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An OSGi based platform supporting industry 4.0 applications for SMEs - H Kornmayer


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OSGi Community Event 2017 Presentation by Harald Kornmaer [DHBW Mannheim]

Building a worldwide IoT infrastructure requires a reliable basic runtime platform. Such a distributed computing system will consist of Cloud computing instances, sensor node, desktop computers and wearables.

This talk explores how DHBW Mannheim, Germany have created the AQUASI research project (an Automated Quality Assurance Application Platform for SMEs in Handcraft Industries) and discusses the real world results and benefits that have been achieved from the exemplary use case of a german SME company, Rombach NUR-HOLZ which have been participating in the project.

This applied research offers an Open Source framework to enable SME companies to build Industry 4.0 application to monitor and assure Quality Assurance across the full product lifecycle form production through the ongoing maintenance after purchase and installation.

The AQUASI framework leaverages OSGi technology and Eclipse projects. Examples include Jetty, JAX-RS connectors with OSGI and Eclipse p2 and e4. . The project started with the development of an Industry 4.0 language using the AQUASI data and communication model to enable faster development of the SME applications.

The talk will include an overview of the project architecture of the AQUASI system including the REST-based communication model that is used, along with UI components and future plans. Attendees will also get to understand some of the project challenges that have been faced and overcome.

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An OSGi based platform supporting industry 4.0 applications for SMEs - H Kornmayer

