Think Globally, Strategize Locally


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Think Globally, Strategize Locally presentation made on June 8, 2010 at The IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) World Conference in Toronto.

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Think Globally, Strategize Locally

  1. 1. Communicating “Glocally” G Glocally” y Marco A. Franca Creating a Global Audience One Person at a Time
  2. 2. What does it mean to be Glocal? Glocal?
  3. 3. C Communications “P i ti ” “Pangaea”
  4. 4. Old S h l School New School
  5. 5. “In 1965 80 percent of adults could be In 1965, reached with three 60 second TV spots. Today it requires117 prime time Commercials to produce the same result” (Jim Stengel, CMO, P&G) Stengel CMO
  6. 6. Journalist Journalist Journalist J li t
  7. 7. Many Many Voices Voices… Opinions O i i
  8. 8. “It’s not about using new media; it’s about using media in new ways” ways Dr. Craig Lefebvre
  9. 9. Become one with your ith audiences
  10. 10. Photo Credit:
  11. 11. New World, New Mindset Image Credit:
  12. 12. More direct (intimate) contact (intimate) Reach those who are REALLY interested
  13. 13. Targeted Communications •Message must be disseminated broadly •BUT…reach individuals locally •Leverage traditional and next generation
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Be A Glocal Communicator Project A Global Image Focus Regionally Engage Locally
  16. 16. Project a Global Image • Widespread distribution still essential •Hit all key touch points…equally and with punch Press releases: Immediate, synchronous SEO: Better results = more eyeballs Multimedia: Drives interest; gets people excited •Messages must resonate outside M t t t id core • Age, Ethnicity, Language
  17. 17. …While Thinking Glocally While • Mass appeal = overarching goal • Message development and customization • Targeting (media outreach) • Timing • Engaging and interacting • Language and syntax
  18. 18. Different countries/regions demand specific techniques p q Simply translating text is not enough Focus Customs and traditions Regionally R i ll must b observed t be b d
  19. 19. Political Economic Social Technological h l i l
  20. 20. Varying Cultures, Opportunities Perception vs. Reality
  21. 21. A Border Apart The Case of Costa Rica & Panama • Th C f C t Ri & P • Neighbors on a map; but  hb b differences abound • Applying PEST – Is this an open or closed society? I thi l d i t ? – What means are available? – How do people behave/react?  Passions? – Where on they on the technology tree?
  22. 22. Investigate. Connect. Engage. Photo credit:
  23. 23. Targeting Your Audience
  24. 24. Build Your Foundation The Gl Th Glocal F l Forum Empowering Local Communities Leveraging the role of local authorities Promotes CSR through Public / Private Partnerships
  25. 25. Glocal Anecdotes
  26. 26. Glocal Takeaways Project Global Focus Image Regionally Engage Locally
  27. 27. Marco A. Franca marco franca@prnewswire com +55-11-9201- +55-11-9201-9015