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  • Denver Skyline and City Park, designsbykari May 2, 2010
  • Budget allocations Procurement Grants Fundraising Remodel/ Design Security Hiring Plans/Onboarding Training/Staff Development Performance Management If it touches the building, a person or costs money, I will somehow touch it. Because my job deals with the allocation of funds, space and human time and skills and, due to the fact that these resources aren’t limitless, it is natural for my position to not only strategize, but to help others decide how to decide.
  • Seems important then that everyone in the organization make strategic, evidence based decisions.
  • There are a lot of ways to strategize and a lot of ways to make decisions. We started with a re-write of the Mission, Vision and Values and the creation of a strategic plan. Everyone is familiar with a strategic plan? Generative Metaphors, Sagas, etc.
  • Successful answer to how to make decisions should result in this person and this person moving the same way with the same purpose. Obviously this isn’t the end all be all of measurement or evidence based decision making, but it does align individual employee action with org action pretty quickly. Insert into individual plans etc. You need other evidence based decision making to create the plan in the first place. Knowing stakeholder needs etc. Evidence of what has worked for you or others in the past etc. Values driven organizations are huge in the US. W
  • Helps everyone know what to do Lets you know what information to reject or keep – when to ask customers? Maintaining outdated values and missions have driven some companies into the ground so good to think about becoming a Learning Org. Next few years my job will include exploration of worldviews and values and explorer archetype.
  • We have to answer in limited times what job to do, what to stop doing, what to do newly or differently. Aligning fiscal and human resources in an unknown is difficult. Evidence cannot just be asking what people want although focusing on user experience is a good thing.
  • Mary uses AI to identify new directors and flatten org. Flat was possible when discovering and status quo. Really brief AI slide. What is newly possible, what to get rid of? What to do differently?
  • One of our decisions is to try to engage appreciatively. Use language from Maureen’s paper here to describe general premise of AI
  • Everyone speaks, everyone listens, everyone leads. See Zaana and Mary paper for clear, brief definition.. Then our SLT charge. Refine inclusive organizational systems and processes for effective and efficient Library communication, decision making, and planning. Annually review and update strategic plan and identify accomplishments, constantly seeking to discover new ways of achieving (or exceeding) plan goals. Develop academic program plan on 5 year cycle, including progress reports. Approve the annual Library budget, receive regular budget updates, consider supplemental budget requests, and monitor initiative/project progress. Receive regularly scheduled library committee reports and provide coordination and direction as needed. Review and approve any policies.
  • Enabling systems? Dr. Mirijamdotter visits in 2009 to help create enabling systems to fortify our evidence-based culture grounded in shared leadership and strategic planning. How much detail should I go into or should I skip???
  • We have 4 types of staff. Typical hours. Pay. Workload agreements.
  • Acme Company needs to replace their employee and now they are looking for a candidate who has the skills of a Project Manager, Computer Programmer and Network Engineer... all in one. Unrealistic and unconnected, the client assumes that because they were able to create a person with this experience, there should be others out there. The quintessential Purple Squirrel . In addition to deciding what type of person to hire in terms of classification, we spend a lot of time negotiating hiring plans. We have to answer in limited times what job to do, what to stop doing, what to do newly or differently. Urban Dictionary
  • Additionally, when we have time we don’t always use it. My last official vacation was in May of 2012. I spent 10 days in Hawaii. At least 6 people at AL lost time.
  • AI questions to new hires. No you don’t always want the best. You want a good fit. Sometimes the best fit in a volatile world is simply someone who thrives in a volatile world. Maybe it’s someone who doesn’t want more than 13 days of vacation.
  • Another enabling system for communication, sharing of knowledge and shared leadership is the Learning Café. There is also a Supervisor Discussion Group. Both are successful and the idea is being developed in other areas such as creation of security meetings and blogs that fortify customer service philosophy and share tacit experiences. Other staff development discussion?
  • 1971 and 2006 – some say the building on the right held so strongly to the importance of the design being different and art in itself, that it has negatively affected the functionality of the building. Hard to hang art on slanted walls. Some people experience vertigo.
