Secondary Science CPD Booklet 30 September 2011


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Secondary Science CPD Booklet 30 September 2011

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Secondary Science CPD Booklet 30 September 2011

  1. 1. ESF SECONDARY SCIENCE CPD DAY 30 SEPTEMBER 2011 South Island School “Improving the Learning Environment inside and outside the classroom”
  2. 2. Sept 2011 2 Introduction The Science CPD day will this September be held at South Island School. The event has been divided into a number of different sessions. The day will begin and end with presentations by Ed Walsh, our Key note speaker. These sessions will be attended by all staff. After the first morning session, three optional sessions will begin. Teachers have a choice of picking one option within each session. Please see the schedule and presenters section below. To avoid over-subscription to a number of choices, please liaise with others in your Department to ensure good coverage amongst all presentations. Laptops Support will be provided for the use of laptops and connection to the SIS wireless during the day. Vestibulum condimentum velit sit amet leo. Aliquam vulputate lacinia eros. Vestibulum nonummy. Duis velit. Proin justo. Donec nunc sapien, pellentesque sed, posuere nec, pellentesque sed, ligula. Etiam non ante.
  3. 3. Sept 2011 3 Schedule Time Venue Details 8:00 -8:30 Atrium Morning Coffee, Breakfast and Registration 8:30-10:00 Atrium Introduction Keynote Speaker Ed Walsh “Using Bad Science to improve Science Education” 10:00-10:15 Atrium Morning Coffee 10:20-11:20 Various Session 1 – Optional sessions for sign up 11:30-12:30 Various Session 2 – Optional sessions for sign up 12:30-1:10 Atrium Lunch 1:10-2:15 Various Session 3 - Optional sessions for sign up 2:15-2:3- Atrium Afternoon Coffee 2:30-3:30 Atrium Ed Walsh – “Improving Scientific Literacy”
  4. 4. Sept 2011 4
  5. 5. Sept 2011 5 Presenters Keynote Speaker Ed Walsh Ed Walsh, Science Advisor for Cornwall Learning, has taken eight of the case studies from the book “Bad Science” by Ben Goldacre and turned them into lessons aimed at GCSE level students. The lessons are designed to engage and excite students and encourage them to think for themselves that Bad Science is good for school science. Ed will also presenting his recent work on the use of PSPs in Science Education and also his work on Scientific Literacy. He will also be taking time to present “Primary Bad Science” to visiting primary teachers Optional Sessions Vernier Vernier will be providing CPD to all subject disciplines. They will run three sessions, each aimed at Biologists, Chemists and Physicists. The focus of the presentation will be the use of groups. HKUST Three eminent speakers from HKUST will be presenting a link between Science and Science in Society.
  6. 6. Sept 2011 6 Prof.Henry Lam The Human Proteome Project Prof. Andrew Horner Synthesis of Musical Instruments Prof DekaiWu :How Google Translate came from HKUST Ocean Park Ocean Park will present their current program for Physics – “The Physics of Rides” and details of their current Biological Breeding Programs which have been running in schools for a number of years. ASE UDP8 The ASE UPD8 site is a well respected globally used site for providing inquiry based Science resources for all student levels. It has a particular focus on links to authentic Science in society. The presentation will canvass their new units of enquiry for Physics Chemistry and Biology. HK Reptile and amphibian society The society has a number of years of experience presenting reptiles and amphibians in schools. They will canvass their standard presentation aimed at years 7-9 Biologists. Living Island Organisation The Living Island Organisation is a group that has been set up to protect the environment of the outlying islands of Hong Kong. They will present their resent study of the Environmental HK Observatory Members of the HK Observatory will present their current work in the monitoring of Global Warming and Ozone Depletion. This will have a focus on Chemistry and Physics. Eco-fieldtrips
  7. 7. Sept 2011 7 Ecofieldtrips is a Singapore-based company that run fun and educational field programs in settings around Southeast Asia. The presentation will include a more detailed introduction to the company and its highly qualified and experienced staff. Also covered will be information on the different types of trips that are run for different age groups and the many destinations available. The Ecofieldtrips representatives will walk through how a program is generally run as well as the many measures taken to ensure the safety of every teacher and student. Applicable to Biology and ESS.
  8. 8. Sept 2011 8 Forensic Science An entertaining and informative presentation on practical elements of Forensic Science. This presentation is relevant to both Chemistry and Science in years 7- 9. Reverse Teaching in Science - Paul Drew and Neil Hodgson A workshop designed to explore how video technology can be used to enhance learning. Instead of delivering content in class and then asking students to attempt questions at home, we aim to do the opposite - deliver content by video for homework freeing up class time for question practice. We will be sharing our work with participants and also giving you a chance to develop your own materials. Please bring a laptop. Applicable to all levels and subjects. Discovery Dome Discovery dome is a mobile planetarium that visits schools and clubs in and around Hong Kong. Two Movies will be shown: Oasis In Space transports the audience on a startling and beautiful voyage through our universe and Earths Wild Ride which shows the history of our earth.Applicable to all levels. The use of Google and other ICT tools to promote Science Education – Jonathan Horner and Mark Ferguson A presentation demonstrating actual use of the Google Suite in classrooms and as an administration / time saving tool.The presentation will also focus on various other ICT tools to enhance teaching and learning.