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OSGi Benefits for the Pervasive Value Chain - D Bandera


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OSGi World Congress 2002

Published in: Technology
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OSGi Benefits for the Pervasive Value Chain - D Bandera

  1. 1. OSGi Benefits for the Pervasive Value Chain Dan Bandera Program Director, Emerging Device Standards & Strategy - IBM Pervasive Computing The broad applicability of OSGi Specifications
  2. 2. Copyright (c) 2002 IBM Corporation When OSGi Specifications Were BornWhen OSGi Specifications Were Born The Environment Today's Internet "e-business" Pervasive Computing Connectivity Services "anywhere, anytime access to applications and data" Content Formats Natural & Consistent Presentation Evolution Appliances & Gizmos Augmentation 00:45 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 Innovation Appliances & Gizmos Infrastructure Connections Topologies Adaptive Infrastructure NEW
  3. 3. Copyright (c) 2002 IBM Corporation Semi- conductor Providers Platform Integrators System Integrators, Service Providers, ISVs Network Operators & Enterprises Device Manufacturers Reference platforms & Developer Kits Integrated HW/SW Device Platforms Devices (OEM & Branded) Device Services Applications & Solutions Embedded I.T. The Pervasive Value ChainThe Pervasive Value Chain How the OSGi Specifications Fit
  4. 4. Copyright (c) 2002 IBM Corporation A Viable Service PlatformA Viable Service Platform The "Physics" of Software Requirements Vendor-neutral Interoperable Modular Dynamic Capable of continuous operation Multiple simultaneous services and applications Maintainable
  5. 5. Copyright (c) 2002 IBM Corporation Benefits to the Value ChainBenefits to the Value Chain How each member sees OSGi Service Providers System Integrators Independent Software Vendors Network Operators Enterprises Device Manufacturers HW Platform Integrators Semiconductor Providers
  6. 6. Copyright (c) 2002 IBM Corporation ConclusionConclusion Wrap up and thank you Questions ? Contact information: Dan Bandera IBM Pervasive Computing 11501 Burnet Road Austin, TX USA 78758 Telephone: 1 (512) 838-2739 E-Mail: