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OSGi Forward Path – Summary - Dr. John Barr, President of OSGi Alliance


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OSGi World Congress 2003

Published in: Technology
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OSGi Forward Path – Summary - Dr. John Barr, President of OSGi Alliance

  1. 1. OSGi Forward Path – Summary - Raffle John R. Barr, President OSGi Alliance 06.24.03
  2. 2. Summary – Day One OSGi is the core of new home and automotive solutions: Motorola Managed Application Gateway/Shell Home Genie AMI-C and BMW adopt OSGi service platform iHA Mealtime Pilot Project OSGi Service Platform R3 Overview OSGi Development and Traction Services Network (NTT, DT, Belgacom, FT, …) Automotive Environments (AMI-C, BMW, and ERTICO 3GT) Homes & Consumer Electronics (iPronto, Connected Home) Industrial Environments (fourth big win for OSGI?) Worldwide OSGi Deployment North America (starting to emerge – Motorola, Shell and IBM) Asia Singapore IDA, Korea (Rinnai, Samsung, HNA – 10M homes, China Government support creating momentum and excitement OSGi Hot Spot Europe (mostly telematics, but real product is for home)
  3. 3. Summary – Day Two Craig Hayman Keynote! OSGi technology pervasive in IBM Pervasive Computing platforms OSGi Mobile Expert Group with Motorola and Nokia Glen Stone Keynote on Digital Home Working Group Must learn not to follow Craig Hayman … Three extensive tracks on the application of OSGi technology for: Automotive Environments BMW, ERTICO 3GT, AMI-C/ACUNIA, Norwich Union … Consumer Electronics and Connected Homes iPronto, BSH serve@home, Motorola/Shell HomeGenie More in the pipe! Service Provider and Operator Networks OSGi technology basis for emerging business model discussion Need to clarify view of 3rd party service providers Open standards (OSGi) for developers targeting multiple service networks inHaus Tour
  4. 4. Summary – Day Three SangMoo Lee Keynote on Korean Telematics Forum 69% mobile phone usage Goal to have 30% of entire cars using telematics by 2006 Virginia Williams Keynote on CEA Emerging OSGi Deployments Mobile Applications (Blue Martini and Turino) Eclipse Industrial automation – OSGi technology turns the lights on for Microsoft Analyst Market Data and Forecasts RVD, Infotainment, Navigation, Open standards needed. Home networking in US up. Broadband operators doing own service platforms. OSGi not yet in the sweet spot – Entertainment. Venture Capital Perspective EMEA VC industry facing severe downturn. OSGi Alliance helps. OSGi companies have a positive VC perspective
  5. 5. OSGi Going Forward Additional companies joining OSGi Alliance Finding out that OSGi will be necessary for business Mobile Expert Group formed by Motorola and Nokia OSGi service platform enhancement process Requirements being analyzed and discussed Continue to roll out new brand image that emphasizes remote, dynamic delivery of services to networked devices.
  6. 6. OSGi World Congress Raffle Raffle prizes are donated by individuals, member companies, and the OSGi Alliance Raffle prices will be mailed to the winners Winners do not need to be present and are selected from those that paid to attend the OSGi World Congress However, it is more fun when the winners are present …
  7. 7. Raffle Prize from OSGi President Motorola IMfree™ Personal Instant Messenger Wireless personal IM device for use in the home Uses AOL IM client running on your home PC And the winner is …
  8. 8. Raffle Prize from Motorola WR850G Wireless Broadband Router 10/100Base-T Ethernet (Wide Area Network - WAN) port to connect a broadband modem (cable, DSL or other) Configures as a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server to automatically assign Internet Protocol- IP addresses 4-port 10/100Base-T Ethernet switch/router that provides data rates up to 100 Mbps to blaze across the network Supports data rates up to 54 Mbps(11) - that's up to 5 times faster than 802.11b networking And the winner is …
  9. 9. Raffle Prize from OSGi Alliance and Philips Philips iPronto – Dashboard for Home Manage your digital home and lifestyle through an all integrated, always-on, convenient and intuitively simple interface. From any part of your house, Philips iPronto enables you, with one touch, to access your entertainment devices or find out what TV program you want to watch or go to a website to instantly access the information you are looking for. And the winner is …
  10. 10. Raffle Prize from OSGi Alliance Complimentary OSGi 2004 World Congress Registration Full registration for conference track Does not include workshop or tutorial registration Does not include travel expenses And the winner is …
  11. 11. And the raffle prize from BMW … Test drive in the new BMW 5-series with the OSGi enabled Telematics platform! And the winner is …. Everyone! Soon at your local BMW dealer.
  12. 12. Stay in touch with 2003 OSGi World Congress Attendees An email reflector will be set up that includes all of the attendees at this OSGi World Congress. First email will include instructions on how to be removed Please use it to discuss your experiences at OSGi World Congress and contact others who may have similar experiences. Please do not use it to send out product marketing information.
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