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Os gi community event 2014 cloud workshop d bosschaert & r augeOSGi Community Event 2014 Cloud Workshop - D Bosschaert & R Auge


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OSGi Community Event 2014

There are a number of efforts underway around Cloud in the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group, such as the Cloud Ecosystems RFC, REST management, Distributed Eventing and others.

In the upcoming Cloud Workshop we'd like to get input from interested attendees, check whether we took previous suggestions on board the right way and see if we can do some brainstorming on how to best address today's cloud needs given that the cloud industry has moved on in general, so people's problems will have changed too.

The session will start with a short presentation outlining where the current OSGi cloud work is, after which people attending are invited to talk about their cloud issues and how they see OSGi could help them. Ideas are gathered during the workshop, discussed and ultimately used as input in the OSGi specification process.

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Os gi community event 2014 cloud workshop d bosschaert & r augeOSGi Community Event 2014 Cloud Workshop - D Bosschaert & R Auge

  1. 1. Cloud Workshop hosted by David Bosschaert, Ray Augé OSGi EEG co-chairs
  2. 2. Agenda 15:15 start ● Cloud work @ OSGi [30mins] ● all: what are we missing? [45mins] ● discussion: potential improvements [1hr] 17:30 end
  3. 3. Cloud work @ OSGi It’s all about portability ● Enterprise R6 [Q1, 2015] ● Planned for Enterprise R7 ● Other ideas?
  4. 4. Enterprise R6 Enterprise R6 [Q1, 2015] ● RFC 182 REST management ○ A remote Management API for OSGi via REST [other new specs] ● RFC 189 Http Whiteboard spec ● RFC 206 ○ Async Services ○ Promises
  5. 5. Cloud in Enterprise R7 (1/2) Enterprise R7 ● RFC 183 Cloud Ecosystems
  6. 6. Cloud in Enterprise R7 (2/2) Enterprise R7 ● RFC 206 Distributed Eventing ○ Can be used in combination with ■ Remote Services ■ Event Admin ■ Async Services
  7. 7. Other ideas Multi-tenancy? ● lots of different ideas and uses here ● Many possible levels ○ OS-level ○ Process level ○ Within the JVM? ● What’s the right level? ● Can OSGi do something here? ○ Subsystems?
  8. 8. Your thoughts! ● Your issues in the cloud ● Can OSGi help? ● Improvements needed?
  9. 9. Get involved! All OSGi RFPs and RFCs public ● Feedback via Bugzilla Or become a member of OSGi ● and drive specs directly!
  10. 10. Workshop kick-off Everyone, write down ● name + email (+ company) ● How are you using OSGi today? ● What would you like to see addressed for cloud? ● Any other thoughts