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Nestle pakistan

  1. 1. About Nestle Pakistan; Nestlé has been serving Pakistani consumers since 1988, when our parent company, the Switzerland-based Nestlé SA, first acquired a share in Milkpak Ltd. Today we are fully integrated in Pakistani life, and are recognised as producers of safe, nutritious and tasty food, and leaders in developing and uplifting the communities in which we operate. We at Nestlé Pakistan ensure that our products are made available to consumers wherever in the country they might be. Convenience is at the heart of the Nestlé philosophy, and our aim is to bring products to people's doorsteps. A History of Service In line with our parent company's global philosophy, we are proud of our commitment to excellence in product safety, quality, and value. Our products cater to human needs, and we are active in the communities we serve. From spreading awareness about nutrition and wellness to digging wells in the Thar desert and succouring earthquake victims, we are committed to serving our country and its people. The consumer's voice is key to Nestlé Pakistan's vision and working. Whether you live in the remotest village or the metropolis of Karachi, our consumer services team stands ready to listen to your concerns and provide answers about our products and guidance on matters of health and wellness. Company’s offerings: Successful product:
  2. 2. Doodh ki qudrati ghizayat Pure, Nutritious Goodness of Milk Pure, rich and delicious NESTLÉ® MILKPAK® standardized UHT milk benefits from Nestlé’s expertise in bringing you the very best life has to offer and benefits from 140 years of consumer trust. Our extensive milk collection system ensures that the milk you get is of the finest quality. Encourage your family to exercise regularly, eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and drink pure, nutritious milk for good health. Milk is a must-drink for your children as it is a rich source of Calcium that helps in the growth and development of strong bones and teeth. It is equally beneficial in keeping grown-ups bones strong. So live to the fullest and enjoy the pure, wholesome goodness of milk with NESTLÉ® MILKPAK®! A 250 ml glass of NESTLÉ® MILKPAK® fulfills your daily requirement of 27-30% of Calcium, 15-18% of Protein, 31-34% of Phosphorous, 6-9% of Vitamin A and 160-169 Kcal of energy, as Recommended Dietary Allowance by the National Academy of Sciences, USA. Marketing campaign: Electronic Campaign Title Campaign Title Campaign Year 2007 Campaign Year Duration 1 year Duration Print Campaign Title Campaign Title Campaign Title Campaign Year Campaign Year Campaign Year
  3. 3. Targets All social classes All areas of Pakistan To remain the market leader in Pakistan To get maximum share of market Best in taste and quality Target Achieved Market leader Maintain taste and quality Generated the desired revenue Reason for success Good milk collection method UHT Good distribution channels Brand value Comparatively Unsuccessful product: Low Fat Hi-Calcium Milk & Yogurt Stronger Bones, Smarter You! Did you know that your body loses a certain amount of Calcium every day that must be replenished on a daily basis? Since your body cannot produce Calcium, you must ensure that you get enough of it in your daily diet. If you are set for an active and healthy lifestyle then you need to get the strength your bones need & the smartness you desire with NESTLÉ® NESVITA® Milk & Yogurt as it's high in Calcium and low in fat. With 50% more Calcium than regular milk & yogurt, NESTLÉ® NESVITA® locks the Calcium in your bones making them strong and healthy. This is because it contains
  4. 4. CALCI-LOCK, a special combination of Calcium, Vitamin D and other essential vitamins and minerals. Just two glasses of NESTLÉ NESVITA® Milk or four servings of NESTLÉ NESVITA® Yogurt helps meet an adult’s daily requirement for Calcium intake*. And it contains less than 1% Fat! Could it get any simpler or better? NESTLÉ NESVITA® Milk is available in two handy sizes: 1000ml and 200ml. NESTLÉ® NESVITA® Yogurt is available in a 450g tub packaging. Marketing campaign: New and innovative product Health beneficial With its distinguished formula, NESVITA Pro-Digestion is supplemented with Actifibras, Nestlé's unique fiber combination developed through research and proven to help maintain healthy bowel functions and regulating intestinal activities. The newly developed milk brand is also enriched with calcium to contain double the amount than most other milks in the market and offers women (between 19 and 50 years) 50% the daily requirement of calcium amount needed compared to 25% of most of other brands Competitive price Initially extensive advertisement in print and electronic media Weak placement Their distribution channel was not proper Supportive in reducing Osteoporosis It is important to know that if your body does not get enough Calcium, there is an increased risk of developing Osteoporosis later in life Targets:  Diet and health conscious  Fullfil the daily requirments for the body  1000ml for family  200ml for individuals Targets achieved:  Could not attains the desired targets  Could not get the attentions of the target customer  Could not attain the desired market shares
  5. 5. Reasons:  Improper promotion  Advertisement  Target class  Taste  Improper placement  Weak distribution channels  Unavailability