets enabled by the Internet of Things, with a particular focus on Home Automation, Smart Energy, and e-health. It will provide the reasons why OSGi has been chosen and show how the platform works.

The Internet of things is the next revolutionary wave following profound changes brought to us by Personal Computers (connecting places) and Mobile Phones (connecting people on the go). This third wave heralds the beginning of the new era of pervasive connectivity, embedded intelligence, and application convergence. It will be the world where smart things will communicate among themselves and with us, enabling a more efficient, and more comfortable environment.

Designed to jumpstart application development, the STMicroelectronics Smart Home Platform is composed of a gateway in production-ready form factor and a set of sensor/actuator nodes, along with a Java Virtual Machine, ProSyst's OSGi framework and a working demonstration application fully supported by STMicroelectronics. The built-in OSGi stack provides Java-level abstraction of the network interfaces of the gateway and its nodes as well as cloud integration features such as a web server, web services and standards-based remote management. The OSGi framework is the key enabler of the product lifecycle and remote application management mandatory for service provider driven deployments.

The JAVA/OSGi software abstraction layer provides zero-effort portability across the all STMicroelectronics' CPUs enabling the developers to select an SoC based on application and/or interface convergence requirements. Successful demonstrations of the same home automation software built on this platform have been already made on an entry-level gateway (based on ARM926) as well as a high-end multimedia gateway (Dual-Cortex A9 multimedia processor).

Luca Celetto is a Software Design Manager in STMicroelectronics, Italy, where he manages a team of R&D employees and consultants that provides innovative solutions for embedded software development on the company products. In the last two years of activity, he worked on OSGi solutions for the company cross-divisional project on Internet of Things that is the object of this presentation. The project aims at providing an ecosystem of reference hardware and software for gateways connecting the company hardware sensors and actuators.

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STMicroelectronics Smart Home Reference Design - Luca Celetto

