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ca pr

  1. 1. E.coli contamination worries lead to recall of California-grown lettuce
  2. 2. Summary: Northern California produce supplier Tanimura & Antle is voluntarily recalling romaine lettuce that may becontaminated with E. coli. The lettuce hasbeen shipped to 19 states as well as Puerto Rico and Canada.
  3. 3. (August 21, 2012) – Fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet because they are an important source of vitalnutrients including vitamins, minerals and fiber. However, whilefresh produce was once thought to be relatively free of disease- producing bacteria and other pathogens, serious foodborne illnesses linked to fruits and vegetables have unfortunately become more common.
  4. 4. In recent years, health departments across the US have tracked a number of outbreaks linked to Escherichia coli(E. coli) and Salmonella on apples, lettuce, cantaloupe and sprouts; Listeria monocytogenes on cabbage andcantaloupe; Shigella on parsley and lettuce; and Cyclospora on imported raspberries.
  5. 5. And most recently Salinas-based produce grower Tanimura & Antle has issued a voluntary recall of romaine lettucebecause of fears about possible E. coli contamination. Therecall is limited to a single lot of the companys Field FreshWrapped Single Head Romaine which is packed in a plastic bag with the UPC number 0-27918-20314-9.
  6. 6. This lettuce was made available to retail stores beginning August 2 and it may be have a “best by” date of Aug. 19.The lettuce is sold across California, at stores like Save Mart, Whole Foods and Costco and it is available in 9-, 9.25-, 10-, 10.25- and 16-ounce bags under the labels Ready Pac, Trader Joes, Safeway and Dining in Classic.
  7. 7. Tanimura & Antle said some 2,095 cases of lettuce werepotentially affected by the recall, which being conducted in consultation with US Food and Drug Administration. The decision to issue the recall is based on findings following testing of a random sample by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
  8. 8. Of these 2,095 cases of lettuce, 1,969 cases were shipped to Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina,Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington as well as Puerto Rico.
  9. 9. While far there have been no reported illnesses associated with consumption of this romaine lettuce in any of these states, it is very important that consumers check anyromaine lettuce purchased on or after August 2 for the UPC number 0-27918-20314-9 and discard any items with this number, or return it to the place of purchase.
  10. 10. More information about the possible causes of E. coli contaminationin lettuce and other produce, as well as steps consumers can take to protect themselves from becoming ill from tainted fruits and vegetables can be found at
  11. 11. In addition to the governments Food Safety site, a number of otherwebsites are helping raise awareness about Tanimura & Antles voluntary recall of its romaine lettuce. Among these is Home/42179502120648 , a Facebook fanpage that offers an onlinecommunity where people can share their thoughts and comments about the latest California news and events.
  12. 12. "We feel it is very important to get the news out about thepossible dangers consumers face from E.coli-contaminated produce," notes page administrator S.S. Ober-Lehn. "AndFacebooks international appeal makes the California Proud to Call It Home fanpage a natural place for anyone who isconcerned about this situation to come together to discuss the recall and help spread awareness about it."
  13. 13. To find out more about current news and events in California, please visit Home/42179502120648