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  • Hello, I’m ….from the New York Hall of Science and we are going to give an overview of our Learning Lab so far… I would like to add a sub-generation to the Learning Labs family tree, Cohort 1.5, that would be us. We took over the grant in July due to staffing issues and have been running at full steam ever since. I feel good about our situation and that we are on track. Our Team consists of me, (change slide)
  • Anthony Negron (Title), our explainer residents Brandon and Janelle (whatever you want to say about explainer residents and each of them), Ray Ferrer and (I come up to the Mic). Me and David Wells Manager of Creative Making & Learning.
  • We are officially, as it was said yesterday by the MFA in Houston partnering with ourselves. But we have had support from these organizations that are part of our adult advisory board. Everything from recruiting teens to offering activities centered around digital making. Chris Lawrence from the Hive NYC has been especially helpful with general advisement.And our vision is... 3 accomplishments or better known to us as…(advance slide)
  • Since we were new to this grant we had to contact our Adult Advisors and make sure they were still on board, it had been months since they had heard from NYSCI. We had some of the advisors written into the grant and others we had to seek out.
  • Next we had to establish our teen advisors, because we found it terribly difficult to make decisions about things we didn’t know about. This was a challenge because we don’t typically work with teens and were not sure where to get them. We thought it was important to discuss the team aspect of this work and inspire a network of collaboration. We used the example of the Avengers to showcase collaboration by use of strength. And how important the process of Peer Collaboration & Support.
  • And third is…Setting a timeline and basically getting the teens into our space.At our last meet up I told our teens that I would be coming to DC this week to tell everyone else in the country what we have been doing. I asked them what they thought our accomplishments (MEANING NYSCI) were so far… And this is what we got.
  • Bean Bags was a grand accomplishment… I agree.
  • 0)Trying to interpret the grant and what the priorities were as well as looking forward to develop a time line.1)We don’t usualy work with teens so, WHERE DO WE FIND THEM?!?2)How can we keep doing this cool stuff?
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