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  • Supported in part by a grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and Institute of Museum and Library Services. Through it’s furnishings , technology, and onsite personnel Hi Tech at Savage is uniquely positioned to enable teens to do any one or all three of the learning phases.
  • HiTech has 5 major focus areas that are key components to its success. They are Digital Media, Games, Digital Music & Multimedia, Mobile Books, and International Exchange.
  • In January, Howard County Library System introduced HiTech. HiTech is a unique Media Rich Learning Lab for middle and high school students at the Savage Branch.
  • HiTech is the new place to hang out. There will be international mixers in June (interest based) Throughout the summer on Thursdays, HiTech will be open from 2 to 7
  • In January, Howard County Library System introduced HiTech. HiTech is a unique Media Rich Learning Lab for middle and high school students at the Savage Branch.
  • Howard County Public Library

    1. 1. Learning Labs Grantee ConveningCohort 1 UpdatesFebruary 12 - 13, 2013Washington, D.C.
    2. 2. Our VisionHiTech is Howard County Library System’s (HCLS) new digital media lab forteens centering on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).Envisioned as a launching point for the STEM career pipeline, HiTech isfocused on producing the next generation of scientists, mathematicians,and engineers needed to fill highly skilled jobs in the community andregionFounded on innovative teaching methods which demonstrate that teenslearn most effectively through hands-on projects and peer-to-peercommunications, HiTech enables teens to explore new digital mediatechnologies and core computer science principles in an enjoyable, self-paced fashion.
    3. 3. Project InformationProject Partners: Mindgrub (innovative technology firm) & ILI Learning(evaluation)Project Supporters: University of Maryland – Clark School of EngineeringCommunity Partners: – Howard County Public School – Voices for Change – Columbia Association – Sister Cities Program – Friends of Howard County Library Physical space location (next slide)
    4. 4. Dedicated Teen Space Genesis Platform You Are Here Audio/MMedia Messing Around/Geeking Out Booth (loc1) Game logic & design Seasonal Outdoor Messing Classroom Around/ Geeking Out Hanging Out Music & Video Video & Production ComputerConference & GamesGeeking OutPre-Registered Ind. GameTechnology DesignClasses Study Rooms For All CustomersTBD/PossibleConference Area Vending Café For all Customers STEM Lab Computer Booths
    5. 5. HiTech Site Components-2012
    6. 6. Making Progress HiTech is partially funded by a grant from IMLS and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.
    7. 7. 3 Major AccomplishmentsYouth engagement during planning • 1,500 visits in less than 60 days • 560+ unique teens • Response from teens • Adults (end of specials)Evaluation plans • Youth Forums (focus group/surveys) • Measures (everything) –causal database • Apply what we learnOther • Products - Future releases (projected 8-10 products) • Staffing – Instructors/mentors …..the team! • Contagious Culture – Passion • Quality of Content! • WE MAKE MISTAKES!
    8. 8. Choose Civility
    9. 9. (android,iPad, iPhone) DOWNLOAD TODAY!Released 1/27/2013Over 3,700 downloadsUS IndonesiaUK RussiaAustralia, New ZealandCanada FranceIreland, ChinaEgypt, RussiaTurkey MexicoItaly Saudi Arabia
    10. 10. Lessons Learned– What has been the most exciting aspect? • Team composition • Products • Youth participation and interest • Parental and Community Support (GT Teachers)– What has been the most challenging aspect? • Getting “hanging out” group to migrate to “geeking out” • Creating new partnerships with larger institutions (nationally focused) • Finding the women to teach in the space • Rate of Change/individual expectations/culture “process” • Getting and keeping girls involved. – (Specials) 45 % female, 55 %male – (Daily) 20% female; 80% male– What do you wish you knew at the beginning? • How quick change would occur in the first 9 -12 months– What is your advice for Cohort 2? • Anticipate an increase in staffing • Listen to the youth and respond • Break the mold!
    11. 11. The Next 6 Monthsa) Sustainability - acquire additional fundingb) Creative scheduling – curriculum in other branchesc) Getting more youth involved and creating productsd) Badging – Trying to figure it oute) Expo – June 8th Ellicott Cityf) Finding the right partnerships.g) Figuring out penguins evolve successfully!
    12. 12. American Libraries Association
    13. 13. HiTech Focus 2013 - 2019