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Finding classroom resources for your practicum final


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OISE Workshop January 10, 2011

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Finding classroom resources for your practicum final

  1. 1. Finding Classroom Resources for your Practicum: Math Manipulatives, Science Kits, Children’s Literature, and More!
  2. 2. Monique Flaccavento Pat Serafini
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Outcomes By the end of today’s session, you’ll be able to find: Classroom resources for your practicum (math manipulatives, textbooks, science kits, children’s books, and more) by searching the library catalogue Ministry-approved textbooks by searching the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Trillium List
  5. 5. Outcomes, continued Age / grade-appropriate literature for your students by searching the Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database Age / grade-appropriate online newspaper and magazine articles, encyclopaedias, primary sources, and more by searching publicly licensed Knowledge Ontario databases
  6. 6. Catalogue Searches
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Trillium List
  9. 9. Activity #1 5 minutes
  10. 10. Click on Research Guides
  11. 11. Click on Education Resources for Initial Teacher Education
  12. 12. Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database
  13. 13. What are KO Licensed Databases?
  14. 14.
  15. 15. 3 Knowledge Ontario Databases P/J -- Kids InfoBits J/I – InfoTrac Junior I/S -- Student Resource Centre, Canadian Edition (now called Canada in Context)
  16. 16. Explore Kids InfoBits, InfoTrac Junior, or Student Resource Centre. 1. What is included in this database? 2. How could you use this database with your students? Please be prepared to share your observations with the group. Activity
  17. 17. Free Canadian Online Teaching Resources
  18. 18. Questions? Contact us! We’re here to help! Pat Serafini 416-978-1903 Monique Flaccavento 416-978-1867