Windows 8 for .NET Developers


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Windows 8 for .NET Developers presentation. Presented at Desert Code Camp, November 5, 2011.

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Windows 8 for .NET Developers

  1. 1. Windows 8 for .NETDevelopersMichael F. Collins, IIIDesert Code CampNovember 2011
  2. 2. .NET 4.5 Announced! Base Class Library improvements .NET for Metro applications  Asynchronous file I/O  Customize reflection behavior on a class  ZIP compression improvements  Managed Extensibility Framework improvements
  3. 3. .NET 4.5 Announced! ASP.NET Improvements  HTML5 Support  WebSockets  AntiXSS  Unobtrusive JavaScript  Better Content Delivery Network support  Asynchronous HTTP requests  Asynchronous modules and handlers ASP.NET MVC 4  Mobile support
  4. 4. .NET 4.5 Announced! Windows Presentation Foundation Improvements  Ribbon control  Synchronous and asynchronous data validation  Improved VirtualizingPanel and Dispatcher  Improved performance for large data set  Access collections on non-UI threads  Data binding  Static properties  Custom types  Better Win32/WPF interop
  5. 5. .NET 4.5 Announced! Windows Communication Foundation Improvements  Contract-first development  Improvements to ASP.NET compatibility mode  Changes to default transport properties  Validation of WCF configuration files by Visual Studio  Asynchronous streaming  WebSockets  HTTPS protocol mapping  Configure services in code  ChannelFactory caching
  6. 6. .NET 4.5 Announced! Workflow Foundation Improvements  State machines  C# expressions  Designer improvements  Versioning enhancements  Contract-first workflow services
  7. 7. Windows 8 Metro style apps Desktop apps HTML / View XAML CSSController JavaScript Model C/C++ C#, VB HTML C C# (Chakra) JS C++ VB WinRT APIs System Services Communication Graphics & Devices & & Data Media Printing Win .NE Application Model IE T 32 SL Core Windows Core OS Services
  8. 8. Windows Runtime (WinRT) Language Metro style app Support (CLR, WinJS, CRT) Language Projection UI Pickers Controls Media Web Host (HTML, CSS, J Windows XAML Storage Network … avaScript))Metadata &Namespace Runtime Windows Runtime Core Broker Windows Core
  9. 9. WinRT Services User Interface Devices Communications & Data Media Fundamentals
  10. 10. What’s Important? .NET is not going away. The full .NET client stack can be used to create Windows applications that run in the Windows shell. A subset of .NET can be used to build Metro applications using the WinRT framework. .NET applications on Metro are still compiled to MSIL.
  11. 11. Windows 8 Metro Applications JavaScript Windows Runtime C++ C#/VB
  12. 12. How does .NET Compare: C++ .NET C++ .NET compiles to MSIL  C++ is compiled as native code  Will be just-in-time compiled for the host  Will load and run faster machine than C#  No just-in-time compilation  Can be built in AnyCPU mode  Needs to be built for each architecture Uses the WinRT framework  Uses the WinRT framework Uses XAML for the UI  Uses XAML for UI Subset of the .NET  Uses Standard Template Framework Library Garbage collection  Automatic reference counting
  13. 13. How does .NET Compare: HTML5 .NET HTML 5 .NET compiles to MSIL  HTML5 apps use the Internet Explorer core hosted in a shell  Will be just-in-time application provided by Metro compiled for the host  Uses WinRT machine  Most JavaScript libraries can be reused: Uses the WinRT jQuery, KnockoutJS, etc. framework  Metro JavaScript library supports data binding and list Uses XAML for the UI controls Subset of the .NET  Metro applications have full HTML 5 support and CSS 3 Framework  HTML 5 applications are not Garbage collection limited to same server policy
  14. 14. Start the New Year the Right Way Neudesic is hiring! We need:  SharePoint  Mobility: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7  Silverlight/WPF  Web: HTML 5, JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC  WCF and BizTalk  User Experience Come work with some of the top developers in the Phoenix region! Email your resume to today!
  15. 15. Contact Information Email   Blog: Twitter: @mfcollins3 Linked In: Facebook: