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It's beautiful enRoute - Paul Fraser


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OSGi Community Event 2016 Presentation by Paul Fraser (A2Z Living Pty. Ltd.)

This talk will explain to java developers not yet using OSGi, how they can produce output with little knowledge of the underlying technology.
A helicopter view of the OSGi enRoute methodology will be explained with a demonstration of the simplicity of bringing non OSGi code into the brilliant enRoute environment.
The src from ImageJ, a non OSGi image processing codebase, will be brought into an enRoute setup consisting of an API bundle, a provider bundle and a command bundle.
The purpose of the command bundle is to tryout and debug the services exposed in the api. The ease of use of the command bundle will be demonstrated.
A developer having experienced a quick result using enRoute will be more relaxed and enthusiastic when learning the nitty gritty of the underlying tools and methods used when working with OSGi.
With this top down approach to using OSGi, developers will understand why they should be using OSGi and OSGi enRoute.

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