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Middle colonies photo tour


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Middle colonies photo tour

  2. 2. New Amsterdam a.k.a.New York City, New York What is wrong with this picture of New York City?
  3. 3.  NYC has a lotof famous bridgeshere are a fewPictures of them.
  4. 4. NYC marathon
  5. 5. New York City, New York
  6. 6. Central Park
  7. 7. Central Park, New York City Why does Central Park look out of place? Is Central Park similar to anything in Chicago?
  8. 8. Statue of Liberty in NewYork City
  9. 9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  10. 10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  11. 11. Philly Culture City of Brotherly Love In the next slide pick out some things you want to learn more about that represent Philadelphia, PA
  12. 12. Sports in the MiddleColonies… PHILADELPHIA, PA Find out the history of the team names and logo, they have a lot of historical significance.  Especially, 76ers, Union & Phillies
  13. 13. The real “Jersey Shore”Seaside, Heights