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OSGi in the TK: The Bundle Maker - Nils Hartmann & Gerd Wuetherich


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BundleMaker is a tool to modularize huge existing Java-based applications. While it was originally developed to support the OSGi migration process of the Techniker Krankenkasse's Java application, it is now an open-source tool hosted at With BundleMaker you can analyze the structure and dependencies of your Java application including its required third party libraries. In addition, you can define various transformations to restructure your system according to your new modularized target architecture. BundleMaker is able to export the whole restructured system into several output formats such as OSGi binary bundles or projects for the Eclipse PDE development tools. Developed as an OSGi/Eclipse-based application itself, BundleMaker is highly customizable to make it a perfect match for a variety of usage scenarios. In this session we will give you an introduction into BundleMaker's ideas and its underlying concepts.

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OSGi in the TK: The Bundle Maker - Nils Hartmann & Gerd Wuetherich

  1. 1. OSGi in the TK -The BundleMakerNils Hartmann, Techniker KrankenkasseGerd Wütherich, Freelancer Page 1
  2. 2. Initial Situation
  3. 3. The Project TKeasy» Main application at Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) » One of Germany‘s largest health insurance funds» 3-Tier architecture» Started in 1998» More than 100 applications» 65.000 Java classes» 6500 packages» 5 mio lines of code» 100 active developers
  4. 4. Dependency problems
  5. 5. Why Modularity?» Need to modularize the application » Current focus: the module layer » Easier maintanance » Reuse of components in other contextsWhy OSGi?» „The“ module system for Java» Open infrastructure: Extender Pattern, Hooks» Future: introduce service layer
  6. 6. The Migration Path
  7. 7. The Development Cycle
  8. 8. Continuous Migration I
  9. 9. Continuous Migration II
  10. 10. Continuous Migration III
  11. 11. Continuous Migration IV
  12. 12. The „Final Transformation“
  13. 13. The BundleMaker
  14. 14. BundleMaker „Open Source Edition“» Alpha Version»» Source code available » » EPL» Goal: Open platform for software analysis applications
  15. 15. BundleMaker Concepts
  16. 16. BundleMaker - Analyze
  17. 17. BundleMaker – Transform
  18. 18. BundleMaker - Export
  19. 19. Thank you very much!