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Spelling 3 vocab & def


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Spelling 3 vocab & def

  1. 1. Lesson 3 Words with variant vowels and diphthong
  2. 2. Vocabulary 1. Counter 2. Fraud 3. Oyster 4. Appoint 5. Drawn 6. Awning 7. Laundry 8. Feud 9. Shawl 10.Jewel 11.Royalty 12.Powder 13.Annoying 14.Cashew 15.Scoop 16.Bamboo 17.Browse 18.Ointment 19.Rooster 20.Rescue
  3. 3. Definitions 1. counter: a table or flat surface 2. Fraud: an illegal act of deception; a pretender or poser 3. Oyster: edible mollusks which can produce pearls 4. Appoint: to select for a position or role 5. Drawn: to have made lines using a writing implement 6. Awning: a covering for a porch, patio, or deck 7. Laundry: clothes in need of washing, or just washed 8. Feud: a long, serious dispute or quarrel 9. Shawl: fabric worn over the shoulders or head 10. Jewel: a precious or semiprecious stone
  4. 4. 11. royalty: the ruling noble family 12. powder: dry material made up of very small particles 13. annoying: bothersome; irritating 14. cashew: a nut with a curved shape 15. scoop: a utensil with a long handle and deep bowl 16. bamboo: a woody grass grown in tropical climates 17. browse: to look through or over something casually 18. ointment: a greasy preparation for the skin 19. rooster: a male chicken that crows 20. rescue: to save or free from danger or risk