Pitch deck v.2


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Pitch deck v.2

  1. 1. The Web Platform
  2. 2. Key Partnerships Key Activities Key Propositions What value do we deliver to theWho are our Key Partners? What Key Activities do our Value customer?- HR events organizers - Helping every individual find a source Propositions require? of income appropriate to his/her- Temporary recruitment - gathering in one place the placementagencies schedule and abilities of short term recruitment or short term - this kind of product(website) is not yet- HR NGOs tasks offers, and the requests available on the market- Web ads - creating events and workshops - substantially reducing the time period- training agencies between placing an offer and finding the Our Distribution Channels? best candidate through our efficientWho are our key suppliers? - web evaluation system- Companies and Individualslooking for short term labour Customer Relationships? Which one of our customer’s problemsforces - events, getting to know each other are we helping to solve? - lack or poor long term jobs availability - creating crowd-sourced events,Which Key Resources are we blogs, items related to the site.acquiring from partners? What bundles of products and services encouraging creation and providing a are we offering to each Customer- advertising platform for it Segment?- consultancy - job/task placement Revenue streams? - evaluation system for personnel forWhich Key Activities do - fee for premium services completed jobs/tasks, or for recruiters inpartners perform? - ads order to provide both of the parties with- Marketing, - percentage of transaction qualitative or properly adjusted services- Job/Task proposals Which customer needs are we satisfying? - need for income or need for temporary Key Resources work force - Technology - (Server, Computers, peripherics) - Human Capital
  3. 3. Customer Relationships ChannelsWhat type of relationship does each Through which Channels do our Customer Segmentsof our Customer Segments expect want to be reached?us to establish and maintain with - The Websitethem? - Mobile Apps- being close to them and proposing How are we reaching them now?ways to better their services or - online, non-specialized for short term jobs sitesrequests. - ads on newspapers- creating a community of serious, How are our Channels integrated?qualitative offers and providers of Which ones work best?short term jobs - web and mobile- providing mentoring, consultancy Which ones are most cost-efficient?for job seekers - web and mobile- providing training for job seekers How are we integrating them with customer routines?- enabling and encouraging a system - the customers are used to this kind of routine, it is a matter of brand awareness we should focus on so thatfor proper feedback for both of the they use our website/app when in need of such servicesparties channel phases: 1. AwarenessWhich ones have we established? How do we raise awareness about our company’s products and services?- all the above - ads on web, events participation and sponsorship, partnering with NGOs and HR companies 2. EvaluationHow are they integrated with the rest How do we help customers evaluate our organization’s Value Proposition?of our business model? - by creating a community that can propose and evaluate what is working and what is not working- all the items in the website should 3. Purchasecome together in creating a How do we allow customers to purchase specific products and services?community that helps itself, that - card, bank transfer, mobilegrows 4. Delivery How do we deliver a Value Proposition to customers?How costly are they? - we provide a template page both for offerers and for requesters in which they can describe their activity- the web development is relatively with text, images and video.cheap as it will be don by our team 5. After sales- the events/workshops are pricier How do we provide post-purchase customer support? - through a feedback system available online or by direct call from one of our agents to the customers
  4. 4. Customer SegmentsFor whom are we creatingvalue?- Offerers- Recruiters- aged : 16 to 40 years oldWho are our most importantcustomers? For what value are our customers really willing to- the recruiters pay? - Lump sum for every job announcement - premium job placement Cost Structure - premium curriculum placement What are the most important For what do they currently pay? costs inherent in our business - premium job placement model? - premium curriculum placement - Web Hosting costs - Marketing costs How are they currently paying? - Product development costs - credit card, bank transfer, mobile payment (Personnel + equipment) - General and Administrative How would they prefer to pay? costs - credit card, mobile payment Which Key Resources are most expensive? - Product development costs (Personnel + equipment) Which Key Activities are most expensive? - Events, Ads