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The Ugly Truth of Technology Integration


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This presentation looks at the ugly truth of technology integration in introducing technology into the classroom can be messy, clumsy and frustrating. That's ok.

This presentation looks at tips, tricks, and strategies teachers can use when using new technology in their classroom.

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The Ugly Truth of Technology Integration

  1. 1. The Ugly Truth of Technology Integration Mark Fijor The Cove School Twitter- @newschooltech ICE 2014
  2. 2. I’ll let you in on a secret
  3. 3. Technology integration is messy
  4. 4. The right mindset is key Fixed Mindset Growth Mindset Desire Look smart in every situation and prove myself over and over again. Never fail! Stretch myself, take risks and learn. Bring on the challenges! Evaluation of Situations Will I succeed or fail? Will I look smart or dumb? Will this allow me to grow? Will this help me overcome some of my challenges? Dealing With Setbacks “I’m a failure” (identity) “I’m an idiot” “I failed” (action) “I’ll try harder next time” Challenges Avoid challenges, get defensive or give up easily Embrace challenges, persist in the face of set-backs. Success of Others Feel threatened by the success of others. If you succeed, then I fail. Find lessons & inspiration in other people’s success.
  5. 5. Isn’t this preaching to the choir? What if I already have a Growth Mindset?
  6. 6. Help someone else make the shift Simplify Technological Knowledge Embrace the Messiness Empower Your Students
  7. 7. Teachers do not have to be experts in technology Teachers need to be experts in teaching with some knowledge of technology
  8. 8. TPACK
  9. 9. Three things teachers must know (TK) 1. How to get started 2. How to Undo 3. How to share Foundational Technological Knowledge
  10. 10. Getting Started - Are accounts needed to use the tool? - Who will create the accounts? - Will my students need access to email?
  11. 11. Accounts
  12. 12. No Accounts Needed Ask 3 Requires classroom Code
  13. 13. Edit-Undo
  14. 14. Revision Histories Learn how to access previous versions of documents and creations.
  15. 15. Sharing Mac OS X iOS 7 Windows 8
  16. 16. Sharing Email Dropbox
  17. 17. Sharing in Google Drive
  18. 18. Sharing to Social Media YouTube Vimeo Twitter
  19. 19. Important Questions - What additional knowledge and skills will I need as a teacher? - What knowledge and skills will my students need to use this tool? - What will the learning look like?
  20. 20. Embracing Messiness
  21. 21. Embracing Messiness - Build in time for free exploration for students. - Allow opportunities for discovery - Provide students opportunities to share what they’ve learned during that process.
  22. 22. Embracing Messiness - Develop technology skill “Boot Camp” lessons. - 20 – 40 minutes in length depending on age.
  23. 23. Embracing Messiness Design low-stakes activities for students to practice new technology tools and skills Example
  24. 24. Embracing Messiness Mirror low-stakes activities to skills and processes to be used on upcoming assignments. Boot Camp Actual Lesson
  25. 25. Embracing Messiness Look at lessons as prototypes.
  26. 26. Empower Students Student Tech STARS or Technology Helpers Tech STARS Commercial
  27. 27. Empower Students Create Expert Groups; “Train-the-trainer” Use recess or lunch periods to train and maximize instructional time
  28. 28. Key Takeaways Avoid designing lessons that ask kids to use new technology skills while learning new academic skills for the first time.
  29. 29. Key Takeaways Use low-tech solutions when teaching new skills.
  30. 30. Key Takeaways • FOCUS – Pick several tools and focus on them. • Allow students to practice and build fluency using the tool.
  31. 31. Make the shift and make the ugly truth a dirty lie! Simplify Technological Knowledge Embrace the Messiness Empower Your Students
  32. 32. Questions? Contact Me: Mark Fijor Twitter - @newschooltech Web-