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  1. 1. By JuliaNorthey
  2. 2. There are many different rules innetball.Some of these include:  Obstruction: where you fall on/push someone.  Stepping: where you step both feet forward while holding the ball.  Drag: where you drag you foot, while holding the ball.  Held ball: where you hold the ball for more than three seconds.
  3. 3. Some rules don’t have names, but you stillcan get a penalty for doing them. Forexample:If a ball is thrown in the air by you, youcan’t catch it unless it has hit theground, the ring or another player. Somerules are just common sense,like passing to people in your team, not theopposing team, trying to get the ball intoyour ring, not the opposing’s teamsring, and trying not to hit anyone, being ifthey are playing, umpiring or watching.
  4. 4. There are seven main positions in one team. All together there are fourteen players on the court at one time. C (centre) start in the middle and serve the ball to the other players in their team. They can go everywhere in the field, except the goal circle. There are eight people (out of fourteen) that are aloud in the goal circle. GS (goal shooter) and GK (goal keeper) can only stay in the end third of the court.
  5. 5.  GA (goal attack) and GD (goal defense) can go in the GA’s goal third and the center third. They can also go into the goal circle. GA and GS can shoot, and GD and GK defend. WD (wing defense) and WA ( wing attack) can go into the center third and the WA’s goal third, but may not entre the goal circle. The teams pass the ball up and down the field, attempting to shoot a goal.
  6. 6. Scoring in netball is very simple. One goalequals one point. There are differentstrategies in shooting. Some players mayrather short distances, or some may ratherlonger distances. Shots may not be countedif there was a call back earlier on or if theshooter is out of the circle.
  7. 7. The red center has the ball so the bluecentre stands back so it can help defendso the ball doesn’t get passed to the redwing attack and goal attack. If the ballgets passed the blue centre, it could getto the goal shooter or goal attack whenthey get to the goal circle. The goalkeeper and the goal defense have todefend the goal.
  8. 8. Netball training is important because itgives the players time to practice andspeak about their strategies. Differentareas such as shooting, running, teamwork and defending are all discussed andpracticed. Players usually have specificroles to play, so they will train on theseparts more than others, such as GA & GS,GK & GD, C,WA & WD.
  9. 9. One umpire will work in the red sideThere are usually two umpires on onecourt at a time. One will be in the 1stthird, and one will be in the 3rd. They willumpire in these thirds, and they eachumpire half of the center third . Umpireshave whistles that they blow whensomeone has stepped, held the ball,obstructed or shot a goal. And the other in the blue side
  10. 10. One mascot that is very well known is‘Diamond Girl’. Diamond Girl dances herway around the country attending testmatches and big games. She has a longblonde ponytail and is dress in green andgold. At the first she went to she wasteaching everyone part of her ‘diamonddance’.
  11. 11. In 1891, James Naismith went toSpringfield U.S.A. He had created men’sbasketball and he wanted to make awoman’s version. He removed thebackboard to make it easier for thewoman to shoot goals though the hoopwith a soccer ball sized ball. In the1970’s they decided to change the namefrom woman’s basketball to ‘netball’.
  12. 12. Different netball teams or groups canhave different sponsors. These sponsorshelp the netball teams by donatingmoney, prizes or clothes. Getting asponsor is very simple. The teams willsimply ask someone to be their sponsor.They are most likely to say yes. If theteams win tournaments they willadvertise their sponsor or sponsors.
  13. 13. The Swifts are a very popular New SouthWales team. They all wear a short redand blue singlet top dress. The 2012players are; Kimberly Borger, CarlaDziwoki, Moonia Gerrard, KimberleeGreen, Kristy Guthrie, AprilLetton, Samantha May, SoniaMkoloma, Susan Pratley, JoSutton, Vanessa Ware and AmoretteWild.
  14. 14. Liz Ellis is one of the most well knownnames in netball. She has had an 18 yearcareer. In this time she has won 2Commonwealth Gold Medals, 3 WorldChampionships, 4 National League titlesand 4 Most Valuable Player awards. Shehas gained an Australian record of 122Test matches played.
  15. 15. The theory of ‘boys can’t play netball, It’sa girl game’, is false. As girls can playbasketball, boys can play netball and afair few do. There are mostly all girlteams, but there are some mixed boy/girlteams and there are also some all boyteams.
  16. 16. 1) Netballs are usually the size of soccerballs, but they can be bigger or smaller. Asoccer ball sized netball is a size five.2) If someone has ear rings in or nailslonger than their fingers, they cannotplay. They must take them out/cut them.Otherwise, they could scratchsomeone, lose their ear rings or cut theirears with the ear rings, if they aresleepers.
  17. 17. 3) The netball court is just like abasketball court without some of thelines. All the lines on the netball courtare one colour. Usually white or blue.4) Though the game is callednetball, there is actually no net. There isjust a ring, unless the players are on abasketball court.
  18. 18. I like netball because it is a competitivegame. Yet it is still friendly. Some peopleare more rough than others, being thatthey may obstruct more or less. I myselfcan be rough if I need to, but I rarelyneed to be, as most people I face arefriendly. Most of my time playing netballhas been in the goal third, being a GS orGK. I have also spent some time being aGA, GD or WD.
  19. 19. When I was in kindergarten I played ‘funnet’. It was the game little kids played.One of the games was when one of theladies threw a ball at you and you had tocatch it. She threw the ball at my face.Hard. So hard that it knocked out mytooth. I didn’t play in year one because ofthat. I played in year two along withyears three, four, five & six because weplayed real netball and not fun net.
  20. 20. Another funny memory was on my firstgala day in year two. Our team had yearstwo, three & four. One of the teams wefaced was a full year six team. My bestfriend was so short that she was runningthrough the girls’ legs. It was very funnyto watch her.
  21. 21. At home I have four medals and fivetrophies for netball. I have only everplayed netball for St. Josephs before andthere was only ever one team in my agegroup, so coming to McCarthy and playinghere will be a very new experience, and Ican’t wait for the season to start! 
  22. 22. We used to play netball at the fields inWest Tamworth. Now we play at thesports dome. When you get older, (Aboutyear four and up) you can play on theconcrete. When you are just startingnetball, you play on grass incase you fallover.
  23. 23. Most primary school netball teams justwear the school sport uniform. McCarthyhas a specific netball uniform. Famousteams have their own netball uniform.These usually with a short skirt and asinglet top or a short dress. They havespecial team colours on these uniforms.
  24. 24. There are lots of different types ofnetball competitions. There are testmatches, gala days and round robins.There are also just friendly matches.When playing for a school you feel likeit’s a friendly match when it’s actuallynot. School matches are usually roundrobin matches.
  25. 25. Your team, along with everyoneelses, will be put in a draw. You will beassigned a team each week along with acourt number. You can face teams morethan once within the season. Gamesusually go for one hour, but on gala daysthey can be from fifteen to thirtyminutes.
  26. 26.  Thank you too: tab=wi for making this slideshow possible!! 