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How to Get Great Abs After Fifty Years Old A Six Pack in 60 Days


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Great abs after fifty years old can be developed if you know how to train the core effectively.

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How to Get Great Abs After Fifty Years Old A Six Pack in 60 Days

  1. 1. How to Get Great AbsAfter Fifty Years Old - ASix Pack in 60 DaysNo Sit Ups Required!Old Spartan Fitness `
  2. 2. Why Build Your Core?The primary purpose of the core muscles areto provide stabilization and flexion of thespine as your body moves through space. Thecore is the generic term for all the musclessurrounding the lower spine. This includes allthe low back muscles as well as the abdominalmuscles.Old Spartan Fitness
  3. 3. Your 6 Pack RevealedThe abdominals are comprised of the transverse abdominis, the left and rightinternal obliques, the left and right external obliques and the rectusabdominis.Old Spartan Fitness
  4. 4. Inner AbdominalsThe transverse abdominis (TA) is the deepestlayer of abdominal muscle and one youprobably have never paid too much attention.It plays a key role in stabilizing the thoracicspine and pelvis and is sometimes referred toas the corset muscle for it’s ability to flattenthe belly.Old Spartan Fitness
  5. 5. How to Get a Flat BellyYou probably have never directly stressed theTA with an exercise. It is difficult to activatedirectly but there is one movement gearedtowards strengthening the TA. If you want aflatter lower belly, you need to work on theTA. More on that later.Old Spartan Fitness
  6. 6. More on AbsThe internal obliques (IO), along with the TA,make up the inner abs. The external obliquesand rectus abdominis are considered the outerabs. The IO perform two basic functions; aid inbreathing as an opposing force to thediaphragm and work in conjunction with theexternal obliques (EO) to rotate, bend andtwist the trunk. See muscle cross section again Old Spartan Fitness
  7. 7. Your Six Pack TodayThe rectus abdominis (RA) are the abs we allcare about. The RA is the 6-pack muscle thatbecomes visible if your body fat is reduced lowenough. The RA is important for posture,flexing the lumbar spine and holding theinternal organs in place by exerting intra-abdominal pressure. Old Spartan Fitness
  8. 8. You Are Only as Strong as Your Weakest LinkThe RA contracts hard when lifting heavythings to stabilize the spine, transfer the loadinto the legs and protect the organs fromexcessive stress. A strong core is imperative toremain injury free.Old Spartan Fitness
  9. 9. The Rules of Great AbsThere are really two parts to building abs:1.The first is performing the proper movements to stimulate and build the muscles.2.The second is reducing your body fat to a point where the abdominals, primarily the RA becomes visible. Old Spartan Fitness
  10. 10. Two for the Price of OneThis presentation primarily addresses point #1.What exercises are the best and most efficientway to build strong abs? But dont despair. Youare in luck because the exercises that build astrong core are the same exercises that blastfat fast.Old Spartan Fitness
  11. 11. Burn it UpThe best ab exercises are core stabilizers thatsimulate real life movements. Complex, full-body exercises that engage the largestmuscles of the body and burn a lot of caloriesare best. Thats the key to fat burning; doefficient work to maximize energy consumed.Old Spartan Fitness
  12. 12. Eat Real Food to Tune Your EngineThe real deal for body fat reduction isdictated by nutrition. What you eat will be thedetermining factor in your ability to get the 6-pack to show. And nutrition is the subject ofanother article.Old Spartan Fitness
  13. 13. What You Do GetIf you implement these exercises in a seriousway, you will be:1. building strong abs in the most efficient manner2. performing exercises that also consume a lot of calories3. just a great nutrition plan away from 6-pack abs (or something close) Old Spartan Fitness
  14. 14. The PlanWhat to do? What not to do?No traditional sit ups or crunches. While theydo activate the abs to some degree, they arenot very efficient. In fact, a muscle called thepsoas, part of the hip flexors, is a primarymover of the sit up. It has nothing to do withstrong abs.Old Spartan Fitness
  15. 15. The A,B,Cs of Ab TrainingOK, this is what we are going to do. We willperform exercises that:1.require stabilization of the spine in the vertical plane (standing up)2.require stabilization of the spine in the horizontal plane (in the plank position)3.bending and twisting of the lumbar spinecontinued ...
