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Rugby League

  1. 1. Rugby league is one of the most watched sports in Australia it draws big crowdsto every game. It has grown over the years into a fantastic game, Rugby league is a great game for all people big or small so lets kick off tonights game and get into some more info.
  2. 2. Rugby league began in 1895, as the ‘Northern Union’, when clubs in the North ofEngland broke away from the RFU(Rugby Football Union) The clubs wanted tocompensate their working-class players for time absent from work for rugby toursand injuries, Teams were reduced from 15 to 13 players because two forwardswere eliminated from the team.
  3. 3. This is how many people watched the grand final from 2009 to 2012 as you can see theres not to different but as you can probably see 2012 had the most people it had 82,976 people.90,00080,00070,00060,00050,000 Series 140,000 Series 230,000 Series 320,00010,000 0 2009 2010 2011 2012
  4. 4. PositionsThe positions in league are not that hard if you get to know them. There is theFullback, Wings and centres, Five Eight, half back,Second Row forwards and there’sthe front rows and hookers. They all have a very important part to play in the teamwhether it be defending or attacking you stay in the position you are told.
  5. 5. Front Row/HookersSecond rowForwardsHalfback Five Eight Wings and Centres
  6. 6. Since 1980 NSW(New South Wales) and QLD(Queensland) have been atwar with competing for the ultimate prize in rugby league, the State ofOrigin shield and bragging rights for the next year. So far NSW has managedto win 40 matches and 12 series while Queensland leads with 43 matchwins and 13 series wins.
  7. 7. The Queensland league team have represented the Australian state of QLD in rugby leaguefootball since the sports beginnings there in 1908. The Queensland side have won 7 yearsin a row against NSW and this year it’s about to be 8, or will it be NSW’s turn probably not.
  8. 8. The Roosters have been around since 1908, theyhave progressed of the years into a great team.The team has been through its up and downsbut doesnt every team. The new edition to theroosters this year and as a fan I love it we haveSonny Bill Williams a great football player.
  9. 9. Anthony Minichiello is an Australian professional rugby league footballer for the Roosters of the NRL. He wasborn on May 24, 1980 in Italy his brother Mark plays league as well for the Gold Coast Titans. This yearAnthony got the job as the roosters captain which is a huge deal, he is a good role model for young rugbyleague players because if you watch NRL he is a good sports.
  10. 10. The rules are pretty simple the objective in rugby league is to score more pointsthrough tries, goals (also known as conversions) and field goals (also known asdrop goals) than the opposition within the 80 minutes of play. If theres a drawthere will be golden point witch is the first team to try wins.
  11. 11. 2012 premiership winners Melbourne storm won against the Bulldogs to a 14 4 win. Itwas held at ANZ stadium, Sydney it was an amazing game but their had to be awinner, the try scores for storm were Ryan Hoffman, Billy Slater, Justin O’Neill. Thegame ended and bulldogs had to face that theyd lost. This year the premiership is goingto the roosters.
  12. 12. He’s back and pumped up ready for this years games its Sonny Bill Williams. Sonny hasbeen playing rugby union for the last 5 years the reason he has been in the news a lot isbecause he started off playing Rugby League for the bulldogs but one night he left like athief In the night to France to play union. Next Page
  13. 13. When they rang him up he said he is quitting league to play union, thats what all thecontroversy is about. Now that he is back he has said in an interview that “I was youngand stupid back then and I regret what I did and its not going to be like that this timeround”.
  14. 14. To were a jersey means you’re a part of a team who cares if you don’t like it when you put that jersey on as my coach says you listen to him and play as a team. It not onlymeans you have respect for your club if you were it but it means your special because you belong to a team.
  15. 15. The ANZ Stadium (also known as Stadium Australia, formerly known asTelstra Stadium) is a multi-purpose stadium located in the Sydney OlympicPark precinct of Homebush Bay, it has a capacity of 83,500 chairs thatmeans a lot of league fans. ANZ stadium is home team to theEels, NSW, Wallabies, Bulldogs and Rabbits.
  16. 16. Weeks of speculation about the Australian Crime Commissions report intopeptide doping was yesterday replaced with panic as it emerged AustralianSports Anti-Doping Agency officials were circling Cronulla. Of the six NRL clubsnamed in the report all of the fingers have been pointed at the Sharks, what doyou think?
  17. 17. Junior Rugby league is a for 6 to 18 year olds and is a great game. I have been playingrugby league for 6 years and It has been the most fun I’ve ever had, so get your soninvolved in JRL it will be the greatest time of there lives.
  18. 18. In rugby league the penalties are taken seriously more then any other sport. Some penalties arefor tackle above the neck, tackling a man in the air and many more. Lately penalties have beengiven away to easily . Like this video I will show you it was the game between the bulldogs andstorm the penalty should have gone to the storm because of tackling in the air but it went tobulldogs for billy slater accidently kicking old mate in the face.
  19. 19. Its just the start of the footy season and there has been 6 40/20’s made its ridicules but they aregood for the team who kicks it because the team who gets a 40/20 gets to move up to the 40/20metre mark and they get the feed of the scrum.
  20. 20. .Sonny Bill Williams/Roosters .Billy Slater/Storm. Anthony Minichiello/Roosters .Cooper Cronk/Storm.Benji Marshell/Tigers . Darren Lockyer/Retied.Jarred Hayne/Eels .Robbie Farah/Tigers.Paul Gallen/Sharks . Jamie Soward/Dragons.Jonathan Thurston/Cowboys .Ben Barba/BulldogsCameron Smith/Storm . Bret Stewart/Eagles.Greg Inglis/Rabbits .Greg Bird/Titians.Michael Ennis/Bulldogs .Matt Cooper/Dragons.James Tamo/Cowboys .Scott Prince/Titians
  21. 21. Sponsors for rugby league are important because it gets more money for the sponsorand for the NRL. Here are some: Holden, Bigpond, Telstra, Destination NSW, HarveyNorman, VB, Coca-Cola, AAMI , Home Timber and Hardware , HankookTyres, Coles, GIO, nib, Powerade, Mother Energy Drinks , The Sydney Olympic Park andSteeden.
  22. 22. Darren Lockyer is one of the most greatest rugby league players around. He first started off playing forthe broncos in 1995 and he struck everyone with his amazement, then in 1998 he got chosen to playfor the mighty Queensland and did till 2011. Darren played as five-eight and fullback, in 2004 DarrenLockyer thought it was going to be a normal game but it ended up the opposite he got a blow to theneck which split a bone in his throat. Darren retired in 2011 but when he retired he took somethingwith him his great sportsmanship that’s why any young league player should look up to DarrenLockyer.
  23. 23. The flick pass is the original pass that Benji Marshall came up with he used it when ever needed.Junior players often try one here or there but can never get it even I’ve tried it end I got to run 3footy fields. It seems the only one who can manage to get it is Benji Marshall other players eventry it but do not succeed so my teaching to you future rugby league players don’t try it.
  24. 24. I am called the ‘Plane’When I play rugby league I play with pure sportsmanship but this one game last year it was myfirst Saturday game and I got tackled around the legs and it wasn’t held so I got up and ran nearlythe whole length of the field and scored. I was so proud I did what Jarred Hayne does the planeand ever since that day I have been doing it, my coach says when I play before a game ‘lets hopethe plane is clear for take off’ and I love when he says that.
  25. 25. Bibliography