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Blue Martini Interactive Selling - Jeff Galea, Blue Martini


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OSGi World Congress 2003

Published in: Technology
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Blue Martini Interactive Selling - Jeff Galea, Blue Martini

  1. 1. Blue Martini Interactive Selling Enabling the “sometimes connected” Sales Force 10.24.03
  2. 2. Agenda ! Blue Martini Interactive Selling Introduction ! Problem Definition ! Technology Challenges ! The OSGi Solution
  3. 3. Sales Process Manufacturing Configuration Solution Design Proposal Generation Sizing, Selection, Pricing & Quoting Needs Assessment Sales Advisor Sales Positioning, Collateral & Presentations Interactive UI for Needs Assessment, Solution Design Quote, Proposal & Order
  4. 4. Bring Mobility to Interactive Selling: ! On-line and offline usage ! Connected/disconnected user experience the same ! Automatic background synchronization ! Enables collaboration between all users Mobile SyncA no-compromise “sometimes connected” deployment model that provides the same functionality and user experience as the current online (browser-server) application
  5. 5. Technology Challenges ! Problems with Traditional Offline Applications ! Traditional client/server deployment, maintenance, and update process is expensive and error prone ! Data synchronization model is typically batch oriented resulting in “once-a-day” updates ! Update conflicts span hours or days; no real-time detection or resolution of data conflicts ! Off-line application lacks key application features hindering usefulness and end-user adoption ! Extremely large application footprint and resulting laptop requirements – no future for PDAs and other lightweight devices ! Issues with typical Web based Applications ! Lack of coverage and inherent blackout zones (airplane) ! Slow connection speeds and interrupted sessions
  6. 6. Technology Challenges ! The application requires a robust application infrastructure: SQL Database, Web/Application Server, Java Support (constraint engine), I18N/L10N, Platform Independent User Interface ! Application deployment and maintenance ! large direct/indirect sales force – must install very easily (lightweight) ! Must retain the best part of web TCO – a zero deployment and self- updating application (fault tolerant - self updating, self-healing) ! Same solution must run on laptops, PDAs, tablets, future devices ! Synchronization ! Bi-directional Data Synchronization with real-time conflict detection and resolution - always available, and always up-to-date ! Background application and collateral deployment – restart after failures or loss off connectivity (checkpoint restart and byte level differencing)
  7. 7. Architectural Overview
  8. 8. Embedded DB Interactive Selling Mobile Application Interactive Selling Web Application PC Blue Martini Interactive Selling J2EE Services App Updates Collateral Database Sync Mobile Device Sync Agent Config Pricing Quote Oppty & Leads Proposals Global Context Messaging Engine Data Engine Blue Martini Data/App Sync Services Sync Engine Admin Module App Updates HTTP WebSphere JSP12 Servlet 2.3 EJB JDBC JMS MQe HTTP JNDI Web Services SSL OSGi Solution The IBM OSGi Stack Enables the full IS Application to run on disconnected mobile devices. IS Uses ESWE (WME, SMF), MQe, & Cloudscape Blue Martini Interactive Selling Config Pricing Quote Oppt & Leads Proposals Data Engine Messaging Engine Sync Agent Enterprise DB MQe Messages Compressed & Encrypted HTTP Blue Martini Bundles Intelligent Selling Sync Engine Cloud- scape MQe SWT UI IBM Components Web HTTP/URL Services Web Application Service XML Parser Service Log Service Start Level Service Web Container Service OSGI Services IBM ESWE (J9, SMF)
  9. 9. OSGi Specification Components Used ! Framework ! Start Level Service – R3 ! URL Stream and Content Handler Service – R3 ! Services ! Log Service – R1 ! HTTP Service – R1 ! XML Parser Service – R3 ! IBM Extensions (WME, SMF v3.5) ! Web Application Service ! Web Container Service ! Other IBM Components ! Cloudscape ! MQe ! Software Widget Toolkit (SWT)
  10. 10. Direct Sales Scenario GPRS Airport 802.11b Extremely Satisfied Customer! Fast, accurate proposal with solution that fits need. Sync in background while driving to the airport, calls Product Consultant.Site survey: Enters requirements, does needs analysis, shows product collateral. Gets feedback from PC on quote line items at the airport. Builds proposal. Updates configuration. PC at Corporate LAN No Access Adds more details. No Access Sends proposal to the customer. DSL No Access
  11. 11. Why is this a better approach? ! Entire Blue Martini IS Application works offline – no compromises ! Real-time Data Synchronization, which leads to real-time conflict detection and resolution ! Non-intrusive synchronization - allows users to continue using the application while synchronizing in the background ! Extremely small footprint: 20-25 MB, which includes the IBM Stack, the BMS application and a fully-loaded database ! Self-updating application providing low TCO ! Scalable and secure - built on 100% IBM Pervasive Computing Stack: Extension Services for WebSphere Everyplace Blue Martini Mobile Sync Enables a new collaborative selling model for the “sometimes connected” workforce
  12. 12. Questions?