  • The building was designed by internationally-recognized architect Helmut Jahn . Its design excellence was recognized by the Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 1978. [3] In 2009, it earned the Denver AIA 25-year Award, which recognizes the enduring quality of architectural design that has withstood the “test of time” and still functions in its original capacity
  • Phase one funded by Library Once completed, Design Divas tried to take over some planning for café and realized – need architectural assistance so criteria for how to decide was clear and not in the hands of a few. No real expertise at our table either.
  • Architects on board and we do BOD Examples of how guiding principles are working pic of new and old computer commons. Pick of Discovery Wal
  • Hence the chance to continue with the improvements
  • Summary pick a direction, intent, alignment of internal systems, evidence allow expertise to shine from anywhere How do we decide at AL? JTBD, grounded in Shared Leadership, AI, supported by enabling systems. Appreciatively, with Discovery and Exploration, Summary pick a direction, intent, alignment of internal systems, evidence allow expertise to shine from anywhere
  • Summary pick a direction, intent, alignment of internal systems, evidence allow expertise to shine from anywhere How do we decide at AL? JTBD, grounded in Shared Leadership, AI, supported by enabling systems. Appreciatively, with Discovery and Exploration, Summary pick a direction, intent, alignment of internal systems, evidence allow expertise to shine from anywhere
  • How to decideshw

    1. 1. HOW TO DECIDE?
    2. 2. Education, Research and Information Services Technology Technical Services Admin Services
    3. 3. B.A. Psychology, University of Colorado Boulder Professional in Human Resources (PHR) – from Human Resources Certification Institute Associate Director of Administrative Services Finance Facilities Human Resources
    4. 4. Every day every person in the organization makes many decisions… …resulting in purposeful action.
    5. 5. Organizing this purposeful action into a unified direction is essential for success.
    6. 6. Evidence Based Decision Making Flow Chart used for decision making by each person or group.
    7. 7. “What we try to do is establish a clear and simple set of values that we understand…We just say, ‘Southwest Airlines doesn’t do that. Maybe somebody else does, but we don’t.’ It greatly facilitates the operation of the company.” —Herb Kelleher, CEO Southwest Airlines
    8. 8. Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) In the 1960s, Theodore Levitt (economist Harvard Business) said, “People don’t want a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter- inch hole.”
    9. 9. New Directors Lead in New Directions • What are your strengths? • In what ways does the Library excel? • What are your dreamsfor the Library in the future? • How do you see yourself contributing to these achievements ?
    10. 10. Appreciative Inquiry in a Single Slide Appreciative Inquiry is… Problem Solving is… Positive Possibilities.
    11. 11. Hub of communication and knowledgeShared Leadership
    12. 12. Shared Leadership, Anita Rich pictures Enabling Communication
    13. 13. Deciding who to hire makes all the difference.
    14. 14. Looking for a Purple Squirrel? Image borrowed from:
    15. 15. “…77 percent of U.S. workers get paid vacation time. The workers who do receive it get an average of 13 days a year.” - CNBC FUN FACT
    16. 16. Aligning values is as important as aligning skills and education
    17. 17. Learning Café – Tacit to Explicit
    18. 18. Deciding how to make decisions is important to your outcome. North Denver Art Museum Frederic C. Hamilton Building
    19. 19. You mean that mechanical building in the middle of campus? The one with no windows? No, really look closer... There are a lot of windows. The whole skin of the building is windows actually.
    20. 20. Decision was made to remodel not pursue new bldg. Charette held with three institutions, AHEC and potential investors. Seeing possibility instead of problems aids in the decision to pursue a remodel of our award-winning building.
    21. 21. The Design Charettes Begin
    22. 22. Improvements Begin
    23. 23. Studiotrope
    24. 24. It’s about the Experience
    25. 25. More improvements BEFORE AFTER AFTERBEFORE
    26. 26. Discovery Wall
    27. 27. Auraria Library receives $4 Million (26,225,680 SEK) from State of Colorado
    28. 28. HOW TO DECIDE?
    29. 29. • Decide Appreciatively • Focus on the JTBD - Learning • Measure Success • Sharing Leadership allows knowledge and expertise to shine from anywhere. • Create enabling knowledge sharing and communication systems • Use evidence to adapt • Explore and Discover • Align resources with goals
    30. 30. Personal Slide? Thank You
    31. 31. Credits PHOTOS: FLICKR/Denver Skyline and City Park/ designsbykari May 2, 2010
    32. 32. Readings