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Response Questions


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Response Questions

  2. 2. I feel that my magazine does match the forms used by many other magazines and doesconform to the general style that they produce. Although, mine does differ frommagazines such as: NME, Q and Kerrang; there are many similarities in the conventionsused.My magazine uses an edgy font that challenges against real magazines today thatproduce block letter that do not alter from issue to issue. NME AND Q keep to their red +white colour scheme that is a signature logo for their product. The colour scheme that Ihave used for my front cover may change on the next issue. The font I have used is verymodern ,therefore, new audiences may appeal to it more than the secure musicmagazine market we have today.In my magazine I have offered posters to the consumer which is a convention that manyother magazines use e.g. Mojo gives out a free CD quite frequently and Kerrang ofteninclude posters in their issue.I have developed upon some of the real magazine forms and structures by using shapeswith text conjoining; in both my front and contents pages.
  3. 3. I feel that my magazine represents the younger generation, but by use of black and whitephotography it can appeal to an older range too as it depicts a style that may focus back tothe past for inspiration. However, the black and white with the connection to the brightblue signifies a more modern audience. My Magazine and its content is very musicallyorientated and focuses on a social group that enjoy attending gigs and festivals on aregular basis and have a real passion for old and new music.The magazine focuses forward toward upcoming bands so the social group has to be ‘inwith the times’. It represents a growing youth culture that revolves around partying,drinking and many more. The group sets and follows trends and grows with the fashionthat surrounds them and that is what my magazine represents and is the audience Iintended on coming across to.
  4. 4. My music magazine I feel would fit into the Development Hell, media institution becausethey currently own Mix Mag that has a main focus criteria of Dance & Club music. Theyseem to be attracting a niche market and yet would have a large following as it is one ofvery few magazines that relate to that style of music. I feel that mine would fit well in thismedia institution as my focus area is very new age and modern, yet it relates to the indiesubculture that is very popular at the moment in magazine like NME that is owned by IPCMedia. IPC Media would be another option for my magazine as my magazine could beseen as fairly mainstream for contemporary audiences, as a previous oddity, the ‘indie’genre has now proved to be very popular with modern generations.
  5. 5. Age – 16-25 years oldGender – Male and Female (with a predicted higher male ratio).My magazine will mainly appeal to a younger generation that is aware of contemporarymusic and enjoys following the new trends and artists each month. The Reader Profile oftheir character would probably be along the lines of...‘A laid back character who enjoys watching TV or listening to music through headphoneswhile on the go. They live the student lifestyle and while not studying they enjoy goingout, to events and parties, but when home they love to relax without disturbance. Theircharacter is very easy to get along with and rarely causes trouble but remains the moresubtle character yet outgoing when needs be. They are around 18 years old and they arenot very active in sports or recreational activities, could be seen as lazy but lives a typicalstudent life. They love discussing music with friends and find that the friendship circlesthey interact with, all have a similar preference in genre choice, making music part of theirculture. ’
  6. 6. I attracted my audience using a bold colour scheme that continued from my Front Cover tomy Contents Page to show continuity for the readers. I used neutral colours that do notfocus entirely on one gender either.The font style I used was modern and quite graphic and could be compared to some graffitistyle writing that would attract contemporary audiences to my magazine. The layout ofmy pages is clearly laid out in order not to confuse readers using shapes and text boxes todistinguish between different sections of my magazine.The offers shown on the Front Cover will appeal to a large audience by giving out freePosters that are popular for younger people to apply to their bedroom walls. Inside on theContents Page is also an offer for when you subscribe to my magazine, Amp. The deal isshown to give money off and a chance to win gig tickets, this will attract my audience tocontinue buying my magazine, therefore, insuring a good fan-base.
  7. 7. During the process of this project I have been using Microsoft PowerPoint to produceslideshows that present each criteria from my Research to planning and then into myEvaluation. These presentations have then been uploaded into Slideshare whichconverts it into a HTML code that allows me to present this onto my own Bloggeraccount.I have been using the Internet Explorer throughout the development of the project toproduce information for my Research section on existing magazines to compare to andfont styles to download for the use of my Planning and Production of my ownmagazine. It has also been used to find media institutions and to access my bloggeraccount. The search engine that I use is mainly Google as find it easy to find websitesthat are reliable and useful.To edit and arrange my final production I have been using Adobe PhotoshopElements, I have learnt to use it well and to apply new effect to my work. At first it wasproven to be difficult to manage but in the end I was comfortable to use it for myFront, Contents and Double Page. For my Preliminary task I used Adobe InDesign, butdid not find it easy to adapt my images and placement of text etc. So converted intoPhotoshop for my final piece.I use a Sony VAIO laptop to produce all my work as that is the most easy accessibledevice I own that has the capacity to hold all my work and is fast to operate as I use thiseveryday.