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Pochapski katelyn pecha_kucha

Psychopathy in Children (Pecha-Kucha)

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Pochapski katelyn pecha_kucha

  1. 1. PSYCHOPATHIC KIDSCan we identify future psychopaths at anearly age?By: Katelyn Pochapski
  2. 2. Can psychopathy be measured?
  3. 3. Yes, we can!!!• Psychopathy Checklist (PCL) and PCL-R• Psychopathy Checklist: Screening Version (PCL:SV)• Psychopathy Checklist: Youth Version (PCL:YV)• P-Scan: Research Version
  4. 4. What are we measuring?• The four core factors of psychopathy.
  5. 5. FACTOR 1: InterpersonalManipulative Charm
  6. 6. FACTOR 2: ImpulsiveLives like there is no tomorrow. Have a listen.• Artist: The Offspring• Song: Bad Habit• Album: Smash
  7. 7. FACTOR 3: Affective• Grandiose Self Worth (Perfect Example)
  8. 8. FACTOR 4: Antisocial Tendencies• Jim Jones of People’s Temple• About Jim Jones
  9. 9. At what age do psychopathic tendenciessurface?
  10. 10. Things to look out for…
  11. 11. Callous-Unemotinal and Antisocial Traits
  12. 12. Both appear to be heredetery.
  13. 13. Lack of empathy, the most important trait.
  14. 14. School Bullying, is typical of futurepsychopaths.
  15. 15. insensitivity to punishment
  16. 16. What was the in-utero experience like?
  17. 17. Aggression often accompanies antisocialtendencies in children.• Watch: Childhood Agression
  18. 18. Are children with these traits destined?
  19. 19. What are the treatment options?
  20. 20. Conclusion?• Use for Intervention:• Oxytocin,• Brain Damage Therapy• Positive Reinforcement