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  1. 1. • Netball is a ball sport played by two teams, each with 7 players. Its development derived, from early versions of basketball. Netball was started in England, in the 1980’s. Netball is most popular in commonwealth nations, within schools.
  2. 2. • In 1988 the court was divided into thirds, the number of players increased from 5 to 9, a smaller ball was used (soccer ball). There were two umpires, two scorers and two time keepers. In those early days the nets were not open at both ends. after each goal was scored, the umpire had the job of retrieving the ball from the top of the post.
  3. 3. • After each goal was scored, the umpire had the job of retrieving the ball from the top of the post. In England 1901 the first set of rules were published and ‘netball’ officially came into existence in that country. The game of netball was known as ‘ladies basketball’
  4. 4. • Starting the game-• The game starts with the first centre pass taken at the umpires whistle. After each goal is scored a new centre pass is alternatively taken by the two centre players irrespective of who scores the goal.• Scoring a goal-• A goal is scored when a GS or GA within the circle throws the ball completely threw the goal ring. The umpires whistle signals that the goal has been scored.
  5. 5. • Team changes and substitutions-• A team may make any number of substitutions at the quarter, half or three quarter time break as well as a stoppage due to injury or illness. If a substitution or team change is made due to injury or illness, the injured or ill player must be involved in the substitution.
  6. 6. • Contact-• A player cannot accidently or deliberately come into contact with another player. For example- pushing, charging, tripping throwing a body against an opponent or using the ball to push or contact the opponent.• Obstruction-• A player with arms extended cannot defend a player with the ball closer than 3 feet. A player may stand closer to an opponent that does not have the ball, as long as there arms arent extended.
  7. 7. • Held ball-• Held ball is called when the ball has been held for more than 3 seconds after receiving the ball.• Over a third-• The ball cannot be thrown over a complete third without being touch by a player.• Off side-• Off side is when the player has moved outside of there designated area.
  8. 8. • Out of court-• If a player has no contact with the ball they may stand or move out of the court, But must make contact with the playing area and have no other contact with anything outside of the court before attempting to touch the ball again.
  9. 9. • One foot landing-• When a player lands on one foot they may step with the other foot, lift the landing foot, but must throw or shoot the ball before grounding this foot.• Two foot landing-• If a player catches the ball and lands on two feet they can use one foot and step in any direction.
  10. 10. • Penalties-• There are five types of penalties in netball 1. free pass 2.penalty pass 3. penalty pass or shot 4. throw in 5. toss up.
  11. 11. • Each team member must wear the same uniform. Girls must wear a full netball suit or a skirt and a top.• Suitable running shoes, sneakers or joggers must be worn.
  12. 12. • Every team member has a position in the game. The positions are GA/ goal attack, GS/ goal shooter, GD/goal defence, GK/ goal keeper, WA/wing attack, WD/ wing defence, C/ centre.
  13. 13. • Each team member has an area in which they must stay in during the game. C can go anywhere except for the shooting circle. GD and GA can go every where except the other teams shooting circle. GS has to stay in there goal third. WA and WD are allowed up to the goal third line.
  14. 14. • Ball Sizes-• For young netball players ranging from age 8-10 ( in other words netta) are to use a size 4 ball.• For ages 10 years old and up is an official size netball size 5 ball.• Posts-• Two posts are positioned at each end of the court. For ages 8-10 the post height must be 2.4 metres or 8 feet.• Ages 10 years and up the netball posts are to be 3.05 metres or 10 feet high.
  15. 15. • The court is made up of thirds. There are lines on every netball court to show these thirds. There are two semi circles at each end of the court. These semi circles are where the shooters shoot.
  16. 16. Name: Natalie Von Bertouch Name: Caitlin BassettNick name: Nat Nick Name: C-BassDOB: 16/12/1982 Dob: 23/5/1988Height: 175cm Height: 192cmPositions: C, WA, WD, Positions: GS,Name: Catherine Cox Name: Erin BellNick name: Coxy Nick name: EzDOB: 24/5/1976 DOB: 30/4/1987Height: 188cm Height: 178cmPositions: GA,GS Positions: GS,GAName: Madison Browne Name: Rebecca BullyNick name: Madi Nick name: BecDOB: 5/1/1988 DOB: 18/8/82Height: 168cm Height: 186cmPositions: WA, C Positions: GD, GK
  17. 17. Name: Kimberlee Green Nick name: Name: Bianca Chatfield Kim, Kimmy, KG, DOB: 2/4/82 DOB: 5/3/1986 Height: 189cm Height: 176cm Positions: GK, GD Positions: WA, CName: Mo’onia Gerrard Name: Renae HallinanNick name: Mon Nick Name: NaeboDOB: 15/11/80 DOB: 18/7/1986Height: 180cm Height: 178cmPositions: GD, WD, Positions: WD, C
  18. 18. Name: Susan Pratley Name: Chelsea Pitman Nick name: Prats Nick name: Chip DOB: 23/3/84 DOB: 8/6/1988 Height: 180cm Height: 181cm Positions: GA, GS Positions: GA,WAName: Chanel Gomes Name: Caitlin ThwaitesDOB:26/7/1991 DOB: 29/12/1986Height:184cm Height: 199cmPositions: GD,GK Positions: GS,GA
  19. 19. • The Australian Diamonds were started in 1934. The first Australian team was selected in 1934 for the national carnival in Brisbane.• Four years later the Diamonds played international netball. Then known as womens basketball, for the first time against New Zealand. They played in Melbourne on the 20th of August 1938.
  20. 20. Name: Carla DzwokiNick name: WokiDOB: 29 of August1982Height: 186cmPositions: GS,GA Name: Paige Hadley Nick name: Paigey DOB: 26/8/1992 Height: 173cm Positions: C,WA,WD
  21. 21. Name: April LettonNick name: Ape, Pril, Prilly Name: Sonia MkolomaDOB: 19 of April 1990 DOB:17th of JanuaryHeight: 185cm Height: 183cmPositions: GD, GK, WD Positions: GD, GKName: Samantha May Name: Susan PratleyNick Name: Mayo Nick name: PratsDOB: 16TH of April DOB: 23rd of MarchHeight: 184cm Height: 180cmPositions: GD, WD Positions: GA, GS
  22. 22. Name: Melissa Tallent Name: Vanessa WareNick name: Mel Nick name: NessDOB: 4th of February DOB: 26th of OctoberHeight: 187cm Height: 171cmPositions: GS, GA Positions: WA, CName: Ashlee weir Name: Amorette WildNick name: Ash Nick name: AimsDOB: 29/4/1988 DOB: 10th of AugustHeight: 176cm Height: 178cmPositions: C, WA, WD Positions: GA, GS
  23. 23. • The NSW Swifts were started in 1997. From 1997-2007 there were three teams playing in the Commonwealth bank trophy ( Former National League). The teams were The Hunter Jaegers, Sydney sandpipers and Sydney Swifts.• When the CBT ( Commonwealth Bank Trophy) ended in 2007 the swifts had already won four premierships.
  24. 24. Gilbert- Netball NSW-The original brand gilbert is Netball NSW supports umpires,derived from William Gilbert, who coaches, schools, net set go,had a boot and shoe maker shop in and state teams.the high street next to Rugbyschool. Netball Australia-Australian Sports Commission- Netball Australia alsoThe sports commission supports all supportssports for e.g umpires, coaches, netNetball, basketball, tennis, rugby set go, net set go schoolect. and Australian teams and squads.
  25. 25. Rules: Equipment: teams:,271,1132,00.html is netball: