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Amdatu Remote - Remote Service Admin 1.1 Update - B de Kruijff


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The OSGi Enterprise Remote Services and Remote Service Admin specifications bring the power of the OSGi service model to distributed applications. We all know that OSGi based applications are inherently capable of dealing with component life-cycle and service dynamics. However, the core specification only defines an in-VM model and does not address scale-out in any way. As a result these concerns had to be addressed separately and often resulted in custom solutions that where invasive and reduced the ability to dynamically assemble and control the distributed application. The OSGi Enterprise Remote Services and Remote Service Admin specifications address these concerns through a model that leverages the standard service registry and decouples from specific transport concerns in a manageable way. This provides a seamless solution that allows well designed applications to dynamically scale-out and integrate, using an appropriate transport mechanisms, on-demand and without ever changing a line of code.

In this talk we will provide an overview of the OSGi Enterprise Remote Services and Remote Service Admin specifications, with specific attention to the changes in the Remote Service Admin 1.1 specification update (RFC-0203). In addition we will use Amdatu Remote, an Remote Service 1.0 and Remote Service Admin 1.1 compliant open source implementation, to provide concrete usage scenarios and a demonstration.

Bram de Kruijff is a technology enthusiast, developer and software architect at Luminis Technologies. He has a broad experience with server side web application architectures, frameworks and technologies for enterprise grade applications. Over the years he has been actively involved in many commercial products and projects that successfully adopted OSGi as a server side application architecture, leveraging open source software including many ASF projects.

Bram's current focus is on modular, distributed application architectures for the cloud. He is a PMC member and committer of the Amdatu project and comitter on Apache ACE.

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