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Day of the dead


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Day of the dead

  1. 1. ¿What is “El Dia de los Muertos” • Day of the Dead - A day where people of México and central America celebrate and remember their relatives who have passed.• Each year the Day of the Dead is celebrated from October 31 to November 2.
  2. 2. Poem What is Death?What is death? It is the glass of life broken into a thousand pieces, where the soul disperses like perfume from a flask, into the silence of the eternal night. Unknown Author Source: Poem found in Michoacan, MX
  3. 3. Poem A Song For Mother I sing, I sing, for it hurts to cry And the “why?” rings in my mind; with my hands I recreate beauty and that is why I sing and sing so much… …so much like a sorrowful night that amid nature’s aroma the moaning of music is purity that sprouts out of the words of my song.I am seduced be the sensation, so beautiful of reliving the brief journey that is a star’s cry. It is my reminiscent Love letter; I know that my song reaches her Because I lay my soul in her memory. Julie Sopetran Source: Poem found in Oaxaca, MX
  4. 4.  La ofrenda Las calaveras Las velasLas flores Cempasuchil - orange Comida Nube – white pan de muerto Mano de león – pink & red tamales atole de leche mole
  5. 5. La ofrendaOfrenda - An offeringthat the families giveto their ancientancestors on el Día delos Muertos.An ofrenda could bealtars withpictures, candles, spices, and foods.
  6. 6. Una ofrenda
  7. 7. Las calaveras
  8. 8. Las calaveras As a sign of life??
  9. 9. Las calaverasCalaveras - Sugar skulls made tocelebrate the Day of the Dead. Eachchild makes one with their name onit.Three calaveras represent the trinity.
  10. 10. Las velas
  11. 11. candles are lit to guide the souls to their altars
  12. 12. el tapete
  13. 13. Las floresCempasuchil – marigold-like flower. Bright colorattracts the spirits back to their home.
  14. 14. Flor de Nube - Flower of the clouds which are placed on altars created for children.El mano de león
  15. 15. DiegoRivera
  16. 16. La Comida• Pan de Muertos - Loaves of bread shaped like people and are used as an ofrenda.• Mole - A spicy sauce spread on chicken that is part of Mexican cooking.• Tamales - A mixture of cornmeal, meat, spice, and chicken wrapped around corn husks. These are also used as part of an ofrenda.• Atole - a Mexican drink made out of corn flour dissolved in water or milk.