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1.2 equality and_inequality


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1.2 equality and_inequality

  1. 1. Equality and InequalityL.Os:1. To analyse and consider whatthe term ‘equality’ means2. To be able to give examples ofequality and inequality andreasons for itKey Skills:•Collaboration•Summarising•Literacy•Reflective•Oracy
  2. 2. •What is the link between the above pictures?•Discuss for 2 minutes
  3. 3. How would you explain it?• Explain what you think theterm ‘equality means’• Define it and refer to examplesin your explanation.Example:• I would define the wordequality as……• Examples of equality are……
  4. 4. Love __________• What word do youthink is on thisposter?• Give a reason foryour choice.• I think the missingword is…….. Myreason for thinkingthis is………?
  5. 5. Do we have equality in the worldtoday?• In the UK?• Around the world?•What are the similarities anddifferences shown in these two clips?•What do you think the terms Relativepoverty and Absolute poverty meanbased on what you seen?Relative povertyAbsolute poverty
  6. 6. What would a world with equalitylook like?• Make a list of how aworld would look ifEQUALITY existed.• Do you think this isever possible?• What are the barriers toequality?There would be nowar.
  7. 7. Religious teachings: Equality andInequality• Using your information on each religion you are in pairsgoing to create a piece of display work.• You have 10 minutes ONLY with your information packs.• Using the information you will then create a magazine articleabout Religion and Equality today.• You have 25 minutes to create your magazine article.
  8. 8. Example model for magazinearticle…Equality? – The religious view……Christians?Muslims ?Buddhists?Different religiousviews….Pictures – used in arelevant way….Title – Think of yourown…
  9. 9. Success Criteria for magazine article!You must include information on all 3religionsYou must ensure you refer to modern dayexamples (use your news reports for this)You need to show understanding of WHYeach religion believes equality is important.You need to use key vocabulary – useyour key word boxes to help you.
  10. 10. GCSE Question – Section C‘Everyone should be treated equally’Give 2 reasons why a religious believer would agree ordisagree with this statement (4 marks)• __________________________________________________________________________________________• __________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. 11. Peer assessment – Swap and markMarks Grade Descriptor1 G One simple point of view2 C Either one well explained point ofview or two simple points of view3 B One well explained point of viewand one simple point of view4 A* Two well explained points of view,incorporating religious teachings
  12. 12. Questions and answers……• Everyone write one questionthat think I could ask you aboutwhat you have learnt todayExample: What is meant by theterm equality?• Now, who thinks they can actas teacher and try and answerthese questions withoutmissing any out?