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Double Page Spreads


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Double Page Spreads

  1. 1. TWO PAGE SPREADS.<br />RESEARCH.<br />
  2. 2. ..<br />Left page occupied by the artist image, makes it visually attractive and makes a bold double page.<br />Quote direct from artist, written on a diagonal, text in pink with large speech marks.<br />Introduction highlighted again in the pink from colour scheme. Black writing to indicate names.<br />First letter of article is highlighted in another colour and larger to signify the start of passage.<br />Article in black writing and smaller font size. Laid out into 3 columns.<br />
  3. 3. Image of artist, comparing title of article to image of ‘direction’ and ‘touring’. Image in black and white.<br />Title of the article, written in bold with blue and black text. Shows different significance in the sections of the title.<br />Highlighted text, different from the surrounding font. Informs audience of their Set List for their tour.<br />Aside from the main article, they have added text in a box overlapping the image. ‘The Streets’ logo situated in tope left of the textbox.<br />
  4. 4. Subheading ‘News’ with arrow shape to draw attention towards the article. ‘World Exclusive’ entices readers.<br />Quote direct from artist, ‘The Best MCR’ is in a different colour to stand out.<br />Reviews upon tracklist, separated from main by being placed in a box with own subheading.<br />Main article with start letter in bold red colour. White again black background.<br />Smaller images that subside the large image that occupies left side.<br />
  5. 5. Picture of main artist, taking up left side of double page.<br />Quote from the artist, certain words highlighted for emphasis.<br />Interview format. Questions typed in yellow font with artist reflection in white. Contrasts to background.<br />Name of artist with abbreviated text ‘@ 9.30’ showing interview timings. Give a modern view to magazine.<br />
  6. 6. Quote from artist shown using newspaper style cutting, making it look edgy and bold.<br />Main artist image, follows colour scheme with her outfit choice. Casual stance to compare to article topic.<br />Artist name, written in red to draw attention.<br />Article text underneath with starting letter much larger to indicate beginning.<br />