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Roller Derby

  1. 1. Originally Roller Derby was a marathon speed race on a banked oval track. As they gained popularity the speed and long distanced were replaced and teams were created, a point system was put in and certain physical contact was allowed. In the 1970’s Roller derby sky rocketed as an extremely entertaining sport for women as an opportunity to show off their skills racing round a track knocking over the opposing team along the way. It was incredibly popular back then with them playing in front of sold out stadiums. Roller Derby not being as popular now has enjoyed a fair few over the past years. The most recent revival was in early 2000.
  2. 2. Whilst Roller Derby is a full on contactable sport there are lots of specified rules for where you are able to strike whilst on the track. Also which body parts the players are able to use as defence on the track. These include: no elbowing, no tripping over and no back blocking (hitting the opposition in the back), no cutting the track (cutting the track or pulling out in front of another player) and no fighting with the other players. A referee will call in a penalty when someone breaks any of the rules above. When a penalty is called the rule-breaker is sent to the penalty box and depending on what they did decides on how long they stay in the box for. And in doing that their team is down one player.
  3. 3. Each game of Roller Derby that is played is made up of two thirty minute halves. And they are made up of two periods called ‘Jams’. The blockers skate in a clockwise direction acting as a wall. They try to stay close together so they do not let the opposing team’s jammer skate through the pack by using the parts of the body that they are allowed to use to slow the jammer down. On the first lap none of the jammers score points but the first jammer to pass through is awarded the lead jammer. On the second lap the jammer scores points for each blocker they pass. They then have to pas the pack as many times as they possibly can in 2 minutes or until the lead jammer puts her hands on her hips to signal the jam has ended. The team at the end of it all wins the game. GAMEPLAY
  4. 4. The women’s flat tracked derby association is the governing body for all women’s flat track roller derby as a membership organisation for all(WOMENS FLAT TRACKED DERBY ASSOCIATION) of the leagues. The WFTDA created the very first rule book for women’s flat tracked roller derby which today is in it’ fourth edition. The women’s flat tracked derby association host regional and national tournaments, sets safety standards, provides Roller Derby insurance for the players, athletes and the leagues in case something goes wrong and serves as a network venue for flat WFTDA tracked Roller Derby leagues to share equipment and get advice. There at the moment are at least 78 member leagues.
  5. 5. Flat Tracked Roller Derby is a fast paced sport that requires a lot of speed and athleticism to play. The flat tracked version was created in 2001 and now it has more than 400 leagues across the world. This is mainly because flat tracked is a lot easier to set up. It can be played on any flat surface such as skating rinks, basketball courts, parking lots and even airport hangars. This means that the capital that they are playing at don’t need to start up a Roller Derby league and small derby groups have an opportunity to take off with their career. The D.I.Y spirit that drives this sport to what it is today.
  6. 6. The Canberra Roller Derby League is all about action and great value. Whether they are on home ground or away touring, you are guaranteed to see the players strength, speed, CANBERRA DERBY LEAGUEagility and style as they compete in matches onthe flat track. Featuring some great skaters andsome local entertainment make the night one to think about going to.
  7. 7. Brisbane City Roller Derby League is a flat tracked roller derby league that is based on Ipswich. These ladies have fought through the ranks and has become a serious league of athletes. Brisbane City Rollers allows women to train and play this amazing sport. The BCR had its first bout in late 2009 and then it started its bouting season in 2010. They are training hard to become a hard hitting, well trained, strategically ready league. Brisbane City Rollers currently have two all-women teams travelling teams. They are called ‘The Punk Blockers’ and ‘The Nasty Nancies’ as well as three intra-league teams they are known as ‘The Frankies’ and ‘The Uppercuts’. The BCR is very much a skater owned and operated, D.I.Y Roller Derby League. They are committed to building up the sport we know as Roller Derby as they can the opportunity to play this great sport BRISBANE DERBY LEAGUE
  8. 8. Sydney Roller Derby League represents an allinclusive, dynamic, full contact womens team sportstriving for athleticism, empowerment and above all fun. The league is made up of committed, strong people engaged in a D.I.Y approach for this spectacularly fast growing sport. This league of women encourages us to join as well as love this fast growing sport. They hold tryouts for anyone and everyone to join (but you have to be a certain age to join).
  9. 9. A FAMOUS PLAYER!!There are many well known roller derby players in Australia, such as Christine Murray. She is an incredible skater and well known throughout the sport. A lot of well know women have their own nicknames. It takes a lot to earn a nickname you have to be really well known throughout the roller derby league so that when they are introducing the teams they don’t callout a nickname and no one knows who they are talking about Christine Murray and 3 other players on her team.
  10. 10. INCIDENTS
  11. 11. ANN CALVELLOAnn Calvello is an extraordinary roller derby player. She is an American born and bred athlete that lives to roller derby. She was born on the 1st of august 1929. Ann proudly graduated from presentation high school in San Francisco in 1947. From then on she went on to play roller derby and ended up a well-known icon in America. Sadly she died in 2006 from liver cancer but her legacy will live on forever in our hearts.
  12. 12. In roller derby there are many, many teams and that must mean there are heaps more players. But there are certain teams Rose City Rollers that get an offer of a life Brew City Bruisers time and that is to tour Bay Area Derby Girls the world versing the Charm City Roller Girls worlds greatest to see Burning River Roller Girls who is victorious. Some Blue Ridge Roller Girlsof the well know travelling Minnesota Roller Girls teams in the world are: Silicon Valley Roller Girls
  14. 14. Some of the things you would To be really fit. need to play roller derbyWHAT YOU NEED TO QUALIFY To be determinated. are: To be motivated. To have agility. To be 18 years old or older. To have endurance. To be tough. To not be afraid to fall. These are only a few examples of the things To not fear competition. you will need if in the To be able to skate well. future you decide to play this great sport.
  15. 15. Personally my opinion on this whole sport is that its aggressive but fun at the same time. In saying that its probably not for everyone but I love it. During this PowerPoint looking at all the photos that showaggressiveness you were probably thinking that I’m crazyfor liking such an angry sport well I probably am but this WHAT I THINK is why we did this assessment to see what other peoplesopinions were. I don’t think I’ll play this sport when I’m older but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it.