  1. 1. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 1 Institut für Informatik, DHBW Mannheim, Germany An OSGi based platform supporting  Industry 4.0 applications for SMEs Harald Kornmayer, Claes Rydberg, Abdallah Salama supported by Fin Heuer, Ulrike Leipscher
  2. 2. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 2 Agenda • Business Opportunities and Challenges • AQUASI ‐ the research project • Cloud and Edge node management • The AQUASI data and communication model • The AQUASI language 
  3. 3. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 3 Business Opportunities • „green and sustainable“ technologies become  more and more important
  4. 4. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 4 The product of NUR‐HOLZ • Sustainable green houses – production of massive wooden wall elements – made of “wood‐only”  • without any glue, chemistry, metal, …   wall elements produced in 2‐3 days http://www.hur‐
  5. 5. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 5 The „green“ Office Building • built in the Netherlands – certified by BREEAM as the most sustainable Office  Building worldwide – 99,94% sustainability
  6. 6. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 6 The SME Business Challenge • handcraft industry is going industrial production – fraction of pre‐assembled products grows – but: handicraftsmen are still committed to quality • a local SME goes out to the world – house are sold in Baden‐Württemberg, Germany,  Switzerland, Italy, Netherland, Norway, Japan, …  – collaboration with partners worldwide is required  • there is still resistance to green technology – prove that the house lasts long enough
  7. 7. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 7 Industrie 4.0 • Targets – horizontal digital integration of engineering in value networks – vertical integration of networked manufacturing systems – improvements in production process and product quality • Versioning reminder 1.0: mechanization • „Steam engines“ 2.0: industrialization • „Production line“  3.0: automatization • „micro controller “ 4.0: computerization • ??? 
  8. 8. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 8 IT challenges Cloud Computing infrastructure • services for Computing, Storage, Network  • used by  • many large companies • many IT startups • but not used by  • SMEs with little IT staff Internet of Things • Connected sensors will deliver  information about the real world • Connected actuators will be controlled  by „smart“ systems Cyber Physical Systems • combining both approaches • enable analytics to extract knowledge • generic for application domains   Cognitive Systems
  9. 9. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 9 The AQUASI Business Drivers (I)  • Deliver a Quality product – within a scalable worldwide partner network
  10. 10. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 10 The AQUASI Business Drivers (II)  • Deliver a Quality product  – over the whole product life cycle • a few decades  – use modern IT technology to improve quality • Cloud, Sensors, IoT, BigData, AI, Wearables, …  • but the core competence of the company is “carpantry” CONCEPT DEVELOPM. PRE‐SALES PRODUCTION SALES &  DISTRIBUTION QUALITY ASSUR. max. 1 year > 70 years
  11. 11. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 11 Sensors • Quality assurance need data  • use • Smart Home data – i.e. : temperature, air humidity, … – look at the environment • Image data – i.e.: High definition camera – look at the surface of the wall • micro sensors – i.e. : Temperature, moisture – look into the walls » possible due to the EM properties of wood and the production process (stack plank construction)
  12. 12. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 12 The AQUASI Project • performed by DHBW Mannheim – Duale Hochschule Baden‐Württemberg  – (Cooperative State University of Baden‐Württemberg) • in collaboration – with Rombach NUR‐HOLZ, Oberharmersbach – and teXXmo, Böblingen • funded by Baden‐Württemberg Stiftung – • for 3 years started in 2016
  13. 13. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 13 Goals of the AQUASI system • systematic collection and preparation of all construction and planning data for a house building project • IT support for (external) construction teams at straightening • continuous acquisition of sensor data from all wooden houses with  the help of networked sensors  • recording of annotated pictures and artefacts for quality control • remote maintenance of sustainable houses in interaction with local partners and production experts in the SME • Continuous analysis of the data in order to detect abnormal quality situations like failings, shortcomings or design imperfection
  14. 14. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 14 AQUASI approach • use existing and proven technologies – Solid Open Source eco systems • Software from the Eclipse Foundation – JAVA with OSGi for Cloud and Sensor runtime – REST architecture with HTTPS/JSON for transport – X.509 Certificates for security and privacy  • with JWS (Json Web Security)  
  15. 15. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 15 Cloud and edge nodes • worldwide distributed – desktop UI at partner enterprises – Sensor Gateways in  Houses – mobile devices – one centralized AQUASI  Server  (in Cloud) – Cloud Storage Systems – many analytical Services  (in Cloud)  
  16. 16. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 16 Overall architecture
  17. 17. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 17 Managed Software Provisioning
  18. 18. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 18 Demo Part One • Manage Cloud and Sensor nodes • Please note:  Everything is work in progress und under construction
  19. 19. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 19 Project Domain model I
  20. 20. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 20 Project Domain model II • Based on micro‐services – “house project” is the center of the system  • domain data are distributed  in edge nodes • the AQUASI Server connects  these data  – by providing data and links  to children – use the Composite Pattern – “partners” are independent of projects • important for any  “house project”  https:// [AQServ]/services/projects https:// [AQServ]/services/projects/[id] https:// [AQServ]/services/projects/[id]/partners https:// [AQServ]/services/projects/[id]/offerings https:// [AQServ]/services/projects/[id]/ConstPlans https:// [AQServ]/services/projects/[id]/ConstPlans/[EtageID]/ https:// [AQServ]/services/projects/[id]/ProduPlans https:// [AQServ]/services/projects/[id]/Images https:// [AQServ]/services/projects/[id]/Sensors https:// [AQServ]/services/projects/[id]/Status https:// [AQServ]/services/projects/[id]/Dates https:// [AQServ]/services/projects/[id]/Events https:// [AQServ]/services/partners https:// [AQServ]/services/partners/[id] https:// [AQServ]/services/partners/[id]/contacts https:// [AQServ]/services/partners/[id]/contacts/[cid]
  21. 21. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 21 Project Domain model • All project artefacts are “AquasiComposite”s – AquasiComposites are fine‐grained services • contains the links (AquasiDescription) to the children  • i.e. the JSON response to a project {"desc":{"name":"House 42", "remoteUri": "https://AQServ/services/projects/42"},  [ {"name":"Partner",  "remoteUri": "https://AQServ/services/projects/42/partners"},  {"name":"Status",    "remoteUri": "https://AQServ/services/projects/42/status"} ] }
  22. 22. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 22 AQUASI communication model • Example of access to the fine grained services – access to AQUASI project and partner services
  23. 23. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 23 AQUASI communication model • Example of access to the fine grained services – exemplary access to Cloud service • here: accessing to a pdf stored by a cloud provider – Cloud Storage service offers a REST interface
  24. 24. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 24 Demo Part Two • Prototype for NUR‐HOLZ Domain  – Partners – Projects – Sensors
  25. 25. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 25 The Platform • AQUASI platform will delivers basic functionality • https://AQUASI.server/services/certs • https://AQUASI.server/services/users  • https://AQUASI.server/services/cloud • Each SME adapts the domain services to their  service needs  – in the case of NUR‐HOLZ • https://AQUASI.server/services/partners – including subservices • https://AQUASI.server/services/projects – including subservices
  26. 26. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 26 The i40 domain language • we started with simple DSL – based on AQUASi data and communication model  – to enable other SME domains to deliver services  • in high quality • and in short development time • for more platforms than just E4  – Android, UWP, HoloLens – using Eclipse Xtext project • (Thank to the community!) 
  27. 27. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 27 Demo Part 3 • Xtext Language – very early stage example – we used the language for the development of the „/cloud“ services and some UI composites already
  28. 28. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 28 Our vision • OSGi in the center of the app, in the cloud and on  the edge nodes • simple management of the AQUASI product cloud – even for SMEs • Collected Data and analytics will help to answer questions like:  – How can I construct a wooden house on Hawaii using a  blueprint of a house in Norway?  – How can I control the house heating optimal?  – …
  29. 29. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 29 • Thank you for your attention • Q & A ??  • Contact:  – Prof. Dr. Harald Kornmayer • harald.kornmayer@dhbw‐ – More details •
  30. 30. OSGI Community Event /EclipseCon Europe13. November 2017 30