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OSGi Service Platform in Home Control, Entertainment and Communications Applications - Andres Manso, CTO, Hogar Digital


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OSGi World Congress 2005

Published in: Technology
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OSGi Service Platform in Home Control, Entertainment and Communications Applications - Andres Manso, CTO, Hogar Digital

  1. 1. OSGiOSGi ServiceService PlatformPlatform inin HomeHome Control,Control, EntertainmentEntertainment andand CommunicationsCommunications ApplicationsApplications
  2. 2. Control: Confort &Control: Confort & SecuritySecurity •• OSGi Drivers of standardOSGi Drivers of standard control networks such X10,control networks such X10, EIB, LON orEIB, LON or ZigbeeZigbee.. •• External adapters connectedExternal adapters connected thought USB, Serial or IPthought USB, Serial or IP •• Integrated network controlIntegrated network control adapters inside the gatewayadapters inside the gateway •• Protocol independence ofProtocol independence of object representationobject representation •• OSGi Drivers of proprietaryOSGi Drivers of proprietary systems likesystems like HometronicHometronic,, BusingBusing, , e, , e--domo ordomo or PowermaxPowermax •• Event planner or triggersEvent planner or triggers •• Serial:Serial: •• EthernetEthernet Serial:Serial: •• Embedded:Embedded:
  3. 3. EntertaimentEntertaiment •• Media Player (Photo/Video/Media Player (Photo/Video/ Audio/Radio/TV)Audio/Radio/TV) •• Media server, Media control andMedia server, Media control and Media render UPnP compatibleMedia render UPnP compatible •• Distributed signal with coaxial or RFDistributed signal with coaxial or RF •• Local content (USB2/ SharedLocal content (USB2/ Shared folders)folders) •• Remote content (Multicast TV oRemote content (Multicast TV o VOD)VOD) •• Analogue control with distributedAnalogue control with distributed infrared emitters and receptorsinfrared emitters and receptors •• iTunesiTunes && iPodiPod supportsupport •• TunnerTunner DVBDVB--T/S/CT/S/C •• MHP 1.0.3 withMHP 1.0.3 with HAViHAVi 1.11.1
  4. 4. Communications: Data & VoiceCommunications: Data & Voice •• WAN interfaces: ADSL2+,WAN interfaces: ADSL2+, Ethernet, ADSL, CableEthernet, ADSL, Cable •• LAN interfaces: WiFi,LAN interfaces: WiFi, HomePlugHomePlug,, Ethernet,HomePNAEthernet,HomePNA •• VoIPVoIP: SIP Client with video call: SIP Client with video call •• VoIPVoIP: SIP proxy with IP phones: SIP proxy with IP phones •• PBX functionalitiesPBX functionalities •• Backup connection withBackup connection with GPRS/UMTS PCMCIAGPRS/UMTS PCMCIA •• Conditional access: User, Time,Conditional access: User, Time, paternal controlpaternal control •• Unified messaging: SMS, XMPP,Unified messaging: SMS, XMPP, SMTP, POP3 client with filters ofSMTP, POP3 client with filters of spam & Virusspam & Virus •• Accessories (Internal/USB):Accessories (Internal/USB): •• Base Connectors :Base Connectors :
  5. 5. UserUser InterfaceInterface •• Remote access from mobile, PDA, Tablet or PCRemote access from mobile, PDA, Tablet or PC •• Optional Touch screen integratedOptional Touch screen integrated •• WebTV: Browsing WEB without PCWebTV: Browsing WEB without PC •• Non dedicated home control interface requiredNon dedicated home control interface required •• Compatible with keyboard and mouse (Compatible with keyboard and mouse ( PS2/USB/IR)PS2/USB/IR) •• IR remote control with receiver embedded orIR remote control with receiver embedded or externalexternal •• Visualization in all the TV of the home with RFVisualization in all the TV of the home with RF or COAXor COAX •• Presence control with BluetoothPresence control with Bluetooth •• Voice recognition with remote controlVoice recognition with remote control •• XML APIXML API •• Tunnelling communicationsTunnelling communications
  6. 6. SmarthomeSmarthome InfrastructureInfrastructure
  7. 7. Hardware reference designHardware reference design
  8. 8. BusinessBusiness ModelModel Java Virtual Machine and OSGI v3 Framework Linux Embedded, Mozila GUI and mPlayer Communications Entertainment Security VoIPTelephony EnergyIntelligence Voicerecognition Premium service HogarDigital API Via Technogies CLE266 based mainboard Basic Service Comfort UniversalIRblaster Newservices Partners service
  9. 9. PartnersPartners •• Reference Hardware: ViaReference Hardware: Via TechologiesTechologies •• Service aggregation platform:Service aggregation platform: ProsystProsyst •• Remotes and keyboard:Remotes and keyboard: SejinSejin •• Service provider:Service provider: TelefonicaTelefonica •• KonnexKonnex:: EibshopEibshop •• LonworksLonworks:: IsdeIsde •• Integrators:Integrators: OperiaOperia •• ZigbeeZigbee and X10: Diverse OEMand X10: Diverse OEM •• Security RF:Security RF: VisonicVisonic •• Comfort RF: HoneywellComfort RF: Honeywell •• Proprietary control: Diverse ODMProprietary control: Diverse ODM
  10. 10. ThanksThanks!! Any questions?