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  1. 1. MICDS Tim Oliver, CFO, MEMC Electronic Materials November 12, 2010
  2. 2. MEMC Headquarters in St. Peters P. 2 | MEMC
  3. 3. What Does MEMC Do? P. 3 | MEMC Wafers become Semiconductors…which become the electronics we use every day. Wafers also become solar cells…which generate the clean power of today and tomorrow. We make the wafers.
  4. 4. The Solar Opportunity Non-Renewable Energy Source (All remaining on planet) Renewable Energy Source (1 Year) Wind Coal Ocean Thermal UraniumPetroleumNat. GasTar Sands Bio FuelHydroGeothermalTidal More Energy Hits the Earth From the Sun in 15 hours Than Can be Generated From All of the Oil Remaining in the World! Solar Solar Energy Availability vs. Other Energy Sources Source: NREL World Energy Needs P. 4 | MEMC
  5. 5. More Solar Energy Can be Generated in Some States Hours of Solar Energy Potential Per 1KW Installed Capacity P. 5 | MEMC
  6. 6. Solar Cells and Wafers • Thin wafers of silicon • Similar to computer chips, bigger and cheaper • Light carries energy into cell • Cells convert sunlight energy into electric current- they do not store energy • Sunlight is the “fuel” Solar Wafer Solar Cell P. 6 | MEMC
  7. 7. Solar Power Cells Modules ArrayStrings Inverter Sun – Energy Source PV Modules – Convert Sunlight into electric current. Inverter – Changes electricity from DC to AC for use in home or building. P. 7 | MEMC
  8. 8. Alamosa, Colorado P. 8 | MEMC