  1. 1. STMicroelectronics Smart Home Reference Design Turnkey platforms with compatible software to facilitate application development Luca Celetto (STMicroelectronics)
  2. 2. ST: Where you find us Our MEMS & Sensors are augmenting the consumer experience Our digital consumer products are powering the augmented digital lifestyle Our automotive products are making driving safer, greener and more entertaining Our Microcontrollers are everywhere making everything smarter and more secure Our smart power products are making more of our energy resources 2
  3. 3. ST is involved in Standardization Member Promoter member Alliance Member Sponsor Member, BoD Alliance BoD Project Alliance Contributor BoD Alliance PAP15 BoD Contributor DKE461 Alliance HP GP Contributor CTO, BoD Members, contributors P1901.2 Alliance BoD Chair Vice-chair P1901 Vice-chair Editor Full member 3
  4. 4. Smart Home Use-Cases Home Automation Family Care Adaptive lighting Child/Elder Monitoring Facilities automation Conferencing Environment monitoring Health Data Monitoring Adaptive energy usage Assisted Training/Exercise Appliances control (heating, Digital Photo Frame Pet Feeder Garden & plant management Home Security Education Other Intrusion Alarm Local Shopping and Delivers Home Monitoring Infotainment Fire Alarm & Prevention Location Based Services Attendance Simulation Energy Services Video Surveillance Electronic Vehicle Charging Entry Authorization Home Network Services 4
  5. 5. Key Requirements for the software stack Large Eco System Can be applied to all use cases Productive for application developers Secure Hardware Independence: SW portability & reuse across platforms Ease to deploy and manage applications Single Application Framework from Devices to Data Centers 5
  6. 6. Key Requirements for the software stack Large Eco System Can be applied to all use cases Productive for application developers Secure Hardware Independence: SW portability & reuse across platforms Ease to deploy and manage applications Single Application Framework from Devices to Data Centers 6
  7. 7. Smart Home End2End Architecture Developer Remote Access Local access Consultable remotely by phone, tablet Gateway Backend System 7
  8. 8. Smart Home Gateway Stack Customer Applications & Services (optional) Internet Routing, Firewall, VOIP, DOCSIS, Remote management Multimedia content distribution, Digital Video Recorder, Digital Right management, WEB Services Zigbee Profile Abstraction Smart Home Manager Device Mngt Layer Network Configuration Zigbee WEB Apps ZWave BT OSGi JVM Pre-Integrated Smart Home Software Data/VOIP Gateway Ref Software stack Multimedia Gateway Ref Software stack Control Gateway Reference SW Pre-integration NFC 8
  9. 9. Smart Home GW Platform GatewayOne by Tatung ARM 926EJ-S@333MHz 360 DMIPS; 200 when running HPAV Linux + SmartHome framework 802.11n 2x2 BT Smart Ready ZigBee PRO/IP; 6lowPAN 1x 802.15.4 radio 1 ETH; 1 USB HomePlug AV Optional Zwave dongle Press release: 9
  10. 10. Ecosystem Support  Energy  Management,  Comfort  &  Convenience,    Safety  &  Security,  and   Assisted  Living  applications   Cloud Services Gateway Plug Other level or segment of the house Internet Wi-Fi Sub GHz/ZigBee/Z-Wave/HomeMatic Devices Residential Router HomePlug, WiFi, or Ethernet Sensor Actuator Smart Plug Strobe Alarm Lighting Wi-Fi Devices AC Power Line HomePlug IP Cam Optional Bluetooth Hand-­‐held  devices    &  smart  TV  accessible   HomePlug Camera EV Charging Smart Meter Appliance 10
  11. 11. ProSyst OSGi on STM platforms Font: 11
  12. 12. More on the Abstraction Layer 12
  13. 13. Value for Java application developers We provide HW&SW turnkey platform from leading suppliers, ready for to field trials and volumes production in no time You can focus on application development not lowOSGi available IPs The Value of the Smart Home will come from the creativity of Application Developers! 13
  14. 14. Body Gateway Device example Wearable device to measure physiological parameters (ECG, Hearth Rate, Breathing Rate, etc) to enable tele-monitoring solutions for chronic disease patients Heart rate detection Physical activity estimation Breathing rate measurement Body position/activity Elderly people health monitoring Chronic cardiac disease monitoring Post surgery monitoring Event monitoring applications One-lead Holter applications 14
  15. 15. Application layer interaction Developer POV Service POV Remote Gateway Management Secure channel CPE 1 GUI extensions 2 JSON RPC bundle 3 Service bundle JSON-RPC/Websockets GUI RPC extensions Service bundle Cloud JAVAscript commands Graphical Interface Browser callable methods Allows exporting data to cloud JAVA code implements functionality Interface HW/SW on platform 15
  16. 16. Body Gateway Device Integration JSON RPC Implements the commands and response transactional interface between a connecting client and the SmartHomeGateway Websockets Implements a streaming Bluetooth Implements communication basing on the BT Serial Port Profile (SPP) JSON RPC Bluetooth Websockets 16
  17. 17. BGD Service bundle overview The BGD Service bundle enables the e-Health function delivered by the Smart Home Gateway. Implements the classes and services necessary to: invoke the main BGD commands retrieve vital signs monitored by the BGD Relies on: 3 Bluecove support SQLite support Websocket Exports JSON-RPC methods which allow a remote web access for the interaction with the BGD: 2 BGDService/command   BGDService/reserveUpload   17
  18. 18. BGD JSON App bundle overview (1/2) 1 The BGD JSON App bundle is a sample Web client which exploits the functions exported by the BGD Service and allows the user to remotely interact w/ the BGD. 18
  19. 19. BGD JSON App bundle overview (2/2) The BGD JSON App bundle registers a servlet with alias /bgd-app. The user can perform the following operations on the remote BGD: Engage/ Switch off the BGD Set operative mode: streaming (real time display of vital data) monitor Load monitored vital data (offline display of vital data) The operations are generated by means of JSON-RPC according to the methods exposed by the BGD Service. Vital data monitored by the BGD are sent from the SHG to the BGD JSON App via websocket. Vital data are plotted by means of flot jquery. 19
  20. 20. Conclusions ST complete hardware portfolio for Smart Home Smart Home Gateways!! ST software solution with ProSyst Smart Home OSGi OSGi benefits of modularity and easy software reuse ProSyst Abstraction Layer simplify access to devices STM integration of hardware devices in a complete solution Programmers focus on applications and forget puzzling complications Example based on the Healthcare Body Gateway Device Presentation of functionalities of Body Gateway Device Description of STM integration in the ProSyst OSGi sofware A quick example of how programmers could contribute with innovative services 20
  21. 21. Q&A Thank you! 21