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  1. 1. cars on demandA New Digital & Social PlatformFor The Mint Business Traveler
  2. 2. Key Objective & Segment InsightKey ObjectiveMint wants to attract and connect with the business traveler seg-ment offline and online and separate itself from competitors.Key InsightBusiness travelers who are most likely to sign up for car sharingservices in NYC are of a demographic that cares about the envi-ronment and enjoys expressing that ideal. 1
  3. 3. What is Blocking Mints Road to SuccessWithin this Segment?Currently, the Mint brand is attempting to engage several dif-ferent audiences, but is not connecting with the modern busi-ness traveler segment in a way that makes them feel that thebrands values are aligned with their own.And so we came up with... 2
  4. 4. The “Get Green & Go” Creative PlatformMint should be a source for inspirational, entertaining andreward-based programs that speak to the segment of busi-ness travelers who care about the environment.The "Get Green & Go" concept speaks to the nature of thebusiness person as a competitive, driven individual, as wellas Mint’s brand philosophy of on-demand service, fuel effi-ciency and conservation.We can bring the concept to life and connect with the con-sumer through... 3
  5. 5. “Get Green & Go” Social Reward Ideations & TacticsMint can create general enthusiasm for its "Get Green & Go" platform with socialreward promotions:“Nominate a Green Friend”A Facebook promotion where fans nominate their top 5 most Green-centric friends on Fa-cebook and receive a discount on a Mint Business membership.Online Driver: Mint Blog, newsletter, social networks, Facebook ads, business and "Green" blog banners/outreachOffline Driver: Stickers and flyers at popular organic lunch spotsTactical Intent: Increase Facebook likes, memberships“Green Business Tip of the Day Contest”Offer free business memberships to selected followers who re-tweet Mints “Green businesstip of the day” on Twitter.Online Driver: Mint Blog, newsletter, social networks, promoted tweets, business and "Green" blog banners/outreachTactical Intent: Increase Twitter followers, memberships“Fresh & Healthy Deals”Team up with organic restaurants in NYC to offer check-in discounts to Mint business mem-bers who can earn location points and Green-themed badges.Online Driver: Mint Blog, newsletter, social networks, business and "Green" blog banners/outreachOffline Driver: Stickers and flyers at participating locationsTactical Intent: Increase word-of-mouth, memberships 4
  6. 6. “Get Green & Go” Digital Content Ideations & TacticsAs initial awareness and enthusiasm grows, digital content creation helps to sustainengagement:“Fresh Perspectives”A short-documentary video series directed by up-and-coming filmmakers and featuringGreen entrepreneurs discussing their keys to success.Online Driver: Mint Blog, newsletter, social networks, in-video ads, iAds, business/"Green"/film blog banners/outreachOffline Driver: Movie posters created by artists w/ QR codes linking to the "Get Green & Go" YouTube channelTactical Intent: Increase word-of-mouth, brand affinity“Travel Stories”A series of videos each featuring two different types of Green businesses owners discussingpotentially humorous traveling experiences as they drive together around NYC in a Mint car.Online Driver: Mint Blog, Newsletter, Social networks, in-video ads, iAds, business and "Green" blog banners/outreachTactical Intent: Increase word-of-mouth, brand affinity“Get Green and Go Mobile”A Mint mobile app that features instant Mint car reservations and payment services, an easyto use schedule builder, augmented reality function that displays Green-friendly destina-tions and recommendations.Online Driver: Mint Blog, newsletter, social networks, iAdsTactical Intent: Increase word-of-mouth, brand affinity 5
  7. 7. “Get Green & Go” Social/Experiential Ideations & TacticsSocial and experiential initiatives can further engagement and generate emotional connections:“Green For Good”A Facebook application where users can sign up their company for a Mint Business Plan anda portion of their payment goes to a Green charity of their choice if they pledge to do oneGreen task every day for a week.Online Driver: Mint Blog, newsletter, social networks, Facebook Ads, banners on business and "Green" blogsTactical Intent: Increase word-of-mouth, brand loyalty“Green Innovation Talks”Free (for Mint Business members) lecture/networking event in NYC featuring innovative,Green business leaders discussing their philosophies. The event would be streamed onLiveStream where the business community could chat about the event in real time.Online Driver: Mint Blog, newsletter, social networks, banners on LinkedIn, Meetup group creationTactical Intent: Increase word-of-mouth, brand loyalty“Get Green & Go Race”A simple, yet engaging social game housed on Mints Facebook Page where fans can raceeach other in Mint cars on various levels of driving courses, while answering trivia aboutGreen Technology for points. Top scorers are entered to win prize-packs from Mint.Online Driver: Mint Blog, newsletter, social networks, interactive gaming ads on gaming, business and "Green" blogsOffline Driver: Digital billboard game, controlled with the users mobile deviceTactical Intent: Increase word-of-mouth, brand loyalty 6
  8. 8. In closing, the “Get Green & Go” platform, with its engaging digitaland social components, will enable Mint to connect with the rightcustomers, while distinguishing itself from the competition.Thank You.