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Presentación2 cy


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Presentación2 cy

  1. 1. TEMPLE OF APOLLO, KOURION (CYPRUS) Antonio García Moreno Óscar Cejudo Corbalán
  2. 2. CYPRUS Located in the eastern Mediterranean, this island republic represents a crossroads of three continents (Europe, Africa and Asia). Cyprus is part of the new group of countries that have joined the European Union last May 1, 2004. Population: 793,100 inhabitants. Area: 9251 km.2 Currency: Cyprus Pound Language: Greek and Turkish Capital: Nicosia, 206,200 inhabitants. National Day: October 1 Nationality: 80% home Greek and Turkish 18% Europe CYPRUS
  3. 3. Limassol Nicosia Mediterranean Sea The temple of Apollo is situated in the ruins of Kourion, in the city of Limassol. Limassol is the second-largest city on Cyprus, with a population of 176,900. The city is located on Akrotiri Bay, on the island's southern coast.
  4. 4. KOURION´S RUINS Kourion was a city in Cyprus, which endured from antiquity until the early Middle Ages. Kourion is situated on the south shores of the island to the west of the river Lycus (now called Kouris), and was recorded by numerous ancient authors including Ptolemy or Hiercoles.
  5. 5. KOURION´S RUINS Kourion was said to have been founded by the Argives. The ruins are in an absolutely wonderful site. From there you can see the green meadows, the shores of the Mediterranean, and on the west side, the cliffs drop almost perpendicularly on cultivated fields that precede the beaches
  6. 6. Temple of Apollo Three kilometers from the Kourion’s ruins is the sanctuary of Apollo which has impressive Cypro-Corinthian columns.
  7. 7. Temple of Apollo This small temple, with this simple Doric columns, was one of the most sacred shrines of ancient Cyprus. The penalty for touching its altar was to be hurled from the nearby cliffs into the sea.
  8. 8. Temple of Apollo
  9. 9. The End