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  1. 1. By Maddi Fisher.
  2. 2. What is basketball.  Basketball is a sport. There are five players on each team and both team tries to get the basketball in each others nets. You play this game with a ball. Basketball is most popular in the USA. There are professional teams, college teams, high school and middle school teams. The main point is to get the ball into the opposite teams hoop by dribbling and shooting the ball.
  3. 3. The Court.  The free throw line is always 15 ft from the line to the backboard The distance from the ground to the rim is 10 ft. The 3 point arc in the NBA is 22ft to the centre of the rim on the sides ( the arc starts 5 ft 3 in from the baseline, being a straight line until that point) then the curved part of the arc is 23ft. 9 in. from the centre of the rim. The 3 point arc in college and high school is 19 ft 9 in. (The straight part extends 63 in out from the baseline before the arc begins). The key is 12 feet wide (the width of the free throw line) the backboard should extend 4 feet out over the baseline. The 12 ft wide free throw line forms the centre of a circle with a 6 ft radius. The backboard is 72 inches wide by 42 inches high and has an 18 inch diameter rim. The inner square is marked above the rim in a rectangle of 24 inches wide and 18 inches high.
  4. 4. Teams in the NBA  Boston Celtics. Portland Trail Blazers Dallas Mavericks. Indiana Pacers. Brooklyn Nets. Oklahoma City Thunder Houston Rockets. Milwaukee Bucks. New York Knicks. Utah Jazz. Memphis Grizzlies. Atlanta Hawks. Philadelphia 76ers. Golden State Warriors. New Orleans Hornets. Charlotte Bobcats. Toronto Raptors. Los Angeles Clippers. San Antonio Spurs. Miami Heat. Chicago Bulls. Los Angeles Lakers. Denver Nuggets. Orlando Magic. Cleveland Cavaliers. Phoenix Suns. Minnesota Timberwolves. Washington Wizards. Detroit Pistons. Sacramento Kings.
  5. 5. Players in Crocodiles.Chris Cedar.  Point Guard. 3Ben Allen. Centre 5Mitch Norton Point guard. 6Gary Ervin. Point Guard 9Russell Hinder. Point Forward/Centre. 10Todd Blanchfield. Shooting Guard. 12Peter Crawford. Shooting Guard. 17Brendan Teys. 20Michael Cedar. Small Forward/ SG 24Jacob Holmes. Forward. 31Luke Nevill Centre 50
  6. 6. Rules.  Basketball is a team sport. Two teams of five players each try to score by shooting a ball through a hoop raised 10 feet above the ground. The game is played on a rectangular Timber floor called the court, and there is a hoop at both ends. The court is divided into two main sections by the mid-court line. If the opposite team puts the ball into play behind the mid-court line, it has ten seconds to get the ball over the mid-court line. If it doesnt, then the defence gets the ball. Once the other team gets the ball over the mid-court line, it can no longer have possession of the ball in the area in back of the line. If it does, the defence is awarded the ball.
  7. 7. Players in 36ers Adam Gibson 1Stephen Weigh 3Jason Cadee 4Luke Schenscher 10Anthony Petrie 14Pero Vasiljevic 18Daniel Johnson 21Mitchell Creek 23Nathan Crosswell 23
  8. 8. 36ers uniforms.  The shirts main colour is blue with a red outline. The name of their team on the front. Their last name on the back of it and their name. The pants are blue with a line of red down both sides and a red strip across the top of the pants.
  9. 9. About the hoop.  A basketball hoop is a round object that has a net coming from it. The net gets smaller as it gets to the end. The hoop is coming from a backboard. The backboard is made from a steel frame and a thick piece of plastic. All of this is held up by a metal pole.
  10. 10. How to score.  To score you aim and throw the ball into the hoop. Depends on where your standing. If you’re standing on the circled line its 3 points. The straight line before the circled is only 1. One point when the umpire stops the game and gets the person that got fouled to stand on the line to shoot. In the circled line it’s two points.
  11. 11. Melbourne Tigers.  The Melbourne Tigers have a yellow shirt with a black and red strip down the sides, their team name and number on the front and their number and last name on the back. The pants are yellow with a big black strip and a small red strip on ever side.
  12. 12. History of basketball.  The first official game is played on 11 March 1892. With a crowd of 200 people, the game was played between teachers and students of the YMCA in Springfield. The students won 5-1 and only 1 teacher scored on the teacher team. Even though basketball has already been played around the world. It amazing success in the USA. In 1898 the first professional league was created in the USA, gathering six teams in a competition which was to last six years.
  13. 13. Referees  Although the job of the official may not worry the audiences or players, but the referee controls the game. The referee is the person who throws the ball up for the centre jump at the start of the game and each overtime period. In between, the referee is responsible for the notification of each team three minutes before each half is to begin and deciding matters of disagreement among the officials. The referee has the power to make decisions on any points not specifically covered in the rules and even to forfeit the game if needed.
  14. 14. Taipans uniforms.  The shirt is orange with a blue outline. They only have their number on the back of the shirts and team name on the front. The pants are orange with 2 blue line down the side.
  15. 15. Stadiums  Atlanta Hawks Philips Arena Atlanta, GA 1999 Brooklyn Nets Barclays Centre Brooklyn, NY 2012 Charlotte Bobcats Time Warner Cable Arena Charlotte, NC 2005 Chicago Bulls United Centre Chicago, IL 1994 Toronto Raptors Air Canada Centre Toronto, ON, Canada 1999 Miami Heat American Airlines Arena Miami, FL 1998 Los Ángeles Lakers Staples Center Los Ángeles, CA 1999
  16. 16. Players in KingsLance Hurdle Guard. 1Tyson Demos Shooting Guard 2Adris Deleon Guard. 3Ocsar Forman Forward. 7Daniel Jackson Forward 9Larry Davidson Forward/ Centre. 10Glen Saville Forward Guard. 12Rhys Martin. 13Timothy Coenraad. Forward/Guard 22David Gruber Forward 42Zac Delaney Guard 55Auryn MacMillan Forward/Centre 79
  17. 17. Sydney Kings.  The Sydney Kings wear a purple shirt with a yellow and white strip. With their team name and their number. On the back it has their name and number. The pants are also purple with also white and yellow strips.
  18. 18. Where did the teams from the NBL come from?  The 36ers came from Adelaide. The Taipans came form Cairns. The Tigers came from Melbourne. The Breakers came from New Zealand. The Wildcats came from Perth. The Kings came from Sydney. The Crocodiles came from Townsville. The Hawks came from Wollongong.
  19. 19. Tallest players in the Nba.  The tallest player in the Nba is Yao Ming. Yao Ming was born on the 12th of September, 1980 (age 32). He is 2.29m and he weights 141kg. Yao Ming is a retired Chinese professional basketball player. He last played for the Houston Rockets of the national Basketball Association. At the time of his final season, he was the tallest active player in the NBA, at 2.29m.
  20. 20. Coachs. The coach of the 36ers is Marty Clarke.The Breakers coach is Andrej Lemanis.The Crocodiles coach is Paul Woolpert.The Hawks Coach is Gordie McLeod.Shane Heal is the Coach of the Sydney Kings.Aaron Fearne is the Taipans coach.The Wildcats coach is Rob Beveridge.
  21. 21. Players in Breaker.Daryl Corletto  GuardCedric Jackson Point Guard 4Will Hudson Forward/ Centre. 5Reuben Te Rangi Forward 7Corey Webster Guard. 9Thomas Abercrombie Swingman. 10 Vukona SmallForward/PowerForward 14MikaMorgan Natanahira Forward 15Joshua Bloxham Point Guard 21CJ Bruton Point Guard 23Dillon Boucher Forward 24Leon Henry Swingman 33Alex Pledger Centre. 35
  22. 22. Breakers.  The breakers uniform have blue in the centre of their shirts with a yellow strip and a black strip on either sides. The pants have the same as the shirt the blue yellow and black. The front of the shirt has their number in the top right corner and the team on the chest and the back has their number and either their first or last name.
  23. 23. Captions.  There is no important job of the team captain except to lead the team, especially in tense situations... When the team is down by a few points in the fourth quarter, they dont stress out or yell. They encourage their teammates and doesn’t be rude. The team captain is the guy that sets the tone for everyone else. For instance, if the team has been on a losing streak, the team captain will stand up and support the team to do better. The team captain may also lay down the law by giving rules for what the team can and cannot do.
  24. 24. Wildcats.  The wildcats uniform is red with a white and black strips down the shirt and continuing down the pants. On the front of the shirt it has the team and their number. And the back has the number. The wildcats colours are mainly red and white and black.
  25. 25. Logos.  Each team has a logo so when people see it, it automatally makes you think of that team.The Sydney King has the Opera House and a crown and a basketball.The 36ers has just a basketball.The crocodile has a crocodile as their logo.The wildcats is a wildcat in a star.
  26. 26. Bibliography  all_court basketball-rules-officials--their-duties