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OSGi Community Event 2010 - VMware and SpringSource Projects on OSGi


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OSGi Community Event 2010 - VMware and SpringSource Projects on OSGi (Glyn Normington - VMware)

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OSGi Community Event 2010 - VMware and SpringSource Projects on OSGi

  1. 1. Peter Cooper-Ellis | SpringSource VMware VP Product Development// Vmware and SpringSource Projects on OSGi
  2. 2. Agenda • VMware Use of OSGI • Business Benefits • Challenges • Takeaways
  3. 3. VMware use of OSGI • Spring DM • Eclipse Virgo /SpringSource dm Server • Spring Roo • In development: – Cloud Service Director – Platform UI – …
  4. 4. Virgo/ dm Server Use Cases • On line gaming • Networking systems • Health services lab management • Software development research • Enterprise software development
  5. 5. Business Benefits • Improved modularity • Improved dependency management • Reduced footprint • Architectural clarity
  6. 6. Business Benefit: Improved Modularity • Modular software development • Approach to managing complexity for large-scale software projects
  7. 7. Business Benefit: Improved Dependency Management • Java class loader requires dependencies on other software components embedded in War file can result can be very large WAR files • Linear class path does not support multiple versions of same library • Simpler to package native code in bundles
  8. 8. Business Benefit: Reduced Footprint • Dynamic loading and unloading of modules can reduce use of memory • Benefits embedded scenarios
  9. 9. Business Benefit: Architectural Clarity • Architectural design blocks map to OSGI modules • This consistency carries through to the code • Relationship apparent at runtime • Facilitates communication between architect, apps developers and ops team
  10. 10. Challenges • Infrastructure (bundle repository, build systems and app tooling) – Ubiquity needed in order to drive growth of ecosystem – Ecosystem growth will drive infrastructure build out
  11. 11. Takeaways • Continued traction with early adopters in, large and high performance systems, OEM, and embedded scenarios • Infrastructure remains the biggest challenge • VMware/SpringSource move to open source (Virgo) and EPL license has facilitated community development and vendor collaboration