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Lesson 10 vocab & definitions review


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Lesson 10 vocab & definitions review

  1. 1. 1. Bundle 2. Vehicle 3. Struggle 4. Hurtle 5. Triple 6. Hurricane 7. Golden 8. Journey 9. Hospital 10.Excellent 11.Message 12.Arrange 13.Whisper 14.Terrific 15.Expression 16.Conclude 17.Merchandise 18.Technique 19.Accomplish 20.Orchestra
  2. 2. 1.stretch: to pull or extend, to enlarge or make taut 2.Cactus: spiny plant found in dry regions 3.Measure: to find the size of something 4.Reason: to argue by appealing to someone's intellect 5.Coach: a guide or sports team leader 6.Kneeling: getting down on one or both knees 7.Twice: occurring two times
  3. 3. 8. Rayon: a smooth, artificial fabric used for clothes 9. Appoint: to select for a position or role 10. Scoop: a utensil with a long handle and deep bowl 11. Drawn: to have made lines using a writing implement 12. Feud: a long, serious dispute or quarrel 13. Jewel: a precious or semiprecious stone 14. Fraud: an illegal act of deception; a pretender or poser 15. Royalty: the ruling noble family