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Welcome to my school


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About our school.

Published in: Education
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Welcome to my school

  1. 1. Welcome to my school VM ASzK – Agricultural Secondary Technical School Pétervására, Hungary
  2. 2. Location of the school Hungary Population: 10 million Pétervására Population: 2300
  3. 3. Pétervására, a small town in the North
  4. 4. Our school
  5. 5. Vocations of our school • 200-250 students • technical college course • vocational school courses: • Agricultural mechanic • Baker • Gardener
  6. 6. Our purposes and challenges Our school can be found in one of the most disadvantaged regions of the country. The unemployment rate is really high due to the low education level of the people living here. The students experience mainly negative models around them so that is why it is extremely difficult to motivate them. It is also hard to make their attention kept, and to decrease the number of dropouts. The purpose of the quality insurance system of our school is to decrease the number of dropouts, and to improve school results of the students.
  7. 7. Traditional ways of teaching
  8. 8. Cooperative methods Teamwork Projectwork
  9. 9. Work experience Tractor driving Repairing our equipments
  10. 10. School programmes Environment Protection Day: Planting vineyard Day for Healthy Life: Practicing first aid
  11. 11. School programmes Sports Days: Badminton Sports Days: Table tennis
  12. 12. Trekking in the hills
  13. 13. A freetime activity: cooking outside
  14. 14. School Leaving Ceremonies Pageant in the town with tractors Dance of the school leavers