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This is my WebQuest on stuttering that I created my Sophomore year.

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  1. 1. Introductio n Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits Teacher Page
  2. 2. Introductio n Task Have you ever wondered why people stutter or what it might be like to be a person who stutters? Process How many children stutter and how many adults stutter? Do more males stutter than females or vise Evaluation versa? What problems would you encounter as a Conclusion person who stutters? Would your career choice depend on your communication abilities? By Credits completing this assignment you will be able to find the answer to one or more of these questions. Teacher Page
  3. 3. Introductio n You may work alone or with one other person in the Task class to complete this assignment. You will want to view the following websites to supplement your knowledge of Process stuttering and to find an area of stuttering of interest to you. Evaluation Conclusion Credits National Stuttering Organization Teacher Page University of Minnesota Duluth
  4. 4. Introductio n To complete this assignment you'll need to complete the following steps by yourself or with your partner. Task 1. Use a search engine to type in key words related to the Process topic of stuttering in which you (and your partner) are interested in exploring and writing about for this Evaluation assignment. For example, you may be interested in "stuttering in females,” "emotional aspects of stuttering," or Conclusion "stuttering in different cultures.” 2. You will most likely generate a list of many websites to Credits explore. You will begin to explore these websites to find information to write your paper or you may choose to Teacher narrow your search by adding more specific keywords. Page
  5. 5. Introductio 2. Gather information about your topic from at least three n sources to write your paper. Remember to document these sources (websites) so you can include them on Task your reference page you turn in for a grade. 3. Write your paper about the topic of stuttering in which Process you are interested. Be sure to use APA style and include a title page the body of the paper and a Evaluation reference page. Papers must be 1 1/2 to 2 pages in length, double spaced using 12 point font, and have one Conclusion inch margins. Credits 4. Turn in you paper no later than December 15, 2009 at the end of the class period. Ten points will be deducted for each day your paper is late. Teacher Page
  6. 6. Introductio You (and your partner if you had one) will receive the same n grade for this assignment. Ten points will be deducted for Task each day your paper is turned in late. Your paper will be evaluated using the following criteria: Process Evaluation AREA POINTS POSSIBLE  Content: 60 points Conclusion  Organization (grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.): Credits 20 points  Use of APA style (based on 5th edition of the APA Teacher manual): Page 20 points _____________________________________________________ Total Points 100
  7. 7. Introductio By completing this assignment you have hopefully expanded your n knowledge in at least one area of stuttering. All of your questions Task about stuttering may not have been answered but hopefully you've learned of some sites that can be valuable. Keep in mind that Process researchers and experts in the field of stuttering still do not know all the answers but theories are continually challenged which provides the Evaluation impetus for more research to answer these questions. If you are interested in learning more about Stuttering you may want to explore Conclusion the following websites: Credits We stutter Website of current research being conducted Teacher Website on children and stuttering Page Website that discusses the genetic link to stuttering
  8. 8. Introductio n (2009-2009). Getty's webquest on stuttering. Retrieved from Task Process ttywq/ Evaluation (2008, October 12). Stuttering-a life-altering condition. Retrieved from Conclusion feature=related Credits Teacher (1997-2009). American speech-langage-hearing Page association. Retrieved from htm
  9. 9. Introductio n Standard VII: Maintenance of Certification Task Demonstration of continued professional development is Process mandated for maintenance of the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology. The Evaluation renewal period will be three years. This standard will apply Conclusion to all certificate holders, regardless of the date of initial certification. Credits Teacher II Page