  16. 16. More A,B,Cs of Ab WorkA continuation of ab movements well do1. Move the pelvis towards the rib cage (like lifting the legs)2. Dynamic movements; pick stuff up and put in down requiring a stabilized core through a range of motion3. And a specific move to train the transverse abdominis Old Spartan Fitness
  17. 17. Stay in TouchBecome an Abs NinjaGet My Training VideosCheck Out My PhotosNow on to the core videos!Old Spartan Fitness
  18. 18. Vertical Core StabilizationSquatsA primal move. Use bodyweight or any of the many weighted variations. Youcant go wrong. Squat often and squat deep.
  19. 19. Vertical Core StabilizationGoblet SquatAnother great squat exercise. Legs & core together.
  20. 20. Vertical Core StabilizationOverhead SquatThis will surprise you. Most of us have poor thoracic spine and shouldermobility. Youll feel it here. Start with a very light weight.
  21. 21. Vertical Core StabilizationOverhead PressOne of the standard lifts for shoulders, triceps and core. Any time you put aweight overhead, the core must contract hard. Pressing is good for you.
  22. 22. Vertical Core StabilizationSingle Handed Dumbbell PressSingle-handed work presents an asymmetrical load which stresses the core inanother dimension.
  23. 23. Vertical Core StabilizationCarriesIf you think about it, the only practical reason for picking something up is tomove it to another location. Do your carries to stay in shape for real life.
  24. 24. Horizontal Core StabilizationPush UpsEveryone knows what a push up is but many dont perform them correctly. Dofull range of motion reps for the best results. A great exercise.
  25. 25. Horizontal Core StabilizationPlanksGet your timer out for a great plank workout. Do intervals; hold for 45 secs,rest for 60 secs & repeat until you are unable to continue.
  26. 26. Horizontal Core StabilizationRenegade RowThis adds the asymmetrical loading effect which really makes this move amore advanced plank-type exercise.
  27. 27. Horizontal Core StabilizationInverted RowA reverse plank position combined with a back, bicep and forearm workout.
  28. 28. Horizontal Core StabilizationMountain ClimberThis is actually a cross between a plank workout and leg lifting movement.
  29. 29. Bending & Twisting ExercisesT Push UpMix a chest, shoulder, tricep, plank and twisting exercise all in one. Now thatis efficiency.
  30. 30. Bending & Twisting ExercisesWood ChopperJust good stuff. Try swinging a sledgehammer (outdoors please) for evenbetter results.
  31. 31. Bending & Twisting ExercisesFloor SweeperWeighted or unweighted, this one hits the obliques hard. The weightedversion is done by holding a barbell or dumbbells with extended arms
  32. 32. Bending & Twisting ExercisesDuck UndersEver wonder why boxers have muscular, trim waistlines? Bobbing and weavingbuilds great abs.
  33. 33. Leg Lifting ExercisesV Sit UpsIf you are going to do sit ups, pick one where hands and feet are both moving.
  34. 34. Leg Lifting ExercisesHanging Knee RaisesAdd a twisting finish to incorporate the obliques; left knee to right elbow,right knee to left elbow, etc. This one works really well.
  35. 35. Leg Lifting Exercises360 Degree Back RollsThis works surprisingly well but looks kinda funny.
  36. 36. Leg Lifting ExercisesSkin the CatThese were easy in 3rd grade. Once you can perform Hanging Knee Raisespretty well, try the old Skin the Cat. It will shred you.
  37. 37. Leg Lifting ExercisesAbdominal Hold/Knee RaiseA simple alternative to Hanging Knee Raises (HKR) if you dont have anoverhead bar to hold. A good starting move if you cant perform HKRs.
  38. 38. Dynamic MovesKettlebell SwingGotta swing the bells. A full-body, endurance workout including corestabilization. If you do nothing else, get a kettlebell and swing it.
  39. 39. Dynamic MovesDeadliftOne of the foundation exercises. Both standard and straight leg versions aregreat for core strength.
  40. 40. Dynamic MovesPower CleanA must-do exercise for power and overall fitness . A real fat blaster.
  41. 41. Dynamic MovesThrusterThe thruster rules for fat burning efficiency and building a strong core.
  42. 42. Transverse AbdominisThe VacuumAnd finally the one exercise you can do to strengthen the TA and get a flatterstomach. The vacuum can be done lying face down, kneeling (as shown),sitting upright in a chair or standing up. Exhale first and them suck your navelin towards your spine. Hold for 10 secs. Release and then repeat. Its harderthan you